Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lookin Foxy in Purple Shades

I just read somewhere that shades are no different from the make-up for the face. I am not sure what I feel about it. But, I do think that when you didn't sleep well last night, the eyes are the biggest giveaway. Groggy, watery and even the eye wrinkles seem more well-defined.
So usually on trips, I will bring a pair of nice sunglass and wear it on "bad-eyes days". Well, you look pretty trendy doing that and no one will know how crappy your eyes really feel that day. Plus, you don't have to worry the "un-smiling" eyes, those eyes that look darn lifeless no matter how bright your smile is. Dono why it strikes but when it does, it doesn't leave :(
Now, you know what I mean. When you cover out those eyes, nobody can tell what you are really feeling. It is a lot easier to create the look that you want. :D When choosing your shades, do take note of your face shape. My Mum has a rounder face, so when she wears huge, round shades, she look like an insect that popped out from "A Bug's Life". :P
I, on the other hand, have a longer face (I call it the V face LOL), so I tend to look better with huge shades and caps. Basically anything that shortens the face, I will look good in it :D That's why I have at least 5 sunglasses at home (even after giving away some to the little ones)!!
I am not sure if you could see the details in my selfie. But this new addition to my collection is actually purple in colour. It is the first time I am trying such an adventurous shade. Have to say that sometimes for fashion, it is worth to take some risk. It looks frigging good on me! <3
Initially, I thought the bling purple fox detail at the side might look tacky. Honestly, now I think this is what makes the glasses has a lot more character. Foxy, yo! And this is not just a fashion shades, it is polarised. Just a side note, do try to buy polarised sunglasses cos it is reduces the glare and is better for your eyes if you are planning to use it for than a fashion accessory. 
For any of you who would like to get a pair for yourself too, mine is the Model Women 003 in purple. There is a promotion at the moment until the end of November, buy 2 pairs of shades and get a free gift. :D For the price, I wasn't really expecting too much from Distrizone. But this is another case of cheap and good! So do show them support.
I will be doing some looks with my shades in my next post. And finally...showing you my wedges that I initially wanted to wear for my friend's wedding. So do keep a look out for it. :D

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