Sunday, October 16, 2016

NParks Garden Bird Watch Training

Ever since the second half of the year, I have been visiting Botanical Gardens a lot...yea apparently it is not enough for me LOL since I am once again here on a Sunday morning. Woke up with my bad throat growing from bad to worse. 
I really wanted to just stay in bed but since BF has already made his way to my house, I couldn't let him come in vain. So I dragged myself out of bed, poor health and all, and went for training. Was supposed to join BF and his family for another nature appreciation in the afternoon at Garden by the Bay. But I was really feeling ill and running out of tissue so I had to give it a pass :(
It came as a shock to many but I have decided to be closer to nature this quarter. I started off by signing up to volunteer in NParks Garden Bird Watch. I will probably eventually volunteer on a more permanent basis with NParks. I think at this point I would like a quieter, more peaceful cause and nature seems close to what I am looking for.
I went for the first training and is supposed to be able to recognize 34 of the most common birds by now. :D Now, I know who are making the noises every morning and evening and I think it is cool that I can call the birds by their names instead of a generic "bird". My Mum did tell me about tree watching so maybe I may try that out too :D 
At the training, we had a bird-watching trial and I realised how unobservant I was. Most people always describe me as "sharp" but I guess I am out of tune with nature. Either that, I am always focusing on other so-called bigger things in life, I missed out the smaller, simple things in life.
I can't wait to do the real survey. But meanwhile since I always walk past Botanic Gardens every week, maybe I should for once just sit back and enjoy the view instead of zooming past it just to get dinner. :D
I guess life can only be beautiful if you know how to appreciate it. 

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