Friday, October 28, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Slim Tiles

I don't have my own house yet, but I am at the age where I am researching the design of my new house etc. So, I came across this term "slim or thin tiles" recently and I thought some of you may like to know a little bit more as well. Apparently, they are very popular around the world except in Singapore! (Why like this!!!)
Slim Tile
So what are slim tiles? True to their name, they are very slim LOL! They are typically 3 mm to 6 mm, a lot thinner than your usual 10 mm tile (1 cm). Because they are so thin, they can be installed directly over your existing tiles. So you don't have to hack your tiles every time you decide to revamp your home and change your floor tiles. This helps to cut down your renovation cost!
It is also able to come in beautiful large sizes such as 1.6 metres by 3.2 metres, with amazingly beautiful designs that are so realistic, you would not be able to tell the difference from it to natural marble, stone, or wood! In my opinion, I think it is really good for people who bought re-sale flats or you are just simply bored of your house tiles, and would like a quick, cheap change.
Since its introduction into the local market, there have been many complaints of it breaking. Reason being:-
  1. Most tile installers do not have the required expertise or experience to handle this material. As it is very thin, it is extremely fragile and must be handled with the greatest amount of care before it is being installed. When installed properly, it leverages on the strength of the platform beneath it and is supposed to be extremely durable and sturdy.

  2. Thin tiles need to be laid on an extremely flat substrate, and the back of the tile has to be completely covered with adhesives. This requires top notch workmanship. One pocket of air in between the tile and the substrate would mean that particular area is highly likely to be chipped should it be knocked in future. Our local installers would require more practice and great supervision for a perfect job to be done.
However, over the years, many home owners and designers developed a liking for this amazing technology. Therefore, even though it is a hassle to handle due to its fragility, this product is more widely kept by suppliers in inventory.
Today, thin tiles even replace natural stones and compressed quartz as an alternative for kitchen table tops and some even use them to replace the laminate or doors of their cupboards and other carpentry! I guess the main thing all home owners need to do when choosing such a material is to have a proficient contractor who is experienced in installing such tiles.
For any of you who are interested in reading more, you can visit Malford Ceramics, a supplier of tilesmosaicsnatural stones and compressed stones. If any of you readers have such tiles, please comment too as my other readers and I would also like to know if it was value for money! :D

Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 Things You Need This Christmas!

You may remember a collaboration I did with Floral Garage earlier this year. I am proud to say that this year they have developed another mew subsidiary, Christmas Tree Singapore. And so, they actually a mini survey find out who spend most during Christmas and what we spend on the most during Christmas. Yikes. Curious about the research? You can find them here.
It is kinda of early for Christmas, but the retailers spend a lot of their resources to find out our behavior! United Overseas Bank came up with an infographic using their statistics to show what most men and women want and want to give for Christmas.
I think I agree with most of the findings. Personally, I am quite practical so my family and BF get me things I would need and use for Christmas. I do like surprises but this usually come from friends. Haha and of course there are always time where it more of a shock like what on earth was this person thinking when he/she bought this...
But, I do spend a lot more than that for Christmas cos we don't really celebrate thanksgiving so it is the only time in the year where you can show appreciation to those around you and they don't question you about your niceness. :D 
But it does seems that most consumers indeed spend the most on themselves, and on house decorations! This is not really surprising at all because:-
  1. Everyone wants to celebrate Christmas in beautiful atmosphere. I am not Christian but even my house has a Christmas Tree. My family take it as a day where we can gift each other expensive presents and gather together.

  2. My Dad takes a lot of pride in making sure the tree looks great every Christmas. When we were younger, we would handmade the deco. Our tree doesn't have a specific theme, we would just hang anything happy on it. So as the years go by, our tree become over-decorated. Wonder what would happen when I have kids, we may never see leaves. LOL!

  3. I am quite Instagram crazy and I sure many of you are too right. So there is some feel good factor when we receive compliments because of the beautiful decorations and the effort we put in to make our tree really special!
Here are some items I consolidated which you would need this Christmas to effectively create the festive mood!
The number one must-have during Christmas - tree. In countries that experience winter, families often purchase real life Christmas Trees. Most of us have only synthetic tree at home because the type of climate that Singapore has would not be suitable for a real life Christmas Tree at all.  Despite the fact Christmas Trees signify life in the midst of winter, they would never survive the long ride here. :(
Fake trees work well for us cos we don't really want to sweep their needles. Moreover, due to commercial reasons, such real life trees are constantly treated with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers which may be quite health issue. Bleh!
I am pretty sure nobody wants the trees to look bald. Baubles are actually meant to replicate the fruits on your tree. Guess that's probably why red baubles are the most popular!
One of my favourite decorations is the christmas lights. I always look forward to the lighting up of Christmas trees overseas. It is so magical. Some of you may like to purchase trees that come with attached light bulbs but do you know they are often not replaceable should any of light bulb blows! I do recommend the conventional method of lighting up your own tree because there is really more room for customisation and most importantly, it is incredibly fun!
4. Wreaths
Wreaths are made in a circular fashion to signify eternity. It is believed that the a long time ago, the Romans exchanged wreaths with each other as a sign of wishing good health. Today, in modern culture, families still hang wreaths at their front doors. I don't have one of these at home. But wreaths are one deco that signifies Christmas. Maybe this year, I will have one too :D
5. Stockings 
The original significance of hanging a Christmas Stocking out on Christmas Eve was so that Santa Claus would be able to fill it with small toys or gifts. Singapore never really had chimneys to begin with and as we grow up, we slowly realised that Santa Claus never really came (cos we are too naughty) but our parents would make sure our stockings are stuff full. Gone are my days of naivety, but leave your stockings up cos I am sure someone out there would want to fatten it with a thing or 2. 
Do plan early for Christmas if you are planning to have the most awesome tree in town. I hope you can support Christmas Tree Singapore because they are local and I write a lot for them. So you are indirectly supporting me if you support them. 
Floral Garage has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success ever since its founding two years ago. From its humble beginnings operating in a HDB unit in Toa Payoh, they have now cquired a physical operation space in Upper Serangoon and a warehouse in Jln Pemimpin. So of course, I hope Christmas Tree Singapore will share the same success.
We will have more surprises next week so stay tune!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Volunteers Needed: Flag Day for Animal Lovers League

Remember my last post on volunteerism, for any of you who love animals, Animal Lovers League (ALL) are desperately in need of volunteers to raise awareness for their flag day on 30 Oct 16.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, Animal Lovers League is a non-profit and no-kill animal shelter. Located at 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, this shelter is a place to call home for more than 700 cats and dogs who were either abandoned, or strays that were once abused.
At Animal Lovers League, these animals are assured that with a shelter, meals and much love for the volunteers as they live out for the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, each animal still hope they can one day find that special owner and be taken in by an accepting family. 
Sadly like most shelters, Animal Lovers League faces financial debts. Most of the aging dogs or rescues often face health issues that require urgent and immediate medical attention. Their monthly rental amounts up to S$22,000.00, and they owe their veterinary clinic more than S$30,000.00.
Animal Lovers League relies solely on donations to defray their expenses. On 30 October 2016, we will be having their very first flag day. The supplies have been generously sponsored by Floral Garage Singapore and their new subsidiary, Christmas Tree Singapore. However, we are still very lacking of volunteers. If you would be keen to do some good, you may register your interest here!
Every individual counts. You can know more about Animal Lovers League at their Facebook Page. To to be convinced on the merits of adopting if you are planning to get a pet, read this page.
** All my photos are taken from Animal Lovers League's Facebook Page

Sunday, October 16, 2016

NParks Garden Bird Watch Training

Ever since the second half of the year, I have been visiting Botanical Gardens a lot...yea apparently it is not enough for me LOL since I am once again here on a Sunday morning. Woke up with my bad throat growing from bad to worse. 
I really wanted to just stay in bed but since BF has already made his way to my house, I couldn't let him come in vain. So I dragged myself out of bed, poor health and all, and went for training. Was supposed to join BF and his family for another nature appreciation in the afternoon at Garden by the Bay. But I was really feeling ill and running out of tissue so I had to give it a pass :(
It came as a shock to many but I have decided to be closer to nature this quarter. I started off by signing up to volunteer in NParks Garden Bird Watch. I will probably eventually volunteer on a more permanent basis with NParks. I think at this point I would like a quieter, more peaceful cause and nature seems close to what I am looking for.
I went for the first training and is supposed to be able to recognize 34 of the most common birds by now. :D Now, I know who are making the noises every morning and evening and I think it is cool that I can call the birds by their names instead of a generic "bird". My Mum did tell me about tree watching so maybe I may try that out too :D 
At the training, we had a bird-watching trial and I realised how unobservant I was. Most people always describe me as "sharp" but I guess I am out of tune with nature. Either that, I am always focusing on other so-called bigger things in life, I missed out the smaller, simple things in life.
I can't wait to do the real survey. But meanwhile since I always walk past Botanic Gardens every week, maybe I should for once just sit back and enjoy the view instead of zooming past it just to get dinner. :D
I guess life can only be beautiful if you know how to appreciate it. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Giftopia by Sample Store

I am sure by now you would know that most of my facial products are obtained through Sample Store. If you are not a member yet, please click on the links to sign up because there are occasional freebies and the products they hold are at a very attractive price. :D
So every year, they would have a major "event" or "revamp" that is really exciting! There will always be new sponsors and new products to look out for. So when Giftopia was launched, I was literally over the moon and was waiting for the day to come. 
So early morning, I eagerly went for the launch. There were so many things to do and products to check out. There were new beauty box launches and many of my favourite "overseas" brands available for sales. And...there were also some new products that I was unfamiliar with that made me burn in curiosity.
Apart from stalls that are selling products, there were booths set up for beautiful temporary hand-drawn tattoos and manicures <3 I also watched an interview. Now then I know that you don't really have to speak very loudly and the mic can actually block out noises. I expected the host to be shouting. LOL #shallow.
There were a lot more variety this time round with handmade products, accessories etc and they are going at amazing discounts!!! Personally, I like having other stalls that are not beauty-related around. Sometimes, not all your girlfriends may be into beauty products so having stalls that branch out into other genres can keep them entertained.
Perhaps we should also have some side stalls for boyfriends too HAHA. I saw a few bored spouses as their women browse through the cutest handcreams, latest shampoos and gorgeous make-up products. Car maintenance stalls next?!?
And if you are going tomorrow, please do not bring too much things. You don't even have to bring your own bags cos a tote bag will be thoughtfully provided. With face masks, sun blocks, serums etc., I think I have gotten most of my beauty needs covered for the next year LOL. Pretty excited about testing them out!
Which is why I think all ladies should join Sample Store. This are all the potential samples that you may get to try out. Most of them, the products I try out are mostly sample size. But there are times you may retail-sized products. And before I go overseas, I would always redeem the sample sized products because they are cheaper than the travel sized products sold in pharmaceutical stores. (For less than S$5, you can choose up to 4 samples!!)
Check out some of the post cards I got myself!!! So, you may be wondering by now if Giftopia is the giving of samples and discounts. is actually a project to bring back the joy of sending postcards. I live in more of an era where technology rules. The only time I sent postcards home was when I was overseas. But I do enjoy writing letters/ emails. :D
The postcards come with pre-paid stamp so for any of you youngsters (like I am an old lady LOL) who would like to try out penning postcards, you can consider getting a few. They have really nice designs and I really love the cards with meaningful quotes because even if you don't send them out, you could always frame them as mini motivational posters :)
Hope to see you all next time at any of the Sample Store events. Don't judge me if you see me auntying around. Hehe.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blessed one at Open Farm Community

My birthday used to avoid all the exam periods, but now it just rams right into exams. This year, giving me a 4 in a row present. Bleh.
And so, I cancelled my own Birthday celebration because I forgot we were going to Open Farm Community. (I would fail papers to go there, LOL!) But the BF was nice and decided to replace me a birthday meal. #Happy. And so tada, we went there yesterday!! 
True to the photos online, Open Farm Community is as beautiful as it looks. It is like walking into a rural farm. <3 Quaint and peaceful, we were lucky the weather was great that day. The BF said I stopped so often to take photos like I was a reporter haha.
It was quite noisy indoors with the clanging of pans and the chattering of people, but I guess I needed the air-con more. :P Was rather disappointed that the compound though big, the area was small. Guess, I can't marry there. Sobs. 
I was very satisfied with the food too. Not only it look good, it tasted absolutely heavenly! If you are someone who is not into savory cuisine, this may not be for you.
What we ordered:
1. Crispy Jurong frog legs, beetroot fregola pasta, sour sheep cheese 
It was like 2 juicy, tiny chicken drumlets. The BF loved the sheep cheese. Guess he love all things cheesy (Me!) Haha.
2. 48 hour Barolo braised oxtail strozzapreti, parmesan wafers, wild thyme
This was really one of my favourite. But the BF felt that this was more of a sharing dish. No reasonable person with normal tastebud would be able to take its rich taste after half a plateful. Oh really. Lol!
3. Braised lamb shank, homemade couscous, olives, capers, green peas
The BF's favourite. One of the best lamb shank we ever had, the meat was so tender we had no problem ripping the flesh out devour. (Are we carnivores?!?)
4. Compressed watermelon discs, mexican tarragon ice cream, rock melon snow, chocolate soil
Definitely the most interesting dessert we had to date. The ice-cream was very, very odd tasting. Acquired taste? I won't mind having it again though. But, it probably would leave me still as befuddled as ever on describing the taste.
5. Oat Smoothie (oats, low fat yogurt, banana, milk/soy, honey, cinnamon)
Have it cold cos it doesn't taste as good at room temperature.It is much banana-ish tasting than oat.
Here's a rather blurry photo of me looking happy. I think I need to change my phone. Lately, all the photo quality kinda of sux. :( But, I guess I should look happy. After papers after papers, I am now free (for a while) until I grow bored (which I already am) and then I will hit the cases again. (Hit like smash them, bite them and grind a hole in them LOL!) #AngerIssues
Fun fact: I thought the hand wash at the toilet smelt awesome. Was considering buying a bottle home, is not sold there. T.T If any of you know where to buy those fragrant hand soap, let me know.
Ending with a bday cake the BF got me on the actual day of my Bday. Cos I only had time for a cake and a song, and then he left. :( It didn't sound so bad that day. But typing it yea, my bday is kinda of lousy this year. But...we are going to celebrate in the next few weeks.
And I will have more time to jot down happy moments on my blog :D 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good Posture with Laptop Stand

If you know me personally, you would know them I am a young lady with a back of an old woman. It is always aching, think cos I probably sit too much for my own good -12 hours a day. (Gosh, that's like half my life! a day) And, sadly I also bad, real bad posture.
So I was pretty excited when I had the opportunity to review some ergonomics products form Before you feel that their name is rather misleading considering they hold other stylishly chic computer accessories, do note they actually start off with laptop stands. :P


What I reviewed were the 2 laptop stands - Nexstand Adjustable Stand and Primero Laptop Riser. I thought it was nice to have one in the house and one on the go. "So why do you even need a mini riser to begin with?" I am sure this is going through some of your head.
Here's a brief summary what these stands can do for you.
  1. Raise the laptop to eye level so that you sit up straight when using the laptop.
  2. Allows the laptop to cool. (Mine is truly an old man that happily rumbles as I type if it is given an air-conditioned environment)
  3. Adjustable height (Only for the Nexstand)
My bro is now using the Primero Laptop Riser. The only grouse we had with the riser was that the height wasn't adjustable. Other than that, it was great. It improved my brother's posture because he no longer has to hunch downwards when he is working on this computer. When the computer is raised to eye level, we slightly tilted the screen backwards and he could just lean on his chair while doing the computer works.
Guess it is goodbye to sore shoulders for him. Apart from that, he also noticed that it was easier to refer to notes and study at the same time. Raising the laptop means he could push his laptop to the further end of the table and place some papers at the front end of the table! My overall verdict that the Primero Laptop Riser is really great for students and working executives who work a lot on the computer.
I on the other hand will be using the Nexstand Adjustable Stand. Comparatively, the Nexstand is a lot lighter and is portable. Since it is really not that heavy (much lighter than my readings), I thought I could toss it into my bag if I wanted to use it in school. Plus, I am quite a fickle lady when it comes to arranging and re-arranging my work table. So, I thought I needed something lighter if I were to be shifting it around pretty constantly.
Both of us actually prefer the heavier Primero Laptop Riser because it was more stable. It just felt more secure. Despite the Nexstand allowing height adjustment, I felt the lowest height was still too high for me, especially since I didn't have a keyboard beneath. The height of the Primero Laptop Riser was just nice for my brother and I.
In terms of packaging, the Nexstand wins hands-down. it comes in a box with a gorgeous Nylon Carrying skin. Also, if your laptop is thin, it comes with extended mini grips :D If you are gifting, Nexstand is probably a better choice because the height can be adjusted.
Apart from the laptop stands, you can check out the other accessories that is available at The price is cheaper than other retailers. No point going for more massages if your lifestyle is the reason why it causes the pain. Let me know if you heard of other ergonomic products so that I can share it the other readers too. :)