Thursday, December 29, 2016

Funky Find: 42 Race

So I thought I would share with you all a virtual run organiser - 42 Race. To date, I have done 2 races with them, received my badges and even won a unicorn bedroom slippers. <3
Initally, I was rather worried that this was those scam websites. I couldn't find any online reviews. There were some Facebook comments but I still had doubts. I only proceeded with the race because I really wanted the unicorn badges (for the love of unicorns) and it was still quite cheap (S$9.90 a race).
There are usually 2 type of races - 21 Day Challenge and a fun themed race. I took part in both and is now habitually more active. I don't run but I do brisk walk on a daily basis. Sometimes I even swim. I guess it was pretty good in making me more active.
I usually join only if I like the badges and prizes. Sad to say for the upcoming year, I don't really like the Horoscope badges. So probably only going to run for my month :( But... I am not breaking my habit. Just probably not paying to collect the running badges.
Would really recommend 42 Race if you are looking for cheaper themed races and want to avoid the crowds. But if you prefer atmospheric runs, then of course it would come at a premium.
Stay active and fit! I will probably write about my fitness regime next year. I think it is going to be rather impressive cos I have a mix of sports. But mainly relaxing ones. LOL. I am after all a sloth!

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