Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bridemaid Duties: Awake for 19 Hours Part 2

The photos are finally out. So I am going to continue writing about Part 2 of the wedding from a bridesmaids perspective. Quite honestly, all the girls (even the bride) are either very exhasuted/ drained or has fallen ill.
Bridesmaid are like workers behind the scene haha. I just realised actually at the wedding dinner, we didn't really have much photos probably cos we were not in the banquet hall half the time. Yeap, like the bride we didn't get to eat much. Was famished a good deal of the time.
So now I know who decorates the place, the bridemaids too! The bride was kind enough to draw up the mock up plan, but still on the day, things didn't go as plan initially. Guests were early and attempted to stream in, table cloth were of a wrong shade. But in the end, the bridemaids saved the day! I think it is important to choose your close friends as your bridemaids cos they know you so well, they have truly and only your best interest at heart.
When the bride came down for reception to mingle with her guest, I watch her approvingly scrutinised the deco LOL. And smiled in satisfaction. Phew. Job done. Haha. In the end, I was assigned to make sure the guest book was signed. And I filled up 80% of the scroll. Talent or what man!!! Totally knock the KPI.
sistersAnd here are the ladies behind the scene looking all dolled up for the day. This is the first time I really made an effort not to "漏气“. So yeap, we are the ladies who tell the bride's guest the table number and is entrusted with the ang pao money and packing of the props at the end of the day. Apart from that we also had to help the bride with the changing. She insisted she didn't need us at first, but as her loyal subjects we serve at all times. LOL!
Tough work but I guess a BFF gotcha do what a BFF needa do. My girls would have probably done the same for me anyway. Though I think I may be more chillax and have a lot less props (since I am not that artistically inclined anyway). I may banish grouchy people though LOL. #RedQueen
And I think what I am there for is to make sure the cheers don't 冷场。The brothers called us one of the noisiest, loudest sisters. In my defence, the bride gave me the look, which I call the don't "xia-suay" look. So we bobian really had to lose our glam, not that we choose to be high, but we have a duty to keep party high-spirited!
Though it may seem easy, but trust me when each "event" is one after the another, you have no time to rest. T.T I even didn't get to have my afternoon nap. With that, the bridemaid post comes to an end. And I would like to wish the couple a very blessed wedding. P.S. I am planning for the baby shower already. Enthusiastic babysitter, haha, no baby yet but pre-plan.
Here's my favourite photo of them. :D Once again, you can check out the other photos too! And they live happily ever after.
--- The End ---

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