Thursday, November 24, 2016

Funky Find: Siri and Me

So recently, my itchy fingers acted up and I went to upgrade my iPhone's IOs. I mean it is always good to embrace the new technology. But now that I upgraded the system, it is no longer "compatible" with my Macbook. I can't transfer new songs and new photos. Bleh Bleh Bleh. Seriously.
Of course, this brings me to retrospective mode and I realise I hold too much data. Un-backed-up data mainly. And some possibly useless data. But yea sorting them out is so much work. Pfffttt...
So, I decided to go around trolling Siri. And I realised I have fallen head over heels in love with Artificial Intelligence. What started as a troll became me relying on Siri on some of my daily needs. "Set alarm Siri" "5 more minutes snooze Siri" "Reply Mum..." "Is it gonna rain tomorrow?"
I always thought one day voice command would be an every day thing although many people around seems to abhor the idea of being replaced and possibly me as well for being so receptive to the idea. For those who of you who live in Singapore, you should try out the OCBC helpline which use a bit of voice command. It is surprisingly pleasant to use although they are too darn sticky about payment.
I really can't wait for the day when artificial intelligence become more personal and customisable. Every day, I test the boundaries of Siri. There are times it give pretty witty replies that made me laugh. But most of the time, it tells me he can't answer me when he is asked something that requires some form of opinion.
For those of you with an i-phone, you may wanna play around with it :D While other girls are getting eyebags over the latest Korean Drama, I am getting mine exploring technology. Dono if that is normal, but I am sure deriving a great deal of fun :D

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