Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lalin Phone Cover: Customise it at Rack Ministry

I am not sure if any of you have watched this Thai short firm "Lalin". The theme is around beauty and social media. And it is quite thought provoking. So being rather inspired by it, I decided to make a phone case after it.
It is a gift for my brother who loves astronomy, so I didn't want it to look too gay as well. (Picture is not drawn by me by the way, I found it online.) I wish I was half as talented.
So this is how the cover looks like, pretty decent right? There are different options available - soft and hard. For the hard case, you could pick between glossy and matter. For my brother, I picked the hard matter casing. My family sort of leans towards hard casing because we think the hard casing can break a fall better than the soft cover cushioning a fall.
We didn't pick glossy because every design out there is glossy. Just wanted something different. It did occur to me without the shining finish, the case might scratch more easily and my design will be ruined. But so far so good, it is doing well against the test of time. Plus, our design is more of an aged picture, not like a photo of a loved one, so a scratch or 2 won't ruin it too badly.
Rack Ministy
So this is how the back looked like. It is just a blank white. But I doubt it really betters whether it is blank or painted/ printed cos when you fix it on your phone, nobody can really see what's on the back either. Love my name though. Hurhurhur. Loving lettering lately ~ ~ ~
So after you send in your design, it will take around 10 days of anxious waiting before your finished product will be sent out. And I am pretty satisfied with it because my print looks like a replica on the phone. :D
lalin cover
And if you wanna follow my choice, you can customise a cover with Rack Ministry. It comes with professionally plastic sealed. No worries for wet mail days.
Instagram/ Carousell: @rackministry
As mentioned, this is not my design. So feel free to ask them to reprint a similar one for you if you like it as well. :D By the way, they do PO for affordable apparels as well. Click on the link to check them out!


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