Friday, May 20, 2016

Feel the love with Human Touch

So lately, many people have been frantically raving about shopping in China. For the last 2 years, ForFunk has sort of localised, sharing a lot on local buys. But I thought, I should definitely go back "international" so as to diversify the readership. What better way it is to start, ASEAN.
I am hoping to work on more reviews with a country rather close to my heart - Thailand. Although, everyone is buying from China cos it is cheap. Let me tell you a secret, shopping from our friendly neighbours from ASEAN is equally affordable or even more so if we consider the shipping charges.
Einstein Sleep Office Pillow
This is a piece that caught my eye. It is the Einstein Sleeps Office Pillow in Beige. Human Touch also have it in black. There are a few different designs. Apart from captions like mine, there are cute drawings and congratulations office pillow. Good gifts for friends to celebrate importation moments :)
Another caption pillow is "You Should be Working!" But I thought this would be too harsh on myself to keep reminding myself to work. I already work a lot liao!!!
Use of Work Pillow
What you can use the work pillow for:-
  1. As a replacement for your Chou Chou (if you don't need it to be made of Bean Sprout Husk. Otherwise, read my other review here.)
  2. To rest your laptop when you are using it in bed. There is really no scientific proof to this but every time I use my computer, it heats up to the extent I am pretty sure it can cook something if it wants to. Cooked belly anyone? Nope.
  3. To rest your arm when you are using your laptop on your work table. The most original way of using.
Couple Pillowcase
For couples, you are definitely going to love this. Couple Pillow Cases!!! Super cute right? The main leads are the stick-humans boy and girl. Love should be simple right? No need for complex drawings. There are also other designs available. You can pick one to suit your love story.
Mine is The Law of Gravity. This will eventually be in the love nest. Made of 65% cotton, it will still be cooling in our warm climate. The good thing about purchasing from neighbouring countries is that they have similar climate. :)
The Law of Gravity
One nice thing about having cute pillow case is that you can have cute couple bed shot. There was this HK drama I watched where the lead was lying on the plainest design pillows - something like this. And it just looked so adorable.
And of course, even the couple pillow fights will look amazing. Bet fights don't last that long if it is so much fun and you are looking so good.
Bike Body Pillowcase
Body pillow are quite uncommon in Singapore. But if you happen to have one in your house, you might consider buying their cute body pillow cases. The designs are rather similar to those of the couple pillows. If you are single, don't feel too sad for yourself, there are pillow cases for singles as well!
If you don't have a body pillow, you can use it as a bed runner. Our bed is not a king size bed, so it is too small to have a runner. The use of a bed runner is mainly use as a bedsheet decor. There is no real purpose to it. Just in case any of you are curious.
Russian Doll Sketchbook
Apart from pillow cases, you can find other fashion accessories as well as stationary at Human Touch. Human Touch is 100% Made-in-Thai. The exchange rate is pretty favourable now, so it makes the goods a lot more affordable. Want to own a bit of Thailand, now's your chance.
And in terms of quality, it beats those China-made products you buy for a few cents hands down. Of course, at the end of the day, it really depends whether you are using the item for long term or you prefer quick rapid changes - Spoil and Toss. Do show Human Touch some Human Love by visiting their website. And tell me if you like ForFunk to showcase more products from Thailand. :)

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