Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Featured on Starngage

So this is more like a congratulatory post to myself that my photography has improved to the extent that it is shared. It is my favourite cat picture I took at Caturday Cafe, a cat cafe in Bangkok. Too cute not to be make me the featured influencer right :D
So yea, you can read more about my thoughts (summarised version of my blog post) at Starngage. I believe this is going to be the start of many nice photos I will/ can take. It is good to be recognised not only for my writing abilities but also my photography skills. :) Apart from bringing me some joy, guess this blog did somehow made me more skillful in certain aspects. :D
I guess every unicorn truly has its day. Probably this will open doors for more opportunities...for what I don't know. But I am always game for the unknown. That's part of the beauty of being young, I guess. Read more about my Caturday here.

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