Thursday, September 1, 2016

Funky Find: Band of Doodlers

Band of Doodlers
So the building management did something interesting to celebrate the arts and usher in my birthday month I guess. With much "talent", I created 1 out of the 4 art pieces. Thank you table mates for doodling a frame for my character. Left my art in office because I need a reminder at work that "hey I have a creative side too!"
I thought it was a rather fun activity that was cheap to carry out yet pretty awesome for team building. Our coordinator was the Band of Doodlers. Do follow them and support our Singaporean artists! Thanks!!! 
My Little Pony
Just before every one tells me what a great artist I am, check this out. I saw another lady drew this and snapped a photo of it cos it was just too cute. and it is my favourite unicorn :D I don't think she followed the rules to get this. Now a part of me wished I wasn't that obedient.
Rather amazed that despite the oppressing CBD, we are still capable of unleashing the creative part of our brain. So, now I am probably going to doodle sometime when I have the time (if any). Share me your doodles if any. Cheers. Damn, I need a drink. Lol and I ain't even there for a month. :D

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