Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review: GoPro Hero4 Silver

So, it seems I have been neglecting this little space of mine. If you are wondering why, I have a new toy and it sorts of distract me from a lot of things :D This toy is no way new in the market, cos there are people that have in way before me. 
It just took me a while to finally realize luck really isn't on my side. I am definitely not winning this. And since the BF offered to get me as an anniversary gift. I was like "Yea"!!! Finally I can vlog (Lol!)
So, this is my GoPro Hero 4 - Silver. I didn't exactly do a lot of homework on it. I just picked Silver cos it had a screen at the back for me to review the captured footages. I don't think I am that great a videographer anymore. It has a shorter battery lifetime so it just means more conservation of energy, more prudent filming and just drag a good power bank around. LOL!
I got this "miniature unheard-of camera" (as my Dad like to put it) at a quite steal. Initially, we decided to go to Changi to get it (cos no GST charges), which let you save about 7%. Was asking around to gather more information on the GoPro (which the BF wanted), so C told me about the Double 7% discount at Changi over a particular weekend.
Changi Rewards Card
This was when I heard about this free card - Changi Rewards Card. For any of you living in the East, this is one card you should really get. With this, you get to Enjoy 7% GST savings at participating outlets in the public areas of Changi Airport. Particularly for cosmetics and electronic products, it is really kinda of worth it to make a trip down even if you live in the West.
It happened to be one of college friend's birthday that month, so yea it makes quite a lot of cents, I mean sense to go Changi for that weekend. Haha, usually I would suggest other places so they were pleasantly surprised when I offered to go East. The girls also did their shopping there after hearing my savings. (Actually they made up a shopping list on the spot).
For the GoPro, we cant' use our normal memory card, maybe cos it is capturing videos with lots of action? So we invested in SanDisk Extreme. Got it from Lazada as the savings are more substantial than buying at Changi that day. For me, I am a buyer particularly concern about warranty. So, I am willing to pay a slight premium for warranty. Otherwise, you can find cheaper options at Lazada (Not an affiliate of them by the way)
Plus if you buy from Shopback, you get extra rebates on top of the credit card you use. Plus you may additional interest if you hit certain minimum spending. I am not sure how much I saved with all these, but you can follow my steps if you wanna save some money too :D Here's the first GoPro Video!

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