Saturday, August 20, 2016

ADHD: What is it?

So recently I came across this video. And being really shallow, I was very, very surprised that people with Down Syndrome can be independent adults and is just like everyone else. My impression of them has been a quiet bunch (maybe cos they are not capable of conversation and communication) and that they think like children even if they are grown up. (But well, some of us are pretty immature even without mental disabilities. Sigh)

But today, I am not going to talk about Down Syndrome. I will be discussing ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Not surprisingly, this is actually a very common disorder found among children nowadays. It is postulated that roughly 8-10% of the world population has ADHD.
Kid who has ADHD are usually more emotionally unstable, less sociable, poor attention span etc. They are those kids who you think are out to intentionally annoy you. But they just can't help or stop themselves. If you are curious how I suddenly become such an expert in this topic, all the information I found are from this blog. You can read more there if you are interested.

Back in my times, parents were petrified if their kids was suspected of having the ADHD disorder. It was like sinful even. ADHD was like some "bad reputation". Parents got mad if teachers vaguely the child may need "special care". The thing is even if the child is diagnosed with ADHD, it doesn't prevent them from making the most of their life. They may need a little help in learning, but that does not mean they cannot learn. (Huge difference there alright!) There are some successful people with ADHD, like Ryan Higa and even Justin Timberlake to name a few.
Do people judge them differently? They both earn more than me. LOL. And I would have never known they had ADHD if they did not declare it themselves. 
Treatment for ADHD
It is very heartening to see that our society is progressing. We are now more open to helping individuals with disorders. Life is not over with ADHD. For any of you who are parents with kids diagnosed with ADHD, you would be glad of this promotion. With Tuition finder, you are entitled to a 50% discount off from the first lesson. You can also e-mail them at for more information. With one-to-one classes, these children will get undivided attention and the home tutor can tailor learning to be fun and suited for them.

*I think as a parent (not that I am one yet), but I always believe that it seems right to give your child the best you possibly can. After, you are the one who brought them to the world. (They didn't really have a choice.) Our education system is still rather rigid and for children with special needs, you do need a properly trained teacher or tutor to guide the child.

Whether the child has any physical deformities or mental disabilities or even slight disorder, a parent should try to let the child feel that he or she is as normal as possible. Kids their own age actually are unable to distinguish another who is different from them. It is the adult's attitude that signal to them "Hey, something isn't right?"*

Tuition Finder

**Above is just my personal opinion, this is not an invitation to hate. I do however welcome comments from people who like to share more. 

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