Monday, December 26, 2016

May your days be merry and bright

Merry X'mas everyone! This year is a pretty special and quiet one because I didn't even spend it in Singapore. :P It just happened that my cousin is getting married on Christmas itself, so we all went overseas!
This year, I think I made an active effort to improve my wellbeing. I am now quite into walks. Even On X'mas itself, the BF and I even went to the hotel gym at 6++am. And for the first time, I clocked my miles faster than him!
And X'mas really awesome this year because for the first time after a long time, the BF actually got me an X'mas Gift. Hmmm, did he do anything wrong this year?!? Haha, and so I got myself pretty "useful" goodies. Although some may wonder how practical a face and head massager actually is.
A few weeks back, we loitered around my new favourite store - Miniso. I was pretty intrigued because it was a cheaper version of Muji. The things had this minimalistic, sleek design at a very affordable price. And they also had some weird stuff, like the head and face massager. I wanted the electronic face scrub too but he didn't get that for me. Despite their weird looking exterior, I would really recommend the head massager. It was so good when you massage it against your temple. The face massager was just gimmicky.
So, I pretty much spend the trip catching pokemons, LOL eating (sometimes it is the BF who insist on supper even though my parents have made huge effort in feeding him. How much does he needa eat?!?) and also going to places my parents went on date? Yea, cos our town is pretty small so there isn't really much to do.
Just a fresh respite from all the bustling hassle I guess. And will be another public holiday ushering the new year. Not sure about you, but now that I am older, time seems to be flying really fast. Either that, I must be enjoying life. (Time past when you are having fun!)

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