Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headphone SHB5500

Gotcha admit, it has been a long while since I have been back in the music diet. Ever since my last headphone spoilt, it was just listening to music on the taxi, car or only at home on youtube.
I did use earphones but they spoil pretty fast cos I always tangle them *Sheepish smile* So I did think of getting headsets which looked pretty good...on girls without wearing specs. I wear specs on a daily basis, so I had doubts on it. I still wanna look like a fashionable dork.
Philips SHB5500
I didn't get this headphone - Philips Bluetooth Headphone SHB5500. I got it free on those roadshows where you sign up credit cards. Broke AF I know, signed up the card for the headset, like what, it isn't even a brand known for its headset quality. But guess what, I actually like the headset! :)
It did surpassed my expectations, blocking out unnecessary noise and the sound quality in calls are really not bad. Free some more!!! OMG. It was actually resting on my table for a good many days cos I didn't know how to use it (More like too lazy to read the manual and try it out) until the BF tested it on himself without asking me!!! When has our relationship reached such comfort levels!!!
Philips Bluetooth
And so, my point is free stuff doesn't mean bad stuff. Considering my generation, let's just admit it, we are broke AF (especially if we are attempting to outlive or sustain the lifestyle our parents gave us). So far, my headphones have been serving me well, letting me belt out personal concerts. I don't know how to sync it to my laptop though. I don't think it should be a problem. But bleh, probably too much work for it.
The card we signed up for is Citibank. Honestly, I don't use it that much, partially cos I have too many cards and I need to consolidate my spending to get better rebates (I am not AUNTIE. I like to think of myself as financially shrewd HAHAHA). So if you are looking for a small luggage (Swarovski crystal woa, dono real or not la) or a headset, you may want to sign up with them. The BF looking like a hot luggage model thanks to my fancy photography skills HAHAHA! 

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