Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 14

This installment came a lot earlier than the rest because I have a lot to share!!! Plus, we can move the series to be truly at each quarter, easier for me to remember when a post is due. :D So let's just roll it.
First up, I thought I would be showing you some really nice sandals. Because they are so frigging gorgeous. I love the design and the different materials - fabrics, leather love them all. However, I can't go into a more in-depth review with them further because they are looking for bloggers with their own domain (But, hey even XiaXue doesn't have her own domain, you know). 
But if any of you readers have or are going to buy Verano, tell us if the quality and comfort level is as good as they look :D
Any of you out there who is going to design your own watch? I personally feel that customisation is the in thing of the year. Cos it really prevents the clashing of style. I came across the Eoniq recently which allows you to create your very own classy watch.
So this is what I have created. Now I am into watches that shows the clockwork behind it. My design cost about US$300. I really do have expensive taste. Show me if you have designed your own watch too or make any purchases. I would really like to see some awesome creativity. :D
True to my mysical roots, I thought I just had to show you guy the shell float. Haha. Get Floaty doesn't hold a lot of float designs but this is the cutest shell I have seen to date. It ships to Singapore too but it could be expensive so get your friends who are studying in the US to buy it for you so that you don't have to incur custom duty tax.
And they also have my other favourite, the one and only unicorn!!! <3<3<3 And that's why I saved this for last, cos unicorns make me go "Gah" and babble like an idiot. And so we have to end this post, till next time. Bye Bye~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caturday Cafe: Feline Date in Bangkok

This is a long belated post simply because I was too lazy to transfer my video clips out of my Go Pro. I concluded that age has caught up and I am no longer as tech-savvy as I used to be and so I will be sharing mainly raw clips and the usual collage.
But still, I am sure you will enjoy the post if you are a fluff lover because all the cats are so annoyingly adorable. Hehe. So you might have already saw the photo on my Instagram that I went to Caturday Cafe when I was in Bangkok.
I don't usually say this often but I am definitely going there again. Firstly, it is quite conveniently located, near the Platinum Fashion Market. So, this can totally be a pit stop when you want to take a rest from all the shopping you do. Secondly, the cats are really cute, such that I was instantly converted to a cat lover. And lastly, it is really affordable. For around S$10, we had a drink and cake and could stay as long as we like in Caturday, until the cats got bored of us. :D
Caturday doesn't have too big an area so please be prepared to queue abit. The cat above is a stray cat but so many people showed so much love to it while they were queuing. He is really no different from the Cafe Cat. Beautiful little stray.
So without further ado, check out some of the kitties. It is embarrassing to admit that half of the time I wasn't really on my seat but chasing after the cats to catch a good shot of them. I was there in the late evening so at around 5pm, the felines got kinda of sleepy and so I mostly got photos of them taking 40 winks.
I guess it is important to pick the right time to go. I don't have any cats at home so I can't advise you on a good time. But don't go at 5pm. I find their cutest moments are when you are teasing them with toys etc and their eyes spark up with curiosity. That would really make you squeal. <3
The cats there are really mild and gentle. So even if they are sleepy, they would be grouchy and scratch you. The thing is most of us go to a cat cafe to take lots of portraits of the cats engaging in different activities and trying to catch their attention. Sleeping cats are nice to pet but less entertaining to watch.
Of course just because they have a good temper doesn't mean you can go around doing what you like, annoying or hurting them etc. They would still glare at you even though they won't snarl at you. Upon entering the cafe, there will be a picture on the ground rules to follow. You can't feed them; you can't pull their tail and you don't disturb the sleeping ones. 
I am not sure if I entirely followed the rules considering I had so many photos with sleeping cats. So obviously, I did a lot of stretches and Yoga posts to be in the shots with the sleeping cats. Haha. That's how much I wanted to be with them even if they didn't want to be with me.
So here's one of the many raw videos I took at Caturday. I took it using a Go Pro so the resolution isn't fantastic and I am still like getting used to the camera so it is quite shaky. Ooops. But it is quite a good summary of what you will see in the Cafe.

And since I got a photo of my food. Here's what I ate there. For S$10 plus, you get a delicious drink and yummy slice of cake. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal, literally Haha. The cake and drink is great dessert material. I would have eaten more if I was there on an empty stomach.
But seriously, nobody goes around Bangkok without their tummies full. If you want to know what to eat, you can check out this post. And this comes to our end of our feline journey. You can check out the other posts on the things to do in Thailand. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ode to Joy: Filling up your life with lights and colours

Sorry people, this is not a review post but a show-off entry. Hahaha. I can't help it *Pouts* I always knew I was an reincarnation of an unicorn. Colours, rainbows or any mystical stuff excites me. 
Ok Ok, so me and the BF picked out some fairylights for yours truly from Ode to Love, but I insisted it was for us both so that we can eventually in "our" house next time. (P.S. This is how you get mutual making the other party involved in the process. Lol!) And now, I am going to bore you with the step by step process because if I show you the lighted balls now, nobody is going to read my words. Muhaha~~~
So this is what you will see when you open the box. I actually picked rattan balls instead of the cotton balls cos I thought it was easier to maintain them. Just throw them all into a pail of soapy water and voila it is clean. I used to have white cotton balls fairy light when I was a kid. My teacher gave them to me but I didn't know what they were so I made them into snowmen and gave them away LOL for Xmas. I thought they were craft materials.
There are themes available on Ode to Love. But we picked from the Mix & Match. The BF and I weren't particularly creative. True to his Bulbasaur nature, he wanted to pick the earth tones. But I felt the fairy lights would look better if the rattan balls had brighter colours. Eventually, we oscillated between Lavender, Purple, Scarlet, Dusty Rose. 
There are more options for cotton balls than rattan balls. And you could also mix them. I didn't really dare to try it cos I am not the best visualiser in the world when it comes to aesthetics. If you are really particular, the balls are a little bit smaller than what I expected. Honestly when I saw the effects, I didn't really care about the size anymore. :P
You actually had 2 options for the lights. The plug in is more environmentally friendly. But if you were doing a proposal or something and there is no plug in sight, that could be a tricky situation. I picked the battery operated ones (3 AA) because I wanted mobility. 
Here's a pre-testing photo. And dang it looks beautiful already. Some people feel that you need to get married to get fairy lights, oh please this is probably one of the most gorgeous decoration you can have in a dorm, living room or your bedroom.
We actually received this box of goodies for a while already. But I wanted to unwrap with the BF so it was delayed a bit. Compared to other online places, Ode to Love's price is very reasonable. I think they actually Fairy Lights attainable to everybody. So, you don't have to get married to justify this spending.
When it is all lighted up without filter, I think you know why fairy lights are one of the closest things to magic on Earth. It is just breath-taking and I am so happy that you could see all the different hues of colours so vividly.
There is a blink version and a continuous version. Both looks equally pretty to me. You can see from the video better and you can hear the click sound too. With regards to delivery, this was not hand-collected. It was by courier and they had fragile stuck on the cover of the plastic-wrapped box. Quality guaranteed, so if any of you are looking for fairy lights, I would recommend Ode to Love. Tried and tested, quite a steal for the price. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Abearable: Makes everything Bearable and Wearable!

So lately, you may have noticed we are delving into Thai fashion. Apart from the fact that their apparels are more affordable than what we have in Singapore. Some of their products are pretty mind-blowing and are things we would probably never find here.
I am sure many of you who have heard of glow-in-the-dark tees. But what about tees that change colours! Legit, our tops actually change colours when we are in the outdoors.
My bro and I looking swag as new age models for Abearable. Lol! Mine is a crop top by the way while his is a normal tee. I think both are meant for me. But I thought it would be more visually appeasing and easier to compare if there were 2 models instead of 1 in a photo :P So lucky for us, I am fat while my bro is extraordinarily skinny!
So indoors, you can pretty much notice that there are less colours. Once we step in the sun, my brother's tee has a pink umbrella appearing and there are polar bears appearing in the shades on my tee (not the one on my head).
It is pretty interesting because the colour change is very apparent. Once we step indoors, our tees revert back to the original. And the change is incredibly fast. Blink and you might just miss it. If you are wondering if light is the magic factor, it is actually temperature. Thus even we are indoors and the house light is on, our tees still remain plain. 
If you are looking for some fun in your fashion, you might want to visit Abearable. If you are staying in Singapore, you may wanna check out Megafash. Our Tees were flown in straight from Thailand (yea! yea! yea!) It was awesomely designed like a letter envelope, cute or what.

If you purchase from Abearable, you even have cup covers to choose from!!! This cup covers can keep your cups ice-cold for 1.5-2 hours. However, they are not available at Megafash yet. If you are a person who needs to touch your products before you part with your money, you can drop by Megafash. It is quite worth the trip as you will find other cool products there! Hope to see you guys in comfy Abearable tees too!!! We don't really want to hoard the swag :P

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who let the dogs out!!

Courtesy of Marble Martini, I have a new friend in my house! Check out its cute little butt, can you guess who it is?
It looks like a potentially cute Totoro doesn't it...
But it is nothing cute like Totoro, in fact it is a fierce Alaska Wolf Dog. Now, it is sitting on the sofa, near my door. It stares critically at all my guests. Guess anyone who walks though my door will have to be judged!
Although some people do not like having motif of ferocious creatures around them, I am quite ok with it. Maybe cos I am modern. Actually I think is how you think. If you think such symbols are out to get you, then for sure it will go against you. But if you frame your thoughts that these creatures will scare away the bad luck around you, then only good things will happen. (Think: Half-empty, Half-full cup)
Just to let you have a gauge of the size, this is how big it is. (Alternatively, maybe cos I am blessed with a damn small face~~~) Hehe. Usually, for head-sized plushies, Mum and I sometimes would like to put it on our heads and pretend we have a different head. 
Told mum "That's what we call a bitch face!" (Female dog, get it...lately I have been rather bad with punch-lining my jokes and having to explain them :( )
For any of you who are looking for affordable cute stuff, you can visit Marble Martini on Carousell. I checked out some of their stocks and it is a lot cheaper than the sellers found online. My dog cushion is also the cheapest in town. The quality is really good but my only grouse would be it doesn't come with a plastic cover. Other than that, it is a steal. They are mostly on PO so you need to have the patience to wait. Good stuff are worth the wait right...
So, do show them some love. And there will be more interesting up on my blog soon if time permits :P XOXO.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Funky Find: Band of Doodlers

Band of Doodlers
So the building management did something interesting to celebrate the arts and usher in my birthday month I guess. With much "talent", I created 1 out of the 4 art pieces. Thank you table mates for doodling a frame for my character. Left my art in office because I need a reminder at work that "hey I have a creative side too!"
I thought it was a rather fun activity that was cheap to carry out yet pretty awesome for team building. Our coordinator was the Band of Doodlers. Do follow them and support our Singaporean artists! Thanks!!! 
My Little Pony
Just before every one tells me what a great artist I am, check this out. I saw another lady drew this and snapped a photo of it cos it was just too cute. and it is my favourite unicorn :D I don't think she followed the rules to get this. Now a part of me wished I wasn't that obedient.
Rather amazed that despite the oppressing CBD, we are still capable of unleashing the creative part of our brain. So, now I am probably going to doodle sometime when I have the time (if any). Share me your doodles if any. Cheers. Damn, I need a drink. Lol and I ain't even there for a month. :D