Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 12

12th installment. It is amazing that even after a year, people still enjoy reading this. Maybe, I have been doing a good job sharing with you all the great stuff. :D
YY Kawaii
For any of you looking for decoden cases, you are in luck. You absolutely have to check YY Kawaii out because their stuff stuff are so so cute. She is the only seller I know who has special cases on Sailormoon rods. Apart from the Sailormooon decoden, the have other cute Japanese cases as well such as Pokemon. (The rest I am not that familiar with...haha)
For my readers only, quote "YYK10" to get 10% off. Meanwhile, you can follow her on Instagram as well to be updated of her works. Beware of sweetness overload!! :D
Exa Boutique
If simplicity is your style, you will like Exa BoutiqueExa is a lifestyle brand for the everyday woman! With 7 years of experience in the fashion industry from previous brands the founder of EXA wanted to enhance the lifestyle we already have through fashion, art and events geared towards women rather than paint an image of how a woman should look or feel. 
Crop tops are the fad now and I am totally digging their collection at Exa Boutique. Been seeing some ridiculous posts on social media on how ladies are threatening to burn their crop tops until they have a flat tummy, the models above look like they are rocking their tops well kay. Confidence doesn't come from a flat tummy. Wear what you like unless people comment you look crap in it, otherwise don't judge yourself before others do. 
Sidekick Customs
Customised sneakers used to be a fad once upon a time. Not sure whether it will come back. But I found a store who has many really awesome kickass designs. They are not in Singapore by the way. Check out Sidekick Customs. All the way from India, you probably have to pay shipping fees.
But go check out their designs, they are mostly very creative and you may gain inspiration on it for your art. So that's all folks till next time. Maybe the next round, you will see me rocking some of these stuff, bringing the fad right back in our town. :D

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