Saturday, August 13, 2016

Funky Find: Pokemon GO Maniac

I guess it is true. I am a Pokemon Go addict. Screams "No"! Finally, I am out of denial now that I see blossom petals everywhere (lures). And I am surprisingly relatively high in level despite starting late in the game, won a few gym battles under my belt too. How did that even happen?!?
Pokemon Go is a mobile game that is raging around the world and recently launched in Singapore last weekends. But I didn't even start on it, until my darn brother sent me the pictures.
And I found them awfully cute. Plus I was bored in Bangkok waiting for my plane, so I downloaded it. But I didn't catch my first pokemon apart from the first 3 pokemon you will see when you start the game (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander) until I reached Singapore...and I caught it right on my BF's face LOL!
**Note: If you want a Pikachu, run away from all 3 Pokemons otherwise I heard you can find Pikachu at Sentosa :D
PokemonGO Changi
This started my Pokemon Go research. I didn't really bother going around Singapore to catch it. I don't cheat on bikes too. I didn't intentionally walk around to catch Pokemon too. I just do what I do daily, but just catch pokemon during my commute to different location.
Of course, my main intention is not to battle. I just wanted to take nice photos like my bro. 
Pokemon Go Photos
I started only being able to take photos like those on the left cos I didn;t know the existence of the photo function. (-.-) And, yes I walk while catching photos. For a while, I didn't even know we could off the Augemented Reality Function so to increase the accuracy of catching bouncing Pokemon and to save some battery.
Yes, it drains my phone's battery insanely. (GPS, Cam Function all used at one shot, Duh!) But...I am not that siao to bring around a power bank yet. Whew!
For the first few days, I guess my Bro and I were happily catching virtual pets on the trains, in lecture rooms (Not me), in our house and on the car. My mum drove slower so that we could visit Pokestops along the way :D To the extent, my parents know the jargon Hahaha.
Pokemon Lure
And it doesn't help in my house, I have access to a Pokestop who is on lure sometimes. Geez. Printscreen of the damn sian day, I accidentally activated my Lucky Egg. I ended up frantically evolving Pokemons because my area had no lures and no Pokemons! Dammit! Just damn suay. So wasted. Plus the GPS failed me, sending me to ulu Pokestop-less areas. (T.T)
Nearly suffered a meltdown cos of it. (Addicted much)
One of my favourite game portion is hatching the eggs. Cos it makes walking more meaningful. I guess some people will exercise more because of it. (I don't) But, on a daily basis, I walk quite a lot (~6Km). So if my GPS cork up, I may hatch more eggs or less eggs.
So far, my egg hatching has been giving me decent pokemon, maybe cos my expectation is really low. So got Pokemon, I happy liao. HAHAH. 
And I guess I got better, becoming a gym defender a few times. Initially, I got thrashed in battles. But now, I win a few :D I am in the Blue (Mystic) Team by the way. So join me to reign supreme (We reign in the West~!~)
Catching Pokemon on dates...absolutely romantic. I thought my BF looked like Bulbasaur, named one that looked like him after him. And he said I looked like Gloom cos I have a sleepy drooly face. WTF!
And cos he used a Blackberry so he used my phone to play. He said I should stop being proud of owning the wrong gym. How about owning a gym that trains up muscles. Glad, a Caterpie of CP10 forced him to take his words back. He ended up throwing a zillion Pokeballs at it and failing to catch it. Muhaha. Powerful aiming thumb I have!
Pokemon Go
Attempting to convert my colleagues LOL! She was impressed but didn't want to be hooked. Lunch location had to be accessible to lures LOL!
One thing I like about this game, when you go siao and obsessive, you know you are not alone. There will always be people who are at the lures you are at. CBD is just pure madness. People doing the "signature flick" while tabaoing lunch. Amazing. There is such a strong sense of bonding among humanity. :D
So catch ya soon and we can catch them all together (before we all sian with the game). I am still waiting for the BF to change his phone to join me. Hopefully, by then the hype dies down and we can be owners of many gyms together YEA!

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