Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ring-a-Ding with Whimsical Dreams

Whimsical Dreams
Something pretty popped into my mail box this week. If you are wondering why the reviews seem a bit slow lately, I am not sure what's wrong with Singpost but I have not been receiving the items OR have been just getting empty envelopes. Why are my mail stolen!!! (The only mails that I received quite intact are bills! Bleh! I won't complain if they are stolen though. Lol!)
This is a very controversial mail because it sparked a debate between my Mum and I "Is the bubble of the bubble wrap wrapped inwards or outwards?" We always wrapped the bubble on the outside but it does seems to be logical to wrap the bubbles inside...*Mind blown*
Bread Clip
Ever wondered which accessory would have the best sales? It would be the rings cos we have 10 fingers!! You can wear one on each. In all seriousness, I think it could be the necklace cos it is the one thing that can immediately change the style of an outfit. Not everyone has ear holes. And bracelets/rings can be quite in the way if you are someone who uses your hands a lot. But...I still like my 10 finger funny analysis :D
But check out the rings at Whimsical Dreams, they are so pretty. And it comes in a nice box, wish there wasn't the wasabi tape around it though cos it doesn't seem to match. The rocket is purely adorable. And the bread clip ring just makes me want to collect those bread clips at home and make them into X'mas gifts for everybody :D Didn't know the bread clips are so useful, huh.  
Pins and Clips
The beauty about crafts is that they make the simple things in your life extraordinary. The person behind Whimsical Dreams is a very creative lady. Another one of her interesting works are the Origami Hearts. It is a very light (look at how thin it is), simple badge. You can now wear your heart on your sleeve. Hahaha. There are also pinwheels available but you can't play a pun on them. 
She also sent me some nice pegs which are too pretty to be used. So I am going to admire them. :D  Too lazy to make your craft work yourself, you can get them at Whimsical Dreams on Carousell. Her rings are particularly interesting so do check them out. You will be impressed with her creative mind for sure.

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