Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ring-a-Ding with Whimsical Dreams

Whimsical Dreams
Something pretty popped into my mail box this week. If you are wondering why the reviews seem a bit slow lately, I am not sure what's wrong with Singpost but I have not been receiving the items OR have been just getting empty envelopes. Why are my mail stolen!!! (The only mails that I received quite intact are bills! Bleh! I won't complain if they are stolen though. Lol!)
This is a very controversial mail because it sparked a debate between my Mum and I "Is the bubble of the bubble wrap wrapped inwards or outwards?" We always wrapped the bubble on the outside but it does seems to be logical to wrap the bubbles inside...*Mind blown*
Bread Clip
Ever wondered which accessory would have the best sales? It would be the rings cos we have 10 fingers!! You can wear one on each. In all seriousness, I think it could be the necklace cos it is the one thing that can immediately change the style of an outfit. Not everyone has ear holes. And bracelets/rings can be quite in the way if you are someone who uses your hands a lot. But...I still like my 10 finger funny analysis :D
But check out the rings at Whimsical Dreams, they are so pretty. And it comes in a nice box, wish there wasn't the wasabi tape around it though cos it doesn't seem to match. The rocket is purely adorable. And the bread clip ring just makes me want to collect those bread clips at home and make them into X'mas gifts for everybody :D Didn't know the bread clips are so useful, huh.  
Pins and Clips
The beauty about crafts is that they make the simple things in your life extraordinary. The person behind Whimsical Dreams is a very creative lady. Another one of her interesting works are the Origami Hearts. It is a very light (look at how thin it is), simple badge. You can now wear your heart on your sleeve. Hahaha. There are also pinwheels available but you can't play a pun on them. 
She also sent me some nice pegs which are too pretty to be used. So I am going to admire them. :D  Too lazy to make your craft work yourself, you can get them at Whimsical Dreams on Carousell. Her rings are particularly interesting so do check them out. You will be impressed with her creative mind for sure.

Monday, June 27, 2016

100 Gourmet at Lewin Terrace

Lewin Terrace
Many weeks back, it was the BF's bday but we didn't really get a chance to celebrate. And then we came across 100 Gourmet. It is just an initiative by Citibank whereby you can try out a 6-course meal designed by a well known, overseas chef in collaboration with a top local restaurant. 
Since I got a Citibank card, we thought this should be his birthday lunch. (P.S. It will cost a lot more if you don't own a Citibank card!) Moreover, we are also taking this as a scouting exercise. I thought Lewin Terrace seems like a nice place to host a wedding, more precisely, our wedding. LOL!
Lewin Terrace
I was so excited that we were there 15 mins earlier. So I got a good chance to snap photos of an empty restaurant. :P As you can see, I also dressed up for the day. I put on bright pink lipstick. HAHAHA, by my standards, that is considered putting in a lot of effort. :D
The restaurant has a very nice grand feel. But I think the BF has strike this place out in head cos it is difficult for toasting. Is toasting really that important?!? I still think it is a beautiful restaurant nonetheless. And the waiters are so attentive to our needs. 
This was our starter. Out of 6, I loved 2. Coincidentally they are all on the right. Haha. Not that the rest wasn't good, but they just weren't mind blowing enough. The asparagus with truffles was really delicious. I am not sure how they did it but you will view the asparagus in a whole new light because of the unfamiliar texture and taste.
I can't remember what the fish is called but it was so good I finished it with one chomp. Practically, half the time, I am waiting for the BF to savor his meal. I just enjoy gulping food when it is good.
These are 4 of our other courses. Those on the right are simply heavenly. We had the corn with foie gras soup. I have always been a fan of foie gras. The best I had was in Salt Grill. But as a soup, it was amazing. There is crunchiness in the soup with the sweetness of the corn. Yummy.
And the wagyu beef is all my all time favourite. I don't really like steak most of the time. If I have it, I realise I preferred it medium rare. This was medium. But it was so delightful, I think I teared eating it. Best Steak ever! Made every penny worth!
The most colourful meal for the day. :D So happy to have 4 coloured noble shells. They are naturally coloured and can only be found in Japan. 我还真是识货~!~ Got it from the manager. I actually asked for our 2, but he saw me so intrigued with them, he gave me 4. Hahaha.
For the time first time in my life, I finally understood what "tasting the sea in your mouth" means. Yes, I think I tasted the sea in this dish. It is not very salty but a refreshing sea-breeze. Really don't know how they did it, it is like magic!!!
The night photos didn't look very fancy. I think I really need to clear the photos in my phone. I have too much photos! Really recommend 100 Gourmet for any special occasions in your life. This is the first time I had a chef coming up to me, telling me in details the ingredient used for each dish! Will probably be dining through them at our next big occasion :D

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Social Week Mesh

Was having a really intense "social" week draining my energy and emptiness away. "New hair, new life." Neh, still the same old me, just that I have stopped moping around. I am now embracing the support of my network of friends and stepping up on bringing some discipline to my already very routine life. 
I have decided that I would be actively engaged in more movements (contemplated the word -sports but neh it is just movements) and probably will read up more. I will indulge myself in some frivolous activities and ultimately, hit the books again :)
Minimalistic House
So, one of my close friends finally got a house of her own. And we went to take a look. Her house is really pretty - minimalistic and cosy. We were all envious of her new-found independence initially, but less so when she had to wash the dishes and clean up after us. Haha. 
But of course, this makes me lament a bit how fast time flies. And how really meaningless life is? Not that I had achieve nothing, but maybe I just want to really put into perspective how I want to spend the next half of my life on...After all, I am a perishable object. :)
时间都去哪儿了   还没好好感受年轻就老了
Destroyed a colleague's table on his bday and going to end off the week with me belting out oldies, cos I can only sing such songs. Praying Jay Chou reign as the King of R&B for at least the next 10 years so that I can remain relevant. :D

Wondering if the next few posts will be this old lady ranting about her old-age life, I think I live a wayyyyy more exciting life than that. Too little hours, too many desires Hahaha

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pokemon Cafe Review

From the photos, I think it is no surprise where I went to chase my Monday blues away. Yeap, it is the Pokemon Cafe. :D Sent a number of my friends an editorial picture of it and was kinda of expecting nobody to follow up with me (as always) - cos I am suggesting out-of-the world ideas and usual and this is one hell of an expensive place.
But, apparently, a Pokemon-craze friend followed up with me and there I am. I picked Monday night cos I intelligently expected it to be less crowded. And true enough, we didn't even queue more than 15 minutes. Amazing or what!
Pokemon Cafe
Although it is called a Pokemon cafe, it is pretty much Pikachu themed. Hate rodents? You really shouldn't be there. Don't want to break your bank, please shy away from there too. Generally, the food is decent. What you are looking at is nearly $100-worth of cuteness.
Located at Bugis Junction on the 4th floor, I took the escalator up and down just to take photos of the surrounding. Xiao Za Bor or what. I am not really that ardent of a fan, but when I looked up from my phone and saw an army of Pikachu surrounding me...well, yes I am simply overwhelmed by the kawaii-ness. *swoons*
Pokemon Selfie
Not going to be embarrassed to admit that I am there to just take photos. There were supposed to be Pikachu mascots. I guess that's just me. Chey. But it's alright, I can happily self-entertain. And so we just took photos and more photos. $100 entrance fees all for this. #IknowIamFrivolous
And just when I thought I was the mad hatter in the family. Someone in my family went to take photos at a cemetery. Damn good ones too. But, I am too chicken for that, so well you have to live up with the cute me. Hehe.
Pokemon Toaster and Cup
Supposed to get a free cup, but dang it is out of stock. Come back in July folks. But...I got S$5 off. Haix not meant to be mine. And we got toasters...the cheap papery kind. Just kept one for momento. They were also "table mats". Can't remember what that crap is really called, cos it is just a piece of lousy paper.
Basically, all the free gifts sucks. But cos, I am Singaporean, I am gonna go "Better than nothing"! (Only the cup is decent, but it is OOS) I thought I was going to bring a merchandise home. But when I saw the price, logic got the better of me. LOL. 
Ending off with an anniversary-like photo. If this were a Bromance, I would have been labelled gay. But I am a girl, so society accept affectionate behavior from me. Heheh. I have good art skills yea.  And if you are wondering why it looks kinda of messy...erm cos they served the dessert first?!? So being a smart alec, I thought we should just put it aside.
Who knows the Pokeball couldn't stand the test of time, Pikachu refused to be caught and escaped!!! The table was really small too. Zzz. Overall, I think it is quite a novel experience. You definitely have to pay for novelty so the price ain't much of a surprise. Will I drop by again? Excuse me, I am not made of money OK!
P.S. Sorry, Mondays makes me bitchy

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Soft Curl with Kimage

Digital Perm
So this is my new look. :) Feeling pretty awesome and pleased about it because old enemies may not recognise me on the streets. Looking one hell of a corky bitch cos my new bouncy curls are so dang awesome!!!
Back at work and every one is dishing comments on my new look. When you change your hairstyle, it is not about you, it is about the whole community. I got feedback ranging from "Obasan, Ajumma, Damn Korean, put it down, tie it up, tie it higher, your fringe is too thick"!
 Soft Curl
It is my first time heading curls so I still haven't figured out how to look photo-worthy. Haha. But generally, older people seems to prefer me with my hair let down to truly see the beauty of the twirls. Younger folks suggested that I tie up. Personally, I like my hair tied up. With regards to my thick bangs, that's my signature look. LOL!
What I did was digital perm for those who keen on it as well. It hails from korean, pretty much the same steps as re-bonding, main difference one makes your hair straight and the other make it curl. I found the whole process rather quick (4 hours), faster than what I expected :)
Hair Models
Some of the looks from the hair models last week. Curls really do have more variation than straight hair. Think coloured hair looks better with curls. Mine looks like a shiny wig, Hehe. I am going to try out various looks in the weekends and post it on Instagram?
And for those who wonder, where's my model shots, please don't have too hight expectations. I think it probably gonna sucks. I wasn't expecting a photoshoot. So I stayed up all night and woke up with a puffy left eye. And when I saw so many people and the camera lens, I froze...literally. It is like a sudden awareness of the surrounding. Terrible me, usually I don't suffer from fright.
Kimage Makeover
Like me straight? Or do you prefer me curly? Pretty big change huh. BF hasn't seen me yet. Can't wait to walk in circles around him and watch him confused. Wonder if he will recognise his own GF...I derive pleasure from toying him LOL!
This change is done at Kimage. The price is between S$250 to S$335. The curl supposedly last 6 months. You can monitor my curls on my blog. Lol!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Funky Find: Redmart and Shopback

Lately, my family have been using Redmart to do our online shopping. Not a sponsored post, but it is really quite a good service with the free delivery for every $50 purchase. So far we have been buying "big-ticket" items i.e. rice. So it is really worth it! (Don't have to lug it home and it hits the free minimum delivery fast.
We start using Redmart mainly because we had $10 free credits and free delivery for $30 spent. Nearly 33.33% off. Super Hua! You guys can try it out too if you are interested. Freshness wise, I really don't know cos we don't really buy the fresh produce there. We mainly use it for heavy items. Haha.
Another website that I have been using quite often is Shopback. Generally, I think it is not bad for online purchases that you already have intention to buy (not buying for the sake of buying). It is basically additional rebates. 
Was not very into new online "gimmicks". But these are pretty good. Have been using them for a while now and they are truly legit. Just sharing some savings given the poor economy. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Winner Announcement: Giveaway with The Sugary Skin Scrubs

So the sweetest giveaway winners are out...Congrats!!!
Winner 1
Because there were so many participants, I decided to giveaway not 1 but 2 products. Do note that if you actually followed the instructions and commented on my blog, I would key in your name twice in the giveaway.
Winner 2
And for those who wondered if the previous giveaway is real. Yes, it is and the prizes have been mailed out. One of the winners replied late, so I gave the voucher to the other consolation winner!
For those who did not win, do not be sad. We have another giveaway where you can win Winter Organics Facial Wash. It will be unlocked once YoungYawn hits 200 followers, which is pretty soon. Do check out the giveaway mechanics in previous post. :) To more giveaways soon!