Sunday, August 28, 2016

Good Oral Hygiene with Playbrush

I came across this article and was shocked that more than half of the kids in Singapore has one or more rotten teeth by the time they are 7. That seems a lot!!! I think in my lifetime, I only had one rotten milk teeth. Thankfully, after I rid that ugly rotten, black thing off my mouth, I have since maintained nice, beautiful healthy pearly whites. :)
But, naive me, just because it is milk teeth doesn't mean the impact isn't permanent. The bacteria from the milk teeth can also affect the development of their adult molars! I don't have kids myself, but I think what my Mum did right when I was a kid was making brushing a habit. Twice a day, one before bedtime and one when you wake up. It is just a routine that sticks with time.
Nowadays with technology, brushing is made fun. During my time, I remember brushing a model of the mouth, that resembled a lot like the Joker. Maybe that's the reason why most kids and even dentist hate going to dentist. Talk about long-life trauma.
The big kid in me received a Playbrush to have a go. They have it in blue and pink, for both the little boys and little girls. The packaging look both cute and resonates with the inner Geek in me. It really look like some cool gadget yea.
I opened the box and expected complicated wires. But, basically the Playbrush is only made of 3 simple parts. o.O And it is pretty intuitive to use. A bawling child may possibly charge it himself or herself. So you pretty have to charge the bottom white portion using the USB. It will blink red when it is charging and will be fully red when fully charged.
You have to download "Utoothia" on your phone and turn on your bluetooth. To connect the Playbrush to your brush, you just have to give it a few happy flings till the bottom turn orange and you are good and ready to be a brave soldier for the gorgeous Tooth Fairy.
And it has also include some storytelling elements for the children. I tried out the game myself. While killing some monsters, I found myself brushing my teeth the proper way. That's great cos I didn't like it when the dental nurse in my Primary School barked at me to brush Joker's teeth right. Had to brush it umpteen times until she was satisfied. 
The good thing is that the game distracts the child from noticing how tedious it is to brush their teeth. It is particularly useful for kids who detest brushing their teeth. Now instead of this annoying thing they have to do each night, it becomes a mission to clean their teeth.
Game-wise, the graphics were awesome. It is rather repetitive so the kids can get the hang of it fast. But I think this Playbrush could also do a version for adults, simply because I know of too many people who are rather old around me who also don't like to brush their teeth. Particularly guys I know seem to have a thing against good oral hygiene.
For them, I would suggest Counter Strike kinda of game-play. Hopefully, that will get the big boys I know back into the game. There are scores and achievements that the child can obtain. So hurray, cos this would encourage the kids to brush their teeth better. 
With this video, you can see like the kid looks like she is just brushing her teeth normally and correctly. But in her eyes, she sees herself completing mission and having a sense of achievement after each brush! So, that is basically what Playbrush is. 
If you want one for your kid or yourself, you can purchase it Playbrush for a $20 discount off their retail price of SGD $89! Simply use promo code: PBSG2016. For Mama out there, Playbrush is on the hunt for a kid Ambassador since 18th July. Stay tuned to Sample Store Facebook page for more details.  You can also visit Sample Store to know more about Playbrush and other users' review.

Playbrush Ambassador
XOXO, Playbrush Adult Ambassador (LOL!)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Organic Lipbalm from Handmade by Mirth

It has been a while since I am crazy and biased towards organic products. Personally, I feel that you don't see the effects immediately when you use all-natural products but in the long run, you will find the inner radiance slowly glowing. Currently, I am still using a mixture of natural and chemical products to maintain the overall looks and not be stripped off my unnatural shine.
As far as Singapore is concerned, organic products are way more expensive, simply because we don't have a big enough consumer base. And so, many of such brands or handmade products will have to be imported. The cost of shipping is simply what jack up the prices.
Handmade by Mirth
I was pretty excited when I came across Handmade by Mirth. Firstly, it is really rare to come across handmade lip balms made in Singapore. Secondly, the packaging looks really decent in the photos. Thirdly, there is a good variety. Last but not least, the price is reasonable.
And so I thought, I must definitely give this a go and let you readers know more about this. I am sure some of you only use organic products. And if Handmade by Mirth proves to be a good alternative, you might save some money!
Mini Organic Lip BalmI tried out their mini collection. Just to let you see how cutely tiny it is, I compared it with the size of my hand. Haha. Even though the whole tube has been shrunk, the twisting mechanism was working fine. Tried twisting it up and down a few times. (I came across handmade brand overseas, but the tube was kinda of rudimentary. It could only go up :( ) But Handmade by Mirth's worked perfect. 
Even their namecards were made tiny. #cute. I thought the size was perfect because I get tired of using the same tube after a while. I end up chalking my fridge with lots of my used balm. (Freezing it makes it last longer). For me, this size could be more value for money. (S$6 versus S$10 regular size). Plus I think they make great X'mas gifts!
Organic Lipbalm Singapore
Generally, the lip balms are pretty good. The application was really smooth and it kept my lips well moistured. I like how some of the scent lingered around my lips. :D I don't use it with lipsticks so I comment on the layering with lipsticks. 
Given the price and the quality, I have to say this Singapore brand is comparable to any other overseas handmade brand. I am proud to say "I am pretty satisfied."
Fresh Vanilla
I thought I might share with you my views on the different flavours available as well. *Preferences may differ with each individual.* My least favourite was the French Vanilla. I found the scent a little too strong for my liking. It was very fragrant but I was just not used to such strong tasting lip balm.
Organic lipbalm Singapore
My favourite was these 3. Maybe I like more fruity stuff, though Lavender isn't exactly a fruit. I am currently using the watermelon one the most cos I find it more unique than passionfruit. How many other brands have Watermelon lip balms!!!
I really like the lavender one too, however I think it could be an acquired taste. Don't think it is a masses scent. It is either you love it or hate it. And I obviously love it. The passionfruit and watermelon scent would suit any of you who love fruity balms. Hopefully, it doesn't keep your tummy rumbling all day. It does taste and smell pretty yummy!
Organic Lip Balm
If you like something more subtle, I would strongly recommend the Aloe Vera and the Original. You won't feel hungry with these 2 cos I find them scentless.  
If you want to get yourself one to try out or a set of minis, you can visit Handmade by Mirth. You can customise your name on it too for an additional $2. (Bridemaid's gifts anyone?) They have bulk orders special price as well. Alternatively, you can always e-mail Han at

Just for my readers only, quote "HBM0817CY" to get a 5% off you bill! Just some cost savings to make your day sweeter and reward you for reading/ supporting my blog!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

ADHD: What is it?

So recently I came across this video. And being really shallow, I was very, very surprised that people with Down Syndrome can be independent adults and is just like everyone else. My impression of them has been a quiet bunch (maybe cos they are not capable of conversation and communication) and that they think like children even if they are grown up. (But well, some of us are pretty immature even without mental disabilities. Sigh)

But today, I am not going to talk about Down Syndrome. I will be discussing ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Not surprisingly, this is actually a very common disorder found among children nowadays. It is postulated that roughly 8-10% of the world population has ADHD.
Kid who has ADHD are usually more emotionally unstable, less sociable, poor attention span etc. They are those kids who you think are out to intentionally annoy you. But they just can't help or stop themselves. If you are curious how I suddenly become such an expert in this topic, all the information I found are from this blog. You can read more there if you are interested.

Back in my times, parents were petrified if their kids was suspected of having the ADHD disorder. It was like sinful even. ADHD was like some "bad reputation". Parents got mad if teachers vaguely the child may need "special care". The thing is even if the child is diagnosed with ADHD, it doesn't prevent them from making the most of their life. They may need a little help in learning, but that does not mean they cannot learn. (Huge difference there alright!) There are some successful people with ADHD, like Ryan Higa and even Justin Timberlake to name a few.
Do people judge them differently? They both earn more than me. LOL. And I would have never known they had ADHD if they did not declare it themselves. 
Treatment for ADHD
It is very heartening to see that our society is progressing. We are now more open to helping individuals with disorders. Life is not over with ADHD. For any of you who are parents with kids diagnosed with ADHD, you would be glad of this promotion. With Tuition finder, you are entitled to a 50% discount off from the first lesson. You can also e-mail them at for more information. With one-to-one classes, these children will get undivided attention and the home tutor can tailor learning to be fun and suited for them.

*I think as a parent (not that I am one yet), but I always believe that it seems right to give your child the best you possibly can. After, you are the one who brought them to the world. (They didn't really have a choice.) Our education system is still rather rigid and for children with special needs, you do need a properly trained teacher or tutor to guide the child.

Whether the child has any physical deformities or mental disabilities or even slight disorder, a parent should try to let the child feel that he or she is as normal as possible. Kids their own age actually are unable to distinguish another who is different from them. It is the adult's attitude that signal to them "Hey, something isn't right?"*

Tuition Finder

**Above is just my personal opinion, this is not an invitation to hate. I do however welcome comments from people who like to share more. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cooking in Bangkok: Baipai Thai Cooking School

Every one who goes Bangkok always go shopping. I don't deny Bangkok is a great shopping haven. (I got a few good buys myself.) But just shopping is...boring. You travel to open your eyes and learn more about foreign cultures.
My Mum always told me when I wander overseas to "live for the moment". Don't worry too much about stuffing the luggage with goodies because our luggage is really small (hurhurhur) and nearly everything in this world can be imported. And that's true. I bought a whole bunch of snacks from Korea to find them available in mart in my neighbourhood. (What was I thinking!!!)
Yes, I admit I was sick of being a normal Bangkok traveller. I wanted to blaze trails. I wanted to be different. So...I attended a cooking class there. *Beams* And that was a jolly well good decision I made. Not only have I picked up new cooking skills, I think I now know the Thai culture a little bit better. No longer am I the lass who only enjoyed Thai food, I can now comment on Thai cuisine.
So you have been following me on my Instagram, you would have noticed that one fine weekend I posed amazing photos of a Garden of Eden. That is the location of my cooking class with Baipai. So pretty right? On our way there, we were passing streets that consist of buildings that didn't look too eye-catching. Beyond the metal gates was the entrance to this gorgeous place. Even if you aren't there to cook, it is quite an attraction for you to take photos.
Baipai Spice Garden
For us, we didn't go for the morning market trip because of the time schedule. For any true cooks out there, you should try to go for the market trip because it is important to know how the ingredients look like if you are going to cook it at home. Don't fret if you are like us and can't find a class within your schedule with the market trip because Baipai has its own mini spice garden there.
I have to admit that initially I didn't think too much of it. But it was surprisingly very educational. After the introduction to the spices, I had a better idea of what to add to make my food taste the desired way I want. I even bought that exact same seasoning soy sauce home.
Coconut Milk
One of the most important ingredients of Thai cuisine is the coconut milk. But do you know there is the coconut cream too? It is just a concentrated form of the coconut milk. From the picture, you may not be able to tell the difference. Coconut cream is on the left and it has a thicker, creamier texture. Coconut milk is more watery and is on the right.
Back at home, coconut cream and milk are both in tin. But at Baipai, we have it fresh because we made it ourselves. Grating the coconuts was not particularly tiring because the work was shared among the other budding cooks. I would encourage you to try it for yourselves there. Most of the dessert would require this so you won't miss this opportunity even if you picked the other menus.
Some photos I took of us making the coconut milk and cream from scratch. I was so in awe with the cracking of the coconut, I even took a photo of it. Hehe. Grating coconuts with lightning speed and squeezing out milk with bare hands, all these skills had to be documented in photos. Yeap, even the BF's weak attempts to imitate our teacher, all captured. *Pat myself on the back*
If you are wondering why I did not put my GoPro to good use there? Videos are not allowed at Baipai, however photos are fortunately allowed. And there will be people taking photos of you too :D Celebrity much.
Thai Egg Custard
I didn't take much photos of our first dish, the Thai Egg Custard. This is my final product. It looks like a rough starfish, but it is just an illusion. Those sugar-like grains are condensation. Yup, this is served cold.
I have never tasted the Thai Egg Custard before prior to this. I actually preferred to make the Mango Sticky Rice instead or even my new favourite water chestnut in coconut milk. Guess we might have to save that for next time :( I thought the Thai Egg Custard was alright but the BF found it too sweet for his liking. Guess I am the one who is sweet in the relationship!
Golden Bag
The second dish we prepared was the Golden Bag. This perfect Golden Bag is made by our teacher dearest. Mine didn't look as pretty before cooked, because I had to use up all my meat. The BF cheated and wasted the tasty, marinated fillings so his golden bags looks gorgeous. Even our teacher praised him. :(
To sidetrack a little, the fillings in these bags were really tasty. It is also the reason why I bought the seasoning soya sauce home. My family love making minced meat, but this is really up a notch. Gotcha show the recipe to Papa.Dumplings
No prize guessing who the bags belong to. I think Lady Luck just ain't shinning on me that day. Even though I am not very good with fire, I am usually pretty skillful in tying knots and making cutesy little dumplings. Okay, at least I didn't break the spring roll sheets. They are awfully delicate by the way.
My Golden Bags
After they were deep-fried by the BF, they didn't look half-bad. Maybe cos I have exceptional talent in plating and photography??? Lol. Took a few mandatory Dumpling seflies to commemorate my achievement even though the BF thinks no one in the world ever took a selfie with a dumpling. (Why would anyone do that in the first place right?) Guess, I just broke a world's record :P
Garden of Eden
A break-shot before the next 2 dishes. Just a housewife chilling with her pet insects :P Don't be worried you won't have time for photo opportunities, cos there are plenty. So meanwhile, let's have some random chat on the classes at Baipai. There are many menus you can pick from and even if they do look like Chinese cuisine, their preparation method differs.
Baipai is a more atas cooking class. There are cheaper variations out there. But if you want a nice environment with complimentary drinks and even pick-up/ drop-off services, Baipai would be what you are looking for. We attended a high-end cooking class in Singapore before and that was  a few hundred dollars. We are paying half the price here! Class size is a cosy 8, so the instructors do have enough time to focus on you.
TomYum GreenCurry
Tada, the exciting 3rd and 4th dish - Tom Yum Soup and Green Curry. Pretty obvious, which is mine and which belongs to the teacher. I am not sure why mine looks so nua and soggy. Maybe cos I cook too slow. I have a bad habit of looking around and comparing with other people when all I should be doing is really monitoring my own cooking.
Surprisingly, the green curry is not as complicated as expected. I probably can't cook it every day but I think I can attempt once a month upon the arrival of my own house. Tom Yum soup could be a staple cos it is easier once you have all the ingredients in place.
Some random photos I took which can let you have a rough idea how the classes are held. For people who are very particular about hygiene, you will like Baipai because they are very organised and very, very clean. We always washed our hands when we prepare a meal. And you only consume the dish you prepare yourself. 
We also did a little pounding on the mortar for the spices. I did that before when I was a kid. But it was very exciting initially. But halfway, my flabby arms felt otherwise. Haha. Had a toner arm for the day I guess.
Ending off with 2 of the photos Baipai sent us which was taken when we were hard at work. Haha. And you will go home with a momento too and it is not the recipes. Not going to share too much here, but it is a little something that will let you remember the fun times you have there. Hehehe, just some suspense for you.
And for the photo they used for the momento is very picked. I think the BF and I look very good in it. In fact, I used an exact same photo on my Instagram. So, if you are like me, ready for a different form of adventure, here's Baipai contacts for you. You can click on any Baipai to link you to their website or their Facebook here. Maybe we will each other there the next time I am in Bangkok. (Missing BKK already!)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Funky Find: Pokemon GO Maniac

I guess it is true. I am a Pokemon Go addict. Screams "No"! Finally, I am out of denial now that I see blossom petals everywhere (lures). And I am surprisingly relatively high in level despite starting late in the game, won a few gym battles under my belt too. How did that even happen?!?
Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is raging around the world and recently launched in Singapore last weekends. But I didn't even start on it, until my darn brother sent me the pictures.
And I found them awfully cute. Plus I was bored in Bangkok waiting for my plane, so I downloaded it. But I didn't catch my first pokemon apart from the first 3 pokemon you will see when you start the game (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander) until I reached Singapore...and I caught it right on my BF's face LOL!
**Note: If you want a Pikachu, run away from all 3 Pokemons otherwise I heard you can find Pikachu at Sentosa :D
PokemonGO Changi
This started my Pokemon Go research. I didn't really bother going around Singapore to catch it. I don't cheat on bikes too. I didn't intentionally walk around to catch Pokemon too. I just do what I do daily, but just catch pokemon during my commute to different location.
Of course, my main intention is not to battle. I just wanted to take nice photos like my bro. 
Pokemon Go Photos
I started only being able to take photos like those on the left cos I didn;t know the existence of the photo function. (-.-) And, yes I walk while catching photos. For a while, I didn't even know we could off the Augemented Reality Function so to increase the accuracy of catching bouncing Pokemon and to save some battery.
Yes, it drains my phone's battery insanely. (GPS, Cam Function all used at one shot, Duh!) But...I am not that siao to bring around a power bank yet. Whew!
For the first few days, I guess my Bro and I were happily catching virtual pets on the trains, in lecture rooms (Not me), in our house and on the car. My mum drove slower so that we could visit Pokestops along the way :D To the extent, my parents know the jargon Hahaha.
Pokemon Lure
And it doesn't help in my house, I have access to a Pokestop who is on lure sometimes. Geez. Printscreen of the damn sian day, I accidentally activated my Lucky Egg. I ended up frantically evolving Pokemons because my area had no lures and no Pokemons! Dammit! Just damn suay. So wasted. Plus the GPS failed me, sending me to ulu Pokestop-less areas. (T.T)
Nearly suffered a meltdown cos of it. (Addicted much)
One of my favourite game portion is hatching the eggs. Cos it makes walking more meaningful. I guess some people will exercise more because of it. (I don't) But, on a daily basis, I walk quite a lot (~6Km). So if my GPS cork up, I may hatch more eggs or less eggs.
So far, my egg hatching has been giving me decent pokemon, maybe cos my expectation is really low. So got Pokemon, I happy liao. HAHAH. 
And I guess I got better, becoming a gym defender a few times. Initially, I got thrashed in battles. But now, I win a few :D I am in the Blue (Mystic) Team by the way. So join me to reign supreme (We reign in the West~!~)
Catching Pokemon on dates...absolutely romantic. I thought my BF looked like Bulbasaur, named one that looked like him after him. And he said I looked like Gloom cos I have a sleepy drooly face. WTF!
And cos he used a Blackberry so he used my phone to play. He said I should stop being proud of owning the wrong gym. How about owning a gym that trains up muscles. Glad, a Caterpie of CP10 forced him to take his words back. He ended up throwing a zillion Pokeballs at it and failing to catch it. Muhaha. Powerful aiming thumb I have!
Pokemon Go
Attempting to convert my colleagues LOL! She was impressed but didn't want to be hooked. Lunch location had to be accessible to lures LOL!
One thing I like about this game, when you go siao and obsessive, you know you are not alone. There will always be people who are at the lures you are at. CBD is just pure madness. People doing the "signature flick" while tabaoing lunch. Amazing. There is such a strong sense of bonding among humanity. :D
So catch ya soon and we can catch them all together (before we all sian with the game). I am still waiting for the BF to change his phone to join me. Hopefully, by then the hype dies down and we can be owners of many gyms together YEA!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Thai Goodness: 5 Under-rated Food you must eat

I am really not much of a foodie myself. But my BF is a serial gastronomer. He actually looked online for the food reviews but honestly some of them are not worth the hype. These are some of the places that I felt it was worth making the effort to travel there for (despite the rain)
P'Aor Menu
1. P'Aor พี่อ้อ
+66 2 612 9013
Tue - Sun: 10am - 9pm
68/51, Soi Phetchaburi 5, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok (Map)
68/51 เพชรบุรีซอย 5 ถนนเพชรบุรี , ราชเทวี , กรุงเทพมหานคร 10400
This is relatively unknown in the Singapore blogosphere, but they are pretty famous in Thailand and also on TV. Wouldn't have gone there if a friend didn't send the link cos she saw it on TV. It is not the easiest place to navigate. But we had GPS and it was quite near to my hotel (around Platinum Mall) so we thought we had to try it out.
It was not very crowded that day cos it was pouring. But nearing dinner time, the place gradually grew more crowded. If you like tangy tom yum taste, this is the place to go. I love the soup so much. The BF on the other hand adored the crab meat on rice. I could even taste the shell. That's how fresh it is! A must go, even if the location is kinda of ulu. I gave you their Thai address so there's no reason no taxi driver will bring you there.
Pink Ruby Chestnut in Coconut Milk
2. Pink Ruby Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk
I always thought my favourite Thai dessert was the Mango Sticky Rice. But I just fell in love with the Pink Ruby Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk. Initially, I thought it could only be found at Chatuchak Market. But actually, you can find it even in the food court. I was so obsessed with the red rubies, I even had it for breakfast the next day just to figure out what it was made of - Water Chestnut apparently.
I only tried 2 but I thought the one at Chatuchak Market was way better. Not sure whether it was because of the warm weather that I lost all sense and even cents (didn't want to shop). I even commented to the BF "I might need a drink every 10 mins! Get me out of here!" But for their Pink Ruby, I actually even walked back to the store to take a photo after the first bite. (That good huh?!?)
Chatuchak Market
I won't recommend you going all the way there for it cos the temperature there is inhuman. This is coming from someone who didn't even weave through the narrow streets. If you really want to shop, just go to the malls. But if you are there and is looking for some energy-giving fuel-pack, do try their squid. Despite being grossly yellow (buttered, I think), it was really yummy. I am a squid lover so maybe I am just biased.
We did try to be adventurous and had the Squid Eggs. Actually, I don't even know what I am eating. There's so much things inside and it is pretty much an acquired taste I presume. It is too fishy for my liking, but you can try it for novelty. Don't even bother trying the famous "Thai Coconut Ice Cream". It is way over-rated. Not sure why I even queued up for it when Wimi at my door step taste way better.
Have a Zeed
3. Have a Zeed @ Terminal 21
This was another place that we did not plan to go. We were in a rush to go to the airport (no pun intended) after the massage so we just went to the nearest shopping mall. It was one of the restaurants which had a queue outside. Being awfully Singaporean, my instinct told me "the food here must be awesome!" And it is rather delicious. 
I had the Grilled Pork Neck because at the last restaurant I saw 2 model-like ladies consuming it. My assumption was if these slim-conscious people are eating fatty food, it must be worth the calories. My verdict of Have a Zeed, you could order what we did! Haha. The spicy Tanghun is quite different and very spicy. Good to taste it at least once. I super loved the Tofu (Can't remember the name but it had a chef recommendation) It is super Chinese but the skin is so thinly crispy?!? Actually, I really don't know how to describe it because I have never tasted anything like that before. We had mushroom soup. It is Tom Yum soup without the prawn stock (Yes, after my cooking lesson, I can now taste what is added in my food!!!)
Terminal 21
The mall is rather easy to find, right beside the station. And the mall is really an attraction itself. Even the toilet is Instagram-worthy. But due to time constraint and the BF insisting that people might take me as a pervert if I try snapping photos in the toilet, I didn't have much memories captured on film.
Also it is the nearest station to Healthland Asoke, so after your massage if you need a good meal, you can come here and try Have a Zeed. There are other restaurants around that are really good as well. I am not sure why no bloggers ever bothered to write about it. Another under-rated place!
4. 7-Eleven Breakfast
7 Eleven BangkokNow people is gonna think I went mad, putting 7-Eleven food in the list. But well, they do have a great selection of delicious breakfast which you can't find in Singapore. I even found a "Yakult" which I saw many Singaporeans buying as well. Plus-point, 7-Eleven is literally everywhere. It is like every 15 mins walk, you spot another convenience store.
I had one right beside my hotel. And so it just seemed to make sense to pop over for my breakfast needs. It is not dirt cheap (but still cheap), but the food is good :P There are also occasional "new stuff" which you can try out. P.S Tao Kae Noi started its roots from 7-Eleven too. So don't judge, 7-Eleven is the snack biz incubator in Thailand.
5Rod Fai Market 2Rod Fai Market 2
Rod Fai Market 1 is really far from the shopping area, such that even the taxi driver advised us not to go there (not that we planned to go Rod Fai Market 1). Rod Fai Market 2, however is right beside a train station. Hurray! It is like a Pasar Malam but there are quite interesting stuff there. I bought some stuff and there were manicures/ tattoo booth that I was quite tempted to try out. But the BF didn't really thrive well in crowds so I couldn't stay longer :(
I can't find the website for the above drink but their chocolate was so sinfully thick and good. :P Yummy. By a stroke of luck (cos I was rather sick of Thai Milk Tea, one more Milk Tea, I swear I am going to puke), we ordered the unconventional choice of chocolate instead. It is a must-have if you are going there.
Rod Fai Market
My personal opinion is to try and put Rod Fai Market 2 in your itinerary. It really has a lot of street food. I don't have a lot of amazing photos because seriously you only have the tummy of one meal there. And we chose the Wanton noodles which the Siu Mai and eggs were delicious. The fishball just tasted like blend piece of rubber. I did see people having the seafood there! So you could try that.
There are also bugs which the adventurous me wanted to try so badly. But the BF seemed so adamant to not join me, and you know it is really no fun to do stuff yourself. So I gave it a pass. I tried another type of Choco Milk, healthier choice (but sinful taste better hands-down). There was also this ice-cream that gave off smoke (dry-ice). Looks friggin awesome but I had no more space in my tummy :(
Rod Fai Market 2
I think it might depends on individual. I like places with atmosphere. I would really have glug down alcohol, reveling in the pub music. But of course, the BF is the complete opposite. He kept pointing at his watch to me when I excitedly chirped "one more row"! Plus there were so much things to look at. I am so sad to leave early. The party haven't even started and I am going home. Bleh!
Optional List
1. Mango Tango/ Somtum Nua @ Siam Square
Mango Tango
I think I have an overly high expectation of Mango Sticky Rice to begin with. Mango Tango is good, don't get me wrong. But I kinda thought it was touristy. And maybe a bit over-priced. My impression is Mango Sticky Rice should be cheap and good. But then, I had Mango Sticky Rice at the airport (just wanted one last taste of Thailand) which cost slightly lesser than Mango Tango but tasted a lot less delightful. So don't get the airport one, get Mango Tango. At least it looks good and taste good, more value for money right!
Somtum Nua
I didn't take really good photos at Somtum Nua cos that day everything didn't go as planned so I was grouchy and fangry (effing angry and hungry). So the BF tried to let me eat good food cos everyone says I am always happier after eating. Somtum Nua is well-known for serving good food. It is also right smack in the shopping district. Didn't put it under the Must-Eat cos you probably have eaten it before anyway.
2. Thai Tea Floss - Chatramue 
Chatramue can be commonly found but not every store sells the dessert - Thai Tea Floss. The BF actually ordered wrongly, thinking this was the Thai Milk Tea. I think this brand is more popular among the locals because despite the store being located at quite a touristy area, the shopkeepers weren't really able to speak English. I managed to communicate with them with my broken Thai and fantastic Thai-accented English.
We kept saying "Ok" to all the toppings, I even joked with the BF that by the end, we will be paying double the price. Toppings are FOC by the way. So yeah!!! It taste good, but I don't think anyone should go out of the way to get it. You should just keep your eyes open on the street to bump into a store. Oh, and you can buy their tea in packet form at Big C. 
3. Boat Noodles (Thing Tiao Reur)
Address: 121 Dinso Khwaeng Wat Bowon Niwet, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Mah Nakhon 10200, Thailand
GPS: 13.755279, 100.501525
Boat Noodles
This was recommended by Miss TamChiak, but I really think this is too out of the way. The boat noodles are really cheap but to travel all the way there is just mind-boggling. Plus, there is a famous restaurant that is opposite the street. This is probably more local flavour. They even use the pig blood. Gulps. I guess it is not really my thing. Unlikely to make a trip there just for it. 
A photo of some unknown monument while I was waiting for a cab who was willing to bring me back to hotel. Sucks, when nobody wanna send you home. :(
Well, do share with me if you have any good eateries to share since I really think I will be going back to Thailand soon. I am possibly a next Jim Thompson in the making.