Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who let the dogs out!!

Courtesy of Marble Martini, I have a new friend in my house! Check out its cute little butt, can you guess who it is?
It looks like a potentially cute Totoro doesn't it...
But it is nothing cute like Totoro, in fact it is a fierce Alaska Wolf Dog. Now, it is sitting on the sofa, near my door. It stares critically at all my guests. Guess anyone who walks though my door will have to be judged!
Although some people do not like having motif of ferocious creatures around them, I am quite ok with it. Maybe cos I am modern. Actually I think is how you think. If you think such symbols are out to get you, then for sure it will go against you. But if you frame your thoughts that these creatures will scare away the bad luck around you, then only good things will happen. (Think: Half-empty, Half-full cup)
Just to let you have a gauge of the size, this is how big it is. (Alternatively, maybe cos I am blessed with a damn small face~~~) Hehe. Usually, for head-sized plushies, Mum and I sometimes would like to put it on our heads and pretend we have a different head. 
Told mum "That's what we call a bitch face!" (Female dog, get it...lately I have been rather bad with punch-lining my jokes and having to explain them :( )
For any of you who are looking for affordable cute stuff, you can visit Marble Martini on Carousell. I checked out some of their stocks and it is a lot cheaper than the sellers found online. My dog cushion is also the cheapest in town. The quality is really good but my only grouse would be it doesn't come with a plastic cover. Other than that, it is a steal. They are mostly on PO so you need to have the patience to wait. Good stuff are worth the wait right...
So, do show them some love. And there will be more interesting up on my blog soon if time permits :P XOXO.

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