Monday, May 23, 2016

Yummy products with Pasjel

This is the stack of goodies I received from PasjelPasjel is a Thailand brand and have a cute package that is not overly embarrassing. This is the first time I am using their products and it is really quite different from the other things I have used. (Is it cos it is Made in Thai?)
PasJel Sweet Sugar Scrub
One of the products I tested was the Pasjel Sweet Scrub for the body. The packaging reminds me of a yogurt bottle. I expected it to be a solid scrub and was surprised to see a liquid guacamole. There is a refreshing veg-smell about it. (Healthy!)
I tried it out on the back of my hand. And mmm, it was yummy and refreshing. Wished the bottle was a lot bigger. After using it, you can feel a thin film of moisture on it. You know how some products give an unnatural smoothness to the skin. This doesn't. 
Pasjel Sun Fighting Gel
The Sun Fighting Gel was also very interesting for me. I like the fact it was a transparent gel so it didn't do any skin correction. Natural glow. It is not sticky but you can initially feel the thin film of protection. After a while, you won't feel any residue on your face at all.
The fruity, peachy scent was also lovely. It is like having the fragrance of a lip balm all over your face. Delicious. Overall, I really love the products cos maybe I am more of a scent-animal. I just love putting tasty products on my face. :P

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