Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Abearable: Makes everything Bearable and Wearable!

So lately, you may have noticed we are delving into Thai fashion. Apart from the fact that their apparels are more affordable than what we have in Singapore. Some of their products are pretty mind-blowing and are things we would probably never find here.
I am sure many of you who have heard of glow-in-the-dark tees. But what about tees that change colours! Legit, our tops actually change colours when we are in the outdoors.
My bro and I looking swag as new age models for Abearable. Lol! Mine is a crop top by the way while his is a normal tee. I think both are meant for me. But I thought it would be more visually appeasing and easier to compare if there were 2 models instead of 1 in a photo :P So lucky for us, I am fat while my bro is extraordinarily skinny!
So indoors, you can pretty much notice that there are less colours. Once we step in the sun, my brother's tee has a pink umbrella appearing and there are polar bears appearing in the shades on my tee (not the one on my head).
It is pretty interesting because the colour change is very apparent. Once we step indoors, our tees revert back to the original. And the change is incredibly fast. Blink and you might just miss it. If you are wondering if light is the magic factor, it is actually temperature. Thus even we are indoors and the house light is on, our tees still remain plain. 
If you are looking for some fun in your fashion, you might want to visit Abearable. If you are staying in Singapore, you may wanna check out Megafash. Our Tees were flown in straight from Thailand (yea! yea! yea!) It was awesomely designed like a letter envelope, cute or what.

If you purchase from Abearable, you even have cup covers to choose from!!! This cup covers can keep your cups ice-cold for 1.5-2 hours. However, they are not available at Megafash yet. If you are a person who needs to touch your products before you part with your money, you can drop by Megafash. It is quite worth the trip as you will find other cool products there! Hope to see you guys in comfy Abearable tees too!!! We don't really want to hoard the swag :P

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