Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good Posture with Laptop Stand

If you know me personally, you would know them I am a young lady with a back of an old woman. It is always aching, think cos I probably sit too much for my own good -12 hours a day. (Gosh, that's like half my life! a day) And, sadly I also bad, real bad posture.
So I was pretty excited when I had the opportunity to review some ergonomics products form Before you feel that their name is rather misleading considering they hold other stylishly chic computer accessories, do note they actually start off with laptop stands. :P


What I reviewed were the 2 laptop stands - Nexstand Adjustable Stand and Primero Laptop Riser. I thought it was nice to have one in the house and one on the go. "So why do you even need a mini riser to begin with?" I am sure this is going through some of your head.
Here's a brief summary what these stands can do for you.
  1. Raise the laptop to eye level so that you sit up straight when using the laptop.
  2. Allows the laptop to cool. (Mine is truly an old man that happily rumbles as I type if it is given an air-conditioned environment)
  3. Adjustable height (Only for the Nexstand)
My bro is now using the Primero Laptop Riser. The only grouse we had with the riser was that the height wasn't adjustable. Other than that, it was great. It improved my brother's posture because he no longer has to hunch downwards when he is working on this computer. When the computer is raised to eye level, we slightly tilted the screen backwards and he could just lean on his chair while doing the computer works.
Guess it is goodbye to sore shoulders for him. Apart from that, he also noticed that it was easier to refer to notes and study at the same time. Raising the laptop means he could push his laptop to the further end of the table and place some papers at the front end of the table! My overall verdict that the Primero Laptop Riser is really great for students and working executives who work a lot on the computer.
I on the other hand will be using the Nexstand Adjustable Stand. Comparatively, the Nexstand is a lot lighter and is portable. Since it is really not that heavy (much lighter than my readings), I thought I could toss it into my bag if I wanted to use it in school. Plus, I am quite a fickle lady when it comes to arranging and re-arranging my work table. So, I thought I needed something lighter if I were to be shifting it around pretty constantly.
Both of us actually prefer the heavier Primero Laptop Riser because it was more stable. It just felt more secure. Despite the Nexstand allowing height adjustment, I felt the lowest height was still too high for me, especially since I didn't have a keyboard beneath. The height of the Primero Laptop Riser was just nice for my brother and I.
In terms of packaging, the Nexstand wins hands-down. it comes in a box with a gorgeous Nylon Carrying skin. Also, if your laptop is thin, it comes with extended mini grips :D If you are gifting, Nexstand is probably a better choice because the height can be adjusted.
Apart from the laptop stands, you can check out the other accessories that is available at The price is cheaper than other retailers. No point going for more massages if your lifestyle is the reason why it causes the pain. Let me know if you heard of other ergonomic products so that I can share it the other readers too. :)