Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vanilla Dreams: My Little Pony

I am sure some of you know by now, I am a huge My Little Pony fan. :D
I would think I am more of a boyish little girl but I think what makes me super adore My Little Pony is because it is positive and focuses a lot on good moral values. Plus it is really dreamy and cute, a stark contrast to the gloom reality.
Get Well Soon
So, I sprained my ankle last weekend if you follow me on my Instagram. It was a case of pure suay-ness, but now I am feeling more positive (resting on odd intervals). I can just fall alseep at odd timing 11am/ 3pm. Maybe I am just very exhausted so this is a very good "wake-up" call. Irony.
Lately, I have been on a streak of bad luck. Not just one, but it is like waves of them. I won't say that each is worse than the last. But it is just morale breaking when all of them come at a rather similar interval. Even nature bullied me, sending lots of insects to venture and explore my injured foot :( 
Before all the bad things happened, a friend of mine galloped in my life. I posted its cutie mark on Instagram. He is AJ - AppleJack. (I know it is a "she" but cos it shares the same initial as my BF so it represents more of a he in my life.) I am not usually a soft-toy person. But during low points in life, a comfy softie like him is very comforting. You can bury your tears in him and feel less alone in the world.
More about AJ, among the ponies, AJ is the the most hardworking and resilient (a bit like my BF). There is so much to learn from him (both AJ and BF haha). Despite his cute appearance (his big emerald eyes and long blonde mane warms my heart) and sexy little butt, inside lies a hardy personality. I wish it could really gallop and neigh a little. That would make me squeal in delight.
Rainbow Dash
So, I got a mini Rainbow Dash keychain/ bag charm on top of my Rainbow Dash plushie. Hehe. You may not know but my character is most like Rainbow Dash/ Pinky Pie among the ponies. But my favorite is Rainbow Dash because of his rainbow mane. She has a slightly deeper personality than Pinky Dash, but I am both rolled up in one. (I happened to be born in the year of Horse too :P)
Rainbow Dash
Here's a closer look at my customised key chain. It is in navy blue theme, with my name on it. You can pick your own pony and your own charms. But I chose to let the owner pick the charms for me cos I am actually not very good at matching nice stuff (apart from clothes and accessories :P) 
I really love the fact that it is multi-functional. I can even use it as a key chain if I want to. But my Mum thinks it is too chio to be a key chain so I will be using it as a bag charm instead. My favourite part is the duo "kiaps" (clips). You know how some owners only give the round coil which is very painful to use and spoils easily. I prefer the kiap so happy the charm comes with it. Now, it is so easier to use it inter-changeably.
Leather Envelope
This is how I am using it now. Pretty, isn't it? It makes every thing so much cherry. For those who are concerned, I am feeling a lot better now :) Because, nice things happen in my life too. There are people whom I don't know dropping me nice notes and that's very sweet and heart-warming. I humbly thank you all and mankind for its generosity in encouragement and kindness.
For those who are feeling down or just Ponies fan, I have something nice for you too. All these beautiful ponies came from Vanilla Dreams. For our readers, quote "YoungYawn" and you will receive a S$3 discount off original price for the customised bag charms and 6 pieces of My Little Pony Bubble Stickers (worth S$5)! While stocks last, so please hurry!
Because Vanilla Dreams are having 1 year anniversary sale, you will receive an additional 20% off their plushies. Please keep a lookout for their discount code on their Instagram account. Do follow them @vanilladreamssg because apart of the discount code, there will be a giveaway of not 1, not 2, but 3 bag charms once they hit 200 followers!!! It make me happy just typing this. Keep a lookout for my instagram posts too, cos I saved a nice photo to promote there. Hehe. 

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