Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Soft Curl with Kimage

Digital Perm
So this is my new look. :) Feeling pretty awesome and pleased about it because old enemies may not recognise me on the streets. Looking one hell of a corky bitch cos my new bouncy curls are so dang awesome!!!
Back at work and every one is dishing comments on my new look. When you change your hairstyle, it is not about you, it is about the whole community. I got feedback ranging from "Obasan, Ajumma, Damn Korean, put it down, tie it up, tie it higher, your fringe is too thick"!
 Soft Curl
It is my first time heading curls so I still haven't figured out how to look photo-worthy. Haha. But generally, older people seems to prefer me with my hair let down to truly see the beauty of the twirls. Younger folks suggested that I tie up. Personally, I like my hair tied up. With regards to my thick bangs, that's my signature look. LOL!
What I did was digital perm for those who keen on it as well. It hails from korean, pretty much the same steps as re-bonding, main difference one makes your hair straight and the other make it curl. I found the whole process rather quick (4 hours), faster than what I expected :)
Hair Models
Some of the looks from the hair models last week. Curls really do have more variation than straight hair. Think coloured hair looks better with curls. Mine looks like a shiny wig, Hehe. I am going to try out various looks in the weekends and post it on Instagram?
And for those who wonder, where's my model shots, please don't have too hight expectations. I think it probably gonna sucks. I wasn't expecting a photoshoot. So I stayed up all night and woke up with a puffy left eye. And when I saw so many people and the camera lens, I froze...literally. It is like a sudden awareness of the surrounding. Terrible me, usually I don't suffer from fright.
Kimage Makeover
Like me straight? Or do you prefer me curly? Pretty big change huh. BF hasn't seen me yet. Can't wait to walk in circles around him and watch him confused. Wonder if he will recognise his own GF...I derive pleasure from toying him LOL!
This change is done at Kimage. The price is between S$250 to S$335. The curl supposedly last 6 months. You can monitor my curls on my blog. Lol!

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