Saturday, June 4, 2016

Funky Find: Redmart and Shopback

Lately, my family have been using Redmart to do our online shopping. Not a sponsored post, but it is really quite a good service with the free delivery for every $50 purchase. So far we have been buying "big-ticket" items i.e. rice. So it is really worth it! (Don't have to lug it home and it hits the free minimum delivery fast.
We start using Redmart mainly because we had $10 free credits and free delivery for $30 spent. Nearly 33.33% off. Super Hua! You guys can try it out too if you are interested. Freshness wise, I really don't know cos we don't really buy the fresh produce there. We mainly use it for heavy items. Haha.
Another website that I have been using quite often is Shopback. Generally, I think it is not bad for online purchases that you already have intention to buy (not buying for the sake of buying). It is basically additional rebates. 
Was not very into new online "gimmicks". But these are pretty good. Have been using them for a while now and they are truly legit. Just sharing some savings given the poor economy. 

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