Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blessed one at Open Farm Community

My birthday used to avoid all the exam periods, but now it just rams right into exams. This year, giving me a 4 in a row present. Bleh.
And so, I cancelled my own Birthday celebration because I forgot we were going to Open Farm Community. (I would fail papers to go there, LOL!) But the BF was nice and decided to replace me a birthday meal. #Happy. And so tada, we went there yesterday!! 
True to the photos online, Open Farm Community is as beautiful as it looks. It is like walking into a rural farm. <3 Quaint and peaceful, we were lucky the weather was great that day. The BF said I stopped so often to take photos like I was a reporter haha.
It was quite noisy indoors with the clanging of pans and the chattering of people, but I guess I needed the air-con more. :P Was rather disappointed that the compound though big, the area was small. Guess, I can't marry there. Sobs. 
I was very satisfied with the food too. Not only it look good, it tasted absolutely heavenly! If you are someone who is not into savory cuisine, this may not be for you.
What we ordered:
1. Crispy Jurong frog legs, beetroot fregola pasta, sour sheep cheese 
It was like 2 juicy, tiny chicken drumlets. The BF loved the sheep cheese. Guess he love all things cheesy (Me!) Haha.
2. 48 hour Barolo braised oxtail strozzapreti, parmesan wafers, wild thyme
This was really one of my favourite. But the BF felt that this was more of a sharing dish. No reasonable person with normal tastebud would be able to take its rich taste after half a plateful. Oh really. Lol!
3. Braised lamb shank, homemade couscous, olives, capers, green peas
The BF's favourite. One of the best lamb shank we ever had, the meat was so tender we had no problem ripping the flesh out devour. (Are we carnivores?!?)
4. Compressed watermelon discs, mexican tarragon ice cream, rock melon snow, chocolate soil
Definitely the most interesting dessert we had to date. The ice-cream was very, very odd tasting. Acquired taste? I won't mind having it again though. But, it probably would leave me still as befuddled as ever on describing the taste.
5. Oat Smoothie (oats, low fat yogurt, banana, milk/soy, honey, cinnamon)
Have it cold cos it doesn't taste as good at room temperature.It is much banana-ish tasting than oat.
Here's a rather blurry photo of me looking happy. I think I need to change my phone. Lately, all the photo quality kinda of sux. :( But, I guess I should look happy. After papers after papers, I am now free (for a while) until I grow bored (which I already am) and then I will hit the cases again. (Hit like smash them, bite them and grind a hole in them LOL!) #AngerIssues
Fun fact: I thought the hand wash at the toilet smelt awesome. Was considering buying a bottle home, is not sold there. T.T If any of you know where to buy those fragrant hand soap, let me know.
Ending with a bday cake the BF got me on the actual day of my Bday. Cos I only had time for a cake and a song, and then he left. :( It didn't sound so bad that day. But typing it yea, my bday is kinda of lousy this year. But...we are going to celebrate in the next few weeks.
And I will have more time to jot down happy moments on my blog :D