Sunday, July 3, 2016

Handicraft Time with Yunie's Handmade

Crochet Couple
So you know when a girl is in love, she would always want to have similar things with her better half. “你一个, 我一个, 一人一个, 多好!” Maybe it is just me. But I do notice a good deal of couples having dolls that look like them. And it looks cute in photo shoots and shots. So, I jumped the gun and custom made ourselves one. 
I can't do any domestic work for nuts. So mine comes from Yunie's Handmade. She is very experienced in couple dolls so you and your lover are in safe hands. I don't really have much distinct features, so I am a little sailor girl. The BF is in his trademark sky blue shirt. I forgot to make his pants beige LOL. But never mind, I will buy him a pair of white shorts HAHAHA!
But the whole point of this post is not just on the couple dolls, we have another giveaway!!! Claps Claps. And we, okay is actually Yunie, will be teaching you how to make them if you don't win it. Too lazy to make it yourself or clumsy with needles like me, you can hop on to her etsy store to get one for yourself.
So as usual, we will not make our giveaway too hard. Cos we really want to make people happy in this depressing weather and economic climate. So, just
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Leave me a comment when you are done. We will give away one Octie for every 15 followers. Chances are still decently and reasonably good! I know we are just so nice people!!!
Crochet Items
If you are a Crochet enthusiast, this are some of the items you would need to make your own. It is quite basic and you can find them at craft stores. And if you are making your own, do tagged us in your photos on Instagram, you can #yunieyarnyawn so that we can see them! :D We might even feature your crafts too!!!
Octopus Crochet
So here are the instructions to help you create the parts. Looks a bit like a sperm right? Haha.
And tada, for assemble them together and you will have a cute octopus which you could make into a keychain.
Crochet Octopus
For some of you who may be really crafty, you might want to check out Yunie's blog. She has free templates to share and for her past works, you should best look at her Facebook for inspiration. She makes crafting look effortless.  
And if any of you would want to showcase your craft, don't hesitate to contact me. Or if you are curious about a particular form of craft, write in to me and I will see what I can do :D Have lovely weekend, people!

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