Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 13

The installment came a bit early. It is the unlucky 13 so it is better to get it fast and over with. Let's not drag this too long. Hopefully, 13 is no curse to our longest and one of the most popular installment to date. It's longevity is pretty amazing, isn't it? So keep reading, so that we have a reason to keep writing :D
I have never written anything for the Muslim ladies in particular, so this time round I thought I will start off by introducing you to Chalala. If you looking for scarves in particular in local blogshops, I suggest going to shops owned by the Indians and Malays cos they usually have way nicer designs and a lot more variety than the Chinese.
Lately, I am also exploring more conservative fashion for work. And I do think some designs by and for the Muslimah are really suitable and gorgeous. Sometimes we do think if it is not designed for my race, I am not going to wear it. But, we are in very multi-cultural world. Especially for fashion, it is always good to be more open-minded to not miss out a good deal. :D 
Second, I have up for you all to gush over are the sock pals. It is basically crafts made of socks. It is not the most difficult craft to make. And yea I know what you are thinking, the cuteness is making you wanna make some yourself. That's great because most of have spare fabrics waste at home. Upcycling project!!
If you are hoping I am going to give you a short-cut and introduce you a store who sells them, unfortunately this is no longer the crafter's main focus. But you still can look at their pictures for inspiration at Azazoo Sock Pals. Hopefully, this will inspire you guys to do some crafts yourself! :D
The last store I am going to introduce you ladies to is - Maggie Haute. If you are more of an adventurous dresser and intro runway fashion, this is one place you should go to. The prices of their apparels are very very affordable. You would have expected them to be like over hundred dollars a piece, but nope you can get something decent at less than hundred.
I have been secretly stalking them for a while now, but I still feel they are quite under-rated. So do show them some big love :D There is no harm in learning how to strike a few good poses for your LOTD. Hehe. So that's it for this round of hot deals. I am like having less time to surf the line. So if you see any shops worth the hype, do feel free to drop me an email on them. Cheers.

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