Sunday, December 4, 2016

Going MintMintLily

So yesterday was one of my cousin's wedding and I was very fortunate to have some nice accessories from MintMintLily to go along. Generally, I found MintMintLily to be very sweet and demure. Apart from blings, I also find my style slowly moving towards pastel lately. Maybe I am just trying to be more feminine. LOL!
I guess what pleased me the most apart from the quality was the packaging. Honestly, Carousell is pretty much a hit-and-miss marketplace. Although there are quite a good deal handmade products available,  I think MintMintLily belongs to category you won't know it is handmade unless told. It is just so well-made!
My personal favourite was the Flower Bead Customisable Earrings. When I first saw it, I thought it was really pretty, cos it looked like a glass flower. <3 If you can't have glass slipper, hey at least have glass flowers for earrings right? There are colours you can customise, but I picked Mint because since they are called MintMintLily, I thought it would be interesting play around with Mint.
I was a bit torn between pastel blue and mint, cos I think deep down inside I am a blue at heart. LOL! And if you really look closely, you will be gushing at the details. The golden petals at the side are so delicate and gorgeous. If you like glassy stuff, they have a few other variation of earrings that you may pick from as well.
Another thing I wanted to highlight was the clasp. I swear I have never seen such clasps before, but they are very secure. My Mum was like screeching in the car, your earrings are tilted, wear it properly before the hooks fall off. I was happily telling her "Puh-leez, it will never fall off." And now you guys know why :D
The bracelet that I picked for myself was the Cotton Candy- 2 tone Woven Gold Braided Dainty Bracelet because it has mint in it as well. And I don't have such woven bracelets in my own collection. Plus being a harmonious person, I can never resist a peace sign for a charm.
The owner also send me the Holographic Citrine Gold Wrap Bracelet and erm, quite embarrassingly I actually like it more than the woven bracelet I picked for myself. Sometimes, I really don't know what is wrong with me to the extent people know my taste better than I know myself. So I concluded I probably like crystal-like stuff or my taste has grown to be classier. :)
I wore them stacked by the way. There are some fashionistas that came out with rules that you should always stack matching bracelets. I have never followed that and I still think it looks awesome. Perhaps the rule of thumb should be it mustn't clash more than it should match. 
Finally ending off with an LOTD. Once again, it is another peacockish dress. I found it in my wardrobe. But I just haven't been in the mood to wear it for a while? Or maybe I forgot how to style to without looking outlandish.
My clogs from Sandgrens were also a little forgotten, but hey they look awesome with this dress. Cos the dress is too outstanding, so we need a little more toned-down footwear. I did pair the Sandgrens during my younger days. Check out those LOTD here. Let me know what you think about my looks and accessories. <3

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