Thursday, June 23, 2016

Social Week Mesh

Was having a really intense "social" week draining my energy and emptiness away. "New hair, new life." Neh, still the same old me, just that I have stopped moping around. I am now embracing the support of my network of friends and stepping up on bringing some discipline to my already very routine life. 
I have decided that I would be actively engaged in more movements (contemplated the word -sports but neh it is just movements) and probably will read up more. I will indulge myself in some frivolous activities and ultimately, hit the books again :)
Minimalistic House
So, one of my close friends finally got a house of her own. And we went to take a look. Her house is really pretty - minimalistic and cosy. We were all envious of her new-found independence initially, but less so when she had to wash the dishes and clean up after us. Haha. 
But of course, this makes me lament a bit how fast time flies. And how really meaningless life is? Not that I had achieve nothing, but maybe I just want to really put into perspective how I want to spend the next half of my life on...After all, I am a perishable object. :)
时间都去哪儿了   还没好好感受年轻就老了
Destroyed a colleague's table on his bday and going to end off the week with me belting out oldies, cos I can only sing such songs. Praying Jay Chou reign as the King of R&B for at least the next 10 years so that I can remain relevant. :D

Wondering if the next few posts will be this old lady ranting about her old-age life, I think I live a wayyyyy more exciting life than that. Too little hours, too many desires Hahaha

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