Saturday, November 19, 2016

All about Espadrilles

I hope none of you have been waiting too long :P So this is the pair of babies that I am supposed to wear for my friend's wedding. The theme was "starry starry night" so this was really a perfect fit. Fiesta are wedges so it is actually a lot easier to walk around as compared to my Gladiator Heels. The last minute change came about because we were going to the railway for the photoshoot. 
I was truly hesitant about taking a risk which may spoil my pair of brand new espadrilles. And it was really a good decision on my part cos it rained, not a drizzle but literally a pour throughout the whole day. So, thumbs up for good thinking on my part.
I am not wearing the same dress I wore to the wedding but this is likely how I would have looked in my swanky Fiesta espadrilles. It gives me as much height as my heels because it is a wedge, it makes balancing easier. Some of you may have bad, pricky experiences with espadrilles (from the jute), but the people around me doesn't have such problems. My Dad himself wears espadrilles and he has no complains to date. 
Maybe we are just Spanish at heart. LOL. And nope, I don't think it is a case of genetically thick soles (-_-) You just have to be more careful and best to try before buying. So, lately you hear me talking about bling-bling. Honestly, I think shiny could possibly be the next new in. I am very into them at the moment so everything I buy now are just sparkling!!
Just to show you how a pair of nice wedges can glam up the whole look. Yes, this is a flat espadrilles, which most of us are familiar of. Same dress, but I look a lot more causal and my legs don't look as long. That's the effect that heels give. Personally, I like the wedge Espadrilles more because it is very classy, but yet not pushing it to the attention seeking spectrum. And for that height, it is very comfortable!
As you can see, the flat espadrilles I was asked to model is in purple. It is a very, very adventurous colour like my shades. For my footwear, I tone down a lot in terms of fashion over the years. I would pull off clashing colours and teether along the lines of tackiness with screaming rainbow coloured heels. Now, I just want to look classy chic. And honestly purple footwear is a huge challenge!!!
I think the biggest grouse most of you would have with my OOTD was "I played it way too safe". And yes, I think so too. I only matched purple flat espadrilles with block colours. You may have noticed that as compared to the younger me, my OOTD now are a lot more grounded and is something I think anyone could/would wear out. You still stand out and at the same time you won't step out of the house with the fear of looking like a clown.
But some of you readers who wants something more colourful, you could try this combi that I do sometimes which is to separate anything that is overly glaring with a safe, block colour in between. It usually does look nice because it gives the lookers' eyes breathing space. Maybe I will do a post on it next month to show you my point :P
So neutral colours shoes...checked! I personally think I nailed it. Hehe. If you are looking any Spanish fashion, let me recommend Code + Badt to you. You can find espadrilles here at cheaper prices than the brick and mortar shop and they have a lot of variety for you to choose from. They also have swimwear, which I may be reviewing too. *blinks*
This comes rather late. Code + Badt were at the Collective Design Fair and this is their pretty booth. There are some new designs that weren't uploaded on the online store yet. If you want to have first hand information and access to the latest stocks they bring in, I suggest you follow them on Instagram or Facebook. They even have mini Espadrilles keychains for sale that day. *Coos*
For the first time wearers, I think it is better for you to meet the ladies in person as they can better advise on the right size for you. Unlike normal shoes, you can't take something that is too big for your feet, it has to be the right fit. And thus, I am signing off this post with a nice cute quote.

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