Friday, July 29, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond

The one thing I really like about Singapore is that we are a melting pot of different culture. We are multi-racial society. But how truly aware are we on the culture of the other races around us?
It is very unfortunate but during my school years, I only had 1 Indian close buddy. My group of friends (all Chinese) referred to her as my "Indian friend". And her close girlfriends (Indians as well) would know me as "that Chinese friend". I suppose it is convenient and very intuitive for us to immediately to identify who they are referring to. But hey, maybe it just slipped out our mind, we both have names. LOL.
under the tree
Today, something happened and it dawned on me that I have changed...and not in a good way. I received an invitation for a Malay family's Open House. After years of "Racial Harmony Day" don in ethnic costumes, I actually know nuts about other cultures/ religions. And the first thought that hit me was "Maybe I shouldn't go because..." You can insert a million reasons after.
I used to be bold and fearless, empowered by youth (not irrationality and recklessness). But lately, I find myself shackled by invisible threads. So thin yet so tight. But eventually, I chose to not to let fear hold me prison. Never go, never know. 
Move You Mind
Even though I was the only Chinese and I think I accidentally broke some rules (oops), I enjoyed myself. Nope, it wasn't as awkward as I thought it could have been. (My bro went along cos it is not every day someone invites you to their family's open house.) And the food was delicious. I think I overate cos the host family probably worried I may feel uncomfortable and kept egging me to have another.
I am ending with this interesting typography I saw online. What I saw was "Make you Mind Move" if you re-arrange it a bit. So, shake up your life. I challenge you to do something you wanted to do or never did had the courage to do so. Or just do something way out of your comfort zone for once. (Of course, I am not encouraging foolhardiness.)
I think sometimes we forget that self-development comes through new experience. Living your life in a routine manner restricts your exposures to the wonderful world around you. It is like standing at the same spot. You can't see over the horizon. To know what is beyond, you need to journey forward. Just some random thoughts as I seek new inspiration to vamp up my blog a little. (It needs to grow up with my audience doesn't it?)

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