Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Version: Top 3 Products of Beauty Keeper

Now that I have tried out some of the products from Beauty Keeper gifted on Giftopia, I will now share with you my Top 3 favourite products in their box. If you would like to try them out, you can visit their website as they are on sale there as well. :)
By now, it is really no secret that this is my favourite product in the box. Any time you see my face with make-up, I am using this foundation. I like it cos it provides really good coverage. It is quite easy to apply even for a novice like me. Even without a powder to finish and set it, I think it still look very good.
Maybe it is because I have no particular preference for foundation as long as it covers the uneven shade and makes my skin looks flawless. Haha. Plus, despite being rather fair, it is of my shade. :D
The thing about curls, it is really a lot harder to maintain. And so for the first time in my life, I actually had hair tangles. Of course, it didn't happen overnight. For a month or so, I slacken on my conditioner and even didn't bother to comb my hair. My hair tangles were so bad my Dad actually asked me to cut my hair. But I didn't want to cos this meant that the curls would be cut off too.
So, I ransacked the Beauty Keeper Box and decided to try out the hair oil since there is nothing to lose really. And 3 days later, still without conditioner but I combed my hair once a day, my curls revived. :D
Generally, my hair responds very well to oil. So I can't entirely be sure how much the Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil played a part in it. But I like the product for its sweet, olive smell and its small packaging. Comparatively to other hair oil products in the market, it is a lot more portable and easier to slip in the bag.
The price however is on the steep side so I use it sparingly. And it doesn't help that my thirty hair keeps absorbing the oil at an exorbitant rate. But I have to say, it does provide a nice shine to my hair and gave more bounce to my hair. Is it the power of hair oil or just this particular hair oil? I really don't know, at least it saved my locks from a tangled mess.
So this year was not a year where my beauty and health basically took a bad toll, too much stress maybe. I was thought my waist was the most beautiful part of me, and then it accumulated a protected ring of fats. So I decided my dimple was my best feature and then I lost my smile and it grew less defined. I then moved on to my expressive eyes, since I am always proud of how little eye wrinkles I have.
And then, the crow eyes slowly became more visible. It was as though every thing I like about myself would crumble against the test of time. Maybe I should just like my belly button (And then it will get dirty.) I only tried the Eyes Light cos I heard it was good. And it is really not bad. It made my weary eyes looked less tired and contained the wrinkles. My only grouse was that it squirts out too much product at each pump. Grr.
--- End---
Coincidentally, I realized my favourite products are the same as the popular at Beauty Keeper. Hehe. I still have some products I have yet to tried. Will comment on them maybe next month. I only got one face la. I can't possibly try that many at a go right! Must finish one by one especially if they are of the same function.

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