Sunday, May 29, 2016

Megamind Me with The Card Ministry

The Card Ministry
Guess what came in the post? Was really glad the whole package was water-proof cos it was a rainy day and the mail got wet. On top of being bubble-wrapped and placed in a plastic cover, the envelope itself was also water-proof. Thank goodness Singaporeans are so kiasu!
Guitarist alert! You are going to like what I am going to share to day...Pssst...It is a personalised guitar-pick. Cool right! :D
Personalised Card
So, this is what I made for the BF for his birthday. One of them was this personalised card. What you submit is really what you get. Overall, I am very pleased with the result. I could see the BF's glow in his face when he saw this. :P
The card looks a bit faint because I used a filter. For those who are interested, I would suggest going all natural instead. The back of the card is an empty white so you can write your love messages at the back. Pretty interesting gift, don't you think?
But what's cooler is the personalised guitar pick!! I have never seen this being sold anywhere else, but at The Card Ministry, you can have your lover's face on the pick. Initially, I didn't think too much but after that I did realise you will never have the heart to use the pick because you can't bear ruining his/ her face.
This is the photo I submitted for my Pick-A-Keychain and the result I got was hilarious...Haha. A lot of my friends thought my choice of photo is horrible. Got lots of WTF but I really like this photo cos I look funny in it. I just have a weird sense of humour. 
Tada...I got a V-face, on top of looking like Megamind. When the BF saw this, he just broke out into laughter. Whatever the world thinks, I strongly believe I look adorable in the pick. The BF suggested that I painted my face blue. Anyway, his photo is pretty embarrassing as well. But his pick didn't have the sort of effect that mine has #proudtobethefunnierone
I really think I out-do myself this year. Honestly, birthdays and anniversaries get harder every year. But each year, I still surpass the last. *smirks* I have got all this from The Card Ministry. It is not very expensive and their quality is really good. Most importantly, it makes a very sweet, thoughtful gift. :) And it is easy too, just submit your photos and voila, it is done!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Yummy products with Pasjel

This is the stack of goodies I received from PasjelPasjel is a Thailand brand and have a cute package that is not overly embarrassing. This is the first time I am using their products and it is really quite different from the other things I have used. (Is it cos it is Made in Thai?)
PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub
One of the products I tested was the Pasjel Sweet Scrub for the body. The packaging reminds me of a yogurt bottle. I expected it to be a solid scrub and was surprised to see a liquid guacamole. There is a refreshing veg-smell about it. (Healthy!)
I tried it out on the back of my hand. And mmm, it was yummy and refreshing. Wished the bottle was a lot bigger. After using it, you can feel a thin film of moisture on it. You know how some products give an unnatural smoothness to the skin. This doesn't. 
Pasjel Sun Fighting Gel
The Sun Fighting Gel was also very interesting for me. I like the fact it was a transparent gel so it didn't do any skin correction. Natural glow. It is not sticky but you can initially feel the thin film of protection. After a while, you won't feel any residue on your face at all.
The fruity, peachy scent was also lovely. It is like having the fragrance of a lip balm all over your face. Delicious. Overall, I really love the products cos maybe I am more of a scent-animal. I just love putting tasty products on my face. :P

Friday, May 20, 2016

Feel the love with Human Touch

So lately, many people have been frantically raving about shopping in China. For the last 2 years, ForFunk has sort of localised, sharing a lot on local buys. But I thought, I should definitely go back "international" so as to diversify the readership. What better way it is to start, ASEAN.
I am hoping to work on more reviews with a country rather close to my heart - Thailand. Although, everyone is buying from China cos it is cheap. Let me tell you a secret, shopping from our friendly neighbours from ASEAN is equally affordable or even more so if we consider the shipping charges.
Einstein Sleep Office Pillow
This is a piece that caught my eye. It is the Einstein Sleeps Office Pillow in Beige. Human Touch also have it in black. There are a few different designs. Apart from captions like mine, there are cute drawings and congratulations office pillow. Good gifts for friends to celebrate importation moments :)
Another caption pillow is "You Should be Working!" But I thought this would be too harsh on myself to keep reminding myself to work. I already work a lot liao!!!
Use of Work Pillow
What you can use the work pillow for:-
  1. As a replacement for your Chou Chou (if you don't need it to be made of Bean Sprout Husk. Otherwise, read my other review here.)
  2. To rest your laptop when you are using it in bed. There is really no scientific proof to this but every time I use my computer, it heats up to the extent I am pretty sure it can cook something if it wants to. Cooked belly anyone? Nope.
  3. To rest your arm when you are using your laptop on your work table. The most original way of using.
Couple Pillowcase
For couples, you are definitely going to love this. Couple Pillow Cases!!! Super cute right? The main leads are the stick-humans boy and girl. Love should be simple right? No need for complex drawings. There are also other designs available. You can pick one to suit your love story.
Mine is The Law of Gravity. This will eventually be in the love nest. Made of 65% cotton, it will still be cooling in our warm climate. The good thing about purchasing from neighbouring countries is that they have similar climate. :)
The Law of Gravity
One nice thing about having cute pillow case is that you can have cute couple bed shot. There was this HK drama I watched where the lead was lying on the plainest design pillows - something like this. And it just looked so adorable.
And of course, even the couple pillow fights will look amazing. Bet fights don't last that long if it is so much fun and you are looking so good.
Bike Body Pillowcase
Body pillow are quite uncommon in Singapore. But if you happen to have one in your house, you might consider buying their cute body pillow cases. The designs are rather similar to those of the couple pillows. If you are single, don't feel too sad for yourself, there are pillow cases for singles as well!
If you don't have a body pillow, you can use it as a bed runner. Our bed is not a king size bed, so it is too small to have a runner. The use of a bed runner is mainly use as a bedsheet decor. There is no real purpose to it. Just in case any of you are curious.
Russian Doll Sketchbook
Apart from pillow cases, you can find other fashion accessories as well as stationary at Human Touch. Human Touch is 100% Made-in-Thai. The exchange rate is pretty favourable now, so it makes the goods a lot more affordable. Want to own a bit of Thailand, now's your chance.
And in terms of quality, it beats those China-made products you buy for a few cents hands down. Of course, at the end of the day, it really depends whether you are using the item for long term or you prefer quick rapid changes - Spoil and Toss. Do show Human Touch some Human Love by visiting their website. And tell me if you like ForFunk to showcase more products from Thailand. :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Giveaway: Winter Organics Facial Cleanser

Lately, I have been having break-outs. Sad :( Too much stress probably.
So I had pimples on my cheeks and chins. Usually I have occasional spots on my cheek but not on my chin, so this was really depressing. It made me feel a lot less attractive and confident.
Winter Organics
And so I tried out the Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser pH5. It is chemical free and organic so my face didn't go more inflamed with it. In fact, I think now I look a lot more presentable. #filterfree #noedits
Winter Organics
For any of you who love sweet-smelling facial cleanser, you may like the Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser pH5. One thing that I really love about it is the scent. As I was massaging around my face, the flora fragrance was deeply soothing and therapeutic. :)
After using it, my face didn't feel particularly dry. I really hate those cleanser that sucks the oil out of my face. Another brownie point for Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser pH5! And best of all, it is all natural. :)
Winter Organics Giveway
Enough of all the raving, I want you to try it for yourself too to know how great it is. I have...drumroll please...1 Winter Organics Chamomile Natural Facial Cleanser pH5 (full-retail size. RTP: S$25.90) to giveaway. Yes, to you my dear readers who wants to try a new cleanser or are suffering from poor skin condition, here's a sweet deal.
All you have to do is:
Follow Winter Organics on Instagram (Optional)
Follow Winter Organics on Facebook (Compulsory)
Follow me at YoungYawn on Instagram! (Compulsory)
And just leave a comment when you are done! Easy! Closing date: When we hit 200 followers!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Pink Label: Sleep well with Chou Chou

Bean Sprout Husk Pillow
It is almost as though I am bringing my readers and myself back on a travel machine. If you had read The Little Prince before, you would know all grown-ups were once children.. but only few of them remember it. (P.S Baby in picture not me. My old Chou Chou used to be very plain. Haha. Can't even find the old photos)
I hope you are one the few who still has some faint recollection that once upon a time, you used to have a very prized possession who comforted you to bed. We affectionately call it the "Chou Chou". For readers overseas, the "Chou Chou" is a bean sprout husk pillow.
Bean Sprout Husk Pillow
A lot of people know the Chou Chou as something for the kid as it helps them to sleep better. But for adults, it works the same too. Lately, I have been sleeping a lot better. So, what do I use my Chou Chou for?
  1. Eye mask - when catching the 40 winks in the living room in the afternoon, I put it over my eyes to block out the light
  2. Tummy Comforter - During my period, I put it over my tummy to ease the discomfort
  3. A good night rest - I hug it and sniff it. LOL. Soon it will stink and smell like me. While the whole world thinks it is worthy to be tossed in a garbage dump, it will cast a spell and entrall me with its familair fragrance. Hehe.
  4. For a friendly companion - I have this nasty habit of bringing a pillow everywhere in the house (except the toilet) :P
For any of you interested in getting one for yourself or your kid, I got mine from Pink Label. They retail a lot of baby goods such as wet bags etc. But just because something is labelled as a baby good doesn't mean adults can't use them. :) All the products are hand-made and very well made.
Do check out their stock separately here. They go OOS so fast as each piece is limited. It took me quite a while before I settled on my Chou Chou design - Pooh Bear. They also have the premium version - Starwars, Tsum Tsum. I thought the Starwars was darn adorable. But since the Chou Chou is for me, I didn't want something so masculine. But if I had a little boy I would get one for him.
Chou Chou
"Only the children know what they are looking for" said the little prince."They waste their time over a rag doll, and it becomes very important to them; and if it's taken away from them, they cry."
"They are the lucky ones" said the pointsman.
Don't take away my Chou Chou. I may not cry. But I definitely will throw a royal fit. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Desperate Housewife: Culinary On

By now I am sure you all pretty much know I am a desperate housewife-wannabe. But I am not the most domesticated creature on Earth. Haha. Better off in a corporate world than trying to be a professional homemaker.
Nonetheless, I am always eager to improve my shortcoming and you will always see me attending cooking lessons trying to pick a skill or 2. This time round, the BF got us an "alternative date" as how the host put in. We went to Culinary On for a cooking bonza.
Culinary On
Some of you may have already heard of it - Culinary On. It is one of the latest cooking team-building center in town literally (they are right in the heart of the CBD area!) Being excitable about cooking as usual, the BF and I were one of the earliest there and thus tada, I managed to get great photos of the empty kitchen.
Culinary On is definitely the most atas cooking class I have been to. And I thought TOTT was high-class. This is the first class I have been to with a bar at the back of the kitchen for you to grab a glass anytime you like. (Yea!) It is not part of the fees but the wine prices are reasonable. :) And I love the pre-class snacks which were OMG so super yummy!
Like most cooking lessons, you start off with the chef giving you some basic instructions before being hurried off to prepare your own dinner. It is definitely more westernised compared to the local cooking classes with music in the background. But there was a lot more laughter and the learning environment was more open.
The participants are a mixture of local and Caucasians. For people are a bit more introverted in nature, you can always go to the bar and get a drink if it makes you less tense. Here's a picture of le BF attentively listening. P.S. He is a very talented cook and looks 1000X more attractive when whipping up a meal <3

Also, here's a video of the fancy cooking you can expect at Culinary On. Our cameras weren't fully prepared the last time Chef D'Angelo impressed us. But this time, you could see we were all ready, thanks to his cue! :)
All the chefs there are renown in the culinary world for their skills. All of us got a chance to participate and help out in the preparation of the dinner for the day. Usually, I don't go into the kitchen much. Not because I choose not to step in, but it is my Dad's territory. Nobody messes with his kitchen so I am very happy when I get to help in cooking. It is like being treated as a responsible grown up. 
\Noodles Team

I think it is quite obvious I am not much of a cook but I am very thankful to the team the BF and I were assigned with. The ladies were fantastic cooks. But they were very kind and encouraging. Heard of "too many cooks spoil the broth", what more a bad cook right?
I was initially shy and a bit scared of destroying their good work. Maybe I have met too many unforgiving people in life. They were really sweet and even taught me and the BF to knead the dough. Chef D'Angelo also engaged in a lot of manageable task and helped me to build my culinary confidence. :D FYI, we even made our own pasta noodles.
Pasta and Steak
Tada...what I created!!! If you wondering if food made by yourself truly taste better, the answer is YES! The pasta was the best I have ever tasted. The steak and dessert as well. I never knew I could prepare a meal worthy to be served at a restaurant. #MasterChefInTheMaking
The biggest takeaway from this class was really the joy of cooking. For our new house, the BF and I are thinking to modify our kitchen in such a way the kids could help out in the kitchen. Do you know that the Italians actually gather around during food preparation as bonding? During the preparation of our dessert, the class was gathered at a table chopping and mixing together. Though we are strangers, it was still very heart-warming. It is nice to have a common goal :D
And...I graduated from the cooking master class! Brilliant or what. Chef D'Angelo said I should cook more at home. I enthusiastically nodded my head. But of course, maybe when I have my own house then it would happen. For now, I am still under FLC (Father's Loving Care) haha!

The bigger fear would probably be cleaning up. For cooking classes, I don't really have to wash up after my creation :P No worries, just earn more money so that I can afford a dishwasher or a helper! #positive

Team Photo
Ending off with a team photo. The BF commented that for all the team shots we took, my mouth is always open and cheering along.  I get into the mood easily, cannot meh! People feeling awesome what! 

Till next time folks. I think the BF and I will be venturing there again once we have some spare cash in hand. It is pricey but the experience is worth the money and the hype. It is almost the same price as fine dining, but with hands-on action on your side! 

~Cooking is fun~

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 12

12th installment. It is amazing that even after a year, people still enjoy reading this. Maybe, I have been doing a good job sharing with you all the great stuff. :D
YY Kawaii
For any of you looking for decoden cases, you are in luck. You absolutely have to check YY Kawaii out because their stuff stuff are so so cute. She is the only seller I know who has special cases on Sailormoon rods. Apart from the Sailormooon decoden, the have other cute Japanese cases as well such as Pokemon. (The rest I am not that familiar with...haha)
For my readers only, quote "YYK10" to get 10% off. Meanwhile, you can follow her on Instagram as well to be updated of her works. Beware of sweetness overload!! :D
Exa Boutique
If simplicity is your style, you will like Exa BoutiqueExa is a lifestyle brand for the everyday woman! With 7 years of experience in the fashion industry from previous brands the founder of EXA wanted to enhance the lifestyle we already have through fashion, art and events geared towards women rather than paint an image of how a woman should look or feel. 
Crop tops are the fad now and I am totally digging their collection at Exa Boutique. Been seeing some ridiculous posts on social media on how ladies are threatening to burn their crop tops until they have a flat tummy, the models above look like they are rocking their tops well kay. Confidence doesn't come from a flat tummy. Wear what you like unless people comment you look crap in it, otherwise don't judge yourself before others do. 
Sidekick Customs
Customised sneakers used to be a fad once upon a time. Not sure whether it will come back. But I found a store who has many really awesome kickass designs. They are not in Singapore by the way. Check out Sidekick Customs. All the way from India, you probably have to pay shipping fees.
But go check out their designs, they are mostly very creative and you may gain inspiration on it for your art. So that's all folks till next time. Maybe the next round, you will see me rocking some of these stuff, bringing the fad right back in our town. :D