Saturday, December 30, 2017

Instant Macaroni - Cooking with Kays

I may never end a year right, but I always try to start the new year right - on a healthier note. 2017 was a year which I had many irregular meals which ended up having me putting on additional weight and having an unnecessary swimming float around my waist. :P

So, was quite happy to find Kays which made cooking simple and provided variety to instant noodles if I was hungry and wanted something fast! If I am not wrong, it is the only instant macaroni and fuselli in the market. But check out the huge selection of flavors they have already!

Meal 1 - Fuselli pasta
My Dad made a bit of a mistake and mixed 2 different sachets together. So we had Spicy Chicken and Hot and Spicy all in one dish. It was still very delicious but very, very spicy. I teared a bit while eating it. So generally, it takes about 3 minutes to prepare the fuselli, but if you are like me, you may want to keep them simmered.

Tip of the day: Don't empty the whole sachet in because the portions are generous. Save it for other dishes. (Will show you later.)

How to cook it: My Dad made sure the food preparation was kept easy for lazy folks out there. The sausage, fishball and assorted veggies are all obtained cold storage area. (Left) More ingredients were added to the one on the right, we had tomatoes, onions and mushrooms with the Black Pepper Sachet. You can definitely change them to fresh food, such as minced meat, capsicum etc. if you are not afraid of a little preparation work.

Meal 2 - Yong Tau Foo
With your leftover sachet, you can use it for your other dishes as well. This was made using the Hot and Spicy sachet which my Dad left over. And dang the Yong Tau Foo was yummy. I had 2 bowls of the soup. :P So we used 1 sachet for 2 servings and I thought the spicy level was just right, this time round.

Tip of the day: If you don't really like the Indianish spice taste, avoid the Hot and Spicy, go for Spicy Chicken instead.

How to cook it: This dish used Yi Mian, but you can definitely use Kays macaroni as a substitute. Yong Tau Foo can be easily purchased at the wet markets and it makes your meal look more colourful and nutritious. :)

Meal 3 - Cheese Macaroni
This is my favourite dish that my Dad has made thus far. (Maybe cos I am a huge fan of Cheese macaroni.) Obviously, we didn't use the sachet but we made use of the instant macaroni. If you want to know how you can satisfy your cheese Marconi cravings quick and fast, read on!

Tip of the day: Don't save on the cheese and use the cheap NTUC type, the taste will be differentUse Parmesan Cheese!

How to cook it: Bacon with bacon bits, mushrooms, sausages and assorted vegetables. This is like the ingredient filled version you can never get outside. My Dad fry the bacon and sausages a bit before simmering the rest of the ingredients. If you are lazy, you can always use the microwave, but it doesn't taste as good (Tried and tested!)

Meal 4 - Japanese Macaroni
I was lazy that day. So instead of using the mircowave, I tried to entirely use the cup noodles method. And guess what it worked! But the macaroni tasted very starchy. I am not sure whether it was my method that is the issue or does the soup macaroni taste like this!

Tip of the day: If this method works, it is really the most convenient way of cooking!

How to cook it: I grab all the stuff from the nearest 7-eleven. I should have popped in an onsen egg as well. But at least I had the cha siew. :P Should have bought some spring onions and the anchovies soup would have been perfect!

As you can see, I have been experimenting with Kays but I am still not quite done with it yet given their huge selection. So bear with me as I slowly share with you my hits and misses and cooking tips I have gathered.

So far, I am super in love with their fuselli. From the pictures, some of you may tell me that it is overcooked, but I think I like mine a little more soggy than crunchy so they are perfect for me. Stay tune as I share with you more, ok!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A cushy good year ahead

Most of us use the new year to reflect on our life. I usually do it during the Christmas season cos it is already downtime, so why not use it for something productive right? Some of us may be transiting into a new life - moving into a dorm, your own home or even starting work etc.

One thing that I think every one needs is a comfort pillow or cushion. So I found some new, cute cushion covers from a carousell shop which I have been holding on for a while. There are so many designs available and they are very affordable! :D

My personal favourite are the Superhero themed and motivational quotes. If you are looking for something for your house, they also have more serious looking designs that would fit in. For any of you who are fans of Harry Potter, Game of Throne etc., they have a series of covers for you to choose from.

The covers that I choose are have some texture. I won't think it is good to use them for sleeping cushions, but they make good back-rest, sofa cushions and even on its own a good side-table runner (just something I thought of cos they look rather instagrammable.)

If you have a cushion already, all you have to do is to measure to make sure they can fit snuggly into the covers. Psss, all covers don't come with the cushions. For cheap cushions, you can get the Ullkaktus from Ikea and they would fit snuggly into your covers.

For me, I am currently using my cushions as a room deco. But closer to CNY, I will be shifting them to the living room for our guests to gush over them. <3 Since it is the festive period, I want to take this opportunity to wish you guys a "cushy life" ahead. Hehe. Cheers~!~

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Best Thai Tom Yum: Blue Jasmine

I am sure by now all of you know how much I love my Thai food. I am quite excited to introduce this place to you because the Thai food is really yummy and halal too! It is now one of my to-place now with my Muslim friends when we need a girl's day out!

Blue Jasmine is located at Farrer Park Hotel (Convenient for a staycation hehe!) It is located on 5th pool and overlooks the pool. Although it is slightly pricier than the other Thai restaurants I have been to, it has the best atmosphere and the serving portions are generous!

If you only have tummy space for very selective items, these are the 2 must try(s) are the Larb Salmon (Left) -S$18 and Prawn Tom Yum (Right) - S$20 and their desserts. The Larb Salmon is one of the most interesting dish I have had to date and you probably can't find it anywhere else. It is a starter dish. The recommended way of consumption is to place the salmon roe on the rice crackers. But it taste good even on its own. :D

The other dish that I would highly recommend is the Prawn Tom Yum. Although Tom Yum is pretty much a staple at most Thai restaurants, this one tasted exceptionally good. It was aromatic and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients. It is easily the best I have had to date. Please don't miss these 2 dishes!

Apart from the 2 dishes that were mind-blowing, the rest of the item we tried on the menu was delightful as well. And you can even order blue rice to go with too! (Plus points for that!)
  1. Dancing Crispy Sea Bass (Top left) - S$28: This dish had fantastic presentation and it tasted good too. But perhaps it is a Chinese thing, but we always equate fresh fish to steamed fish. So this was marked down simply because it was fried. Otherwise it would been a must try recommendation!
  2. Mocktails - Blue Jasmine and Tropical Paradise (Top right) - S$10: Appearance wise, Blue Jasmine (a gradient of blue) was definitely way more pleasing in terms of each colour shades and all. But I felt Tropical Paradise tasted better and was a better drink to go with the dishes. 
  3. Glass Noodles (Bottom left) - S$16: This actually tasted like super good Hokkien Prawn Noodle! Would recommend this if you are going for a local flavour. 
  4. Larb Chicken Balls (Bottom Right) - S$12: Among the dishes, this was most disappointing not because it is not nice, but it was just too normal compared to the rest. And especially when you have other yummy stuff on the menu and limited tummy space, you probably would want to sit out on this. 

And nobody should miss out on their desserts. It is fun (by that I mean insta-worthy), beautiful and taste super good! I love Red Ruby (S$12) and I also love the modern twist they did on it. It is so unexpected that Red Ruby can even taste better than Mango Sticky Rice (S$14). 

One thing I really love about Blue Jasmine was their generous serving of coconut milk. And that's really the whole highlight if you are a coconut lover, because it gives all these desserts the oomph and woomph and leave your day sweet and satisfying. Ending with a Boomerang we made. :D And seeya all soon at Blue Jasmine.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fashion Hack: DIY Patches

This post is out to all simpletons (LOL!) - Meaning: People who love basics and are clueless how to make their simple wardrobe more trendy, readers out there. Not that I am 100% trendy, but this is a good hack if you want to give your plain clothes a bit of a pop.

Presenting DIY patches. It used to be pretty in 10-20 years back, I remembered my bag used to have a lot of iron-on patches and my Mum also upcycled quite a lot of clothes out of them. We used to have this bag of patches. But god knows where we put them now!

Some of you with eagle-sharp eyes and elephant-like memory might have remembered seeing the patches in these reviews - click here and here. I have to say patches do make very good flat-lay deco.

I got 2 packets of quirky patches from Tall, Short, Medium and a plain canvas pouch to DIY. The kid I was then would have told you more is more and stuck all the patches on one item (LOL!) I now think, it probably looks better if you have 1-2 patches on each item if you wanna look quirky chic.

I played Mum a little and upcycled my demin jacket. The great thing is that unlike, the past where they are ironed-on and they become permanent, you can actually stick them on to pins instead, you can swap it when you are board of them, creating a new style every time!

Each packet at Tall, Short, Medium come with 2-3 patches with glue and pins. The patches are also packed into themes. So if you are bad at matching stuff, fret not, as some pre-matching has been done!

Here's a video on how you can make your Patch Pins. I have tried it myself and it wasn't too hard. To me, I would think the hardest is when you iron-on at the wrong position of your item. This method has already saved me a good deal of stress.

Apart from bags, clothes, you can even iron these patches on socks and shoes. (P.s. I still think ironing work better for them cos there is more foot action and ironing is still the more secure method!) So simpletons, match it up and let me know if they work for you! :D

Apart from patches,Tall, Short, Medium also holds socks, stationary and even bags. So, I also got myself the Voyage Messenger Bag. I was attracted to it because the shape was a long rectangle which I thought would make a good gym bag. I tried using it as a day-to-day bag but it didn't work that well because it is very spacious making it quite difficult to find your things.

But it does make a very good bag for a day of activities. It is big enough to put your bath stuff and also change of clothes. Its colour also makes it easy to pair with anything and it "resilient to dirt". I used it for OBS. And sling it, hold it, you can slay it. My zip holder broke that day but I still love this bag - replaced it with a black hardy army rope which matches well!

Now that X'mas is around the corner, you may want to consider their exclusive Surprise Gift Box. If you like the element of surprise, the gift boxes are at quite a good discounted price. It is like getting a few freebies thrown in. hoHoHO!

So let me know if you like this fashion hack I shared. I call them cheaper DIY version of pins and brooches. :P

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Face Mask: I Love T.P.O

Now that my exams are over, I have been catching up with life. This means hanging out with friends, binging on dramas, readings my books (oops, I seem to be spending more time on social media), working on my blog (Yes, I have a lot of posts due) and planning for an impending wedding.

Basically, I just mean I have been busy. But now, I actually have some time to pamper myself. For now, my body care has been a routine. I can't say the same for my skin routine. However, I have been lucky and there hasn't been much of a break-out.

I have tried this collection already and it is so good. Firstly, I have to say the mask was very generous for the serum, so I used the rest all over my body. Secondly, the effect was visible. My skin felt more supple and I had a nice natural glow. And thirdly, the mask fit snuggly on my face. (It was so comfy I fell asleep!)

One slight disappointment I had (#FirstWorldProblem), I thought it would morph me to a cute Line Friend, which it obviously didn't. But you don't really put on a facemask to have a cute instagram photo right, hahah. Apart from this, this is possibly one of my favourite facemask to date!

I was really excited to try this cos I have tried Biore Nose Pack before (which is said to be pretty good) but it has barely any effect on me. (Either that my nose is too clean. Note: It did pull out a huge amount of gunk from the BF Nose.)

This didn't come with any instructions in English but it was quite intuitive except for the part on the number of minutes of each step. I pretty much went on the 8 minutes golden rule for each step. :D

Comparatively, it takes a bit more time than the Biore Nose Pack cos of the additional steps. The Nose patch for step 2 was definitely so adorable. And don't estimate it cos of its cutes exterior cos it took out a lot more gunk of bigger sized from my nose. (Frankly it did gross me out a little! How can something so cute pull out something so disgusting. >.<)

T.P.O is generally very generous with its serum. Step 3 does help to make the nose feel smoother. But when I look at my nose in the mirror, I feel that the pores did not grow smaller in their size. Frankly, I think I would use it again but definitely not when I am in a rush.

This is much cheaper than the line series, and good news I think it is as good as the Line Friends Mask. The mask is very thin too so it sticks to your face. Extremely comfortable! One thing I am very certain, this make very good gifts because of the message at the packaging. So if you are on a budget, you may want to consider this mask instead?

I am sure many of you are also excited to try. So guess what I will splitting this separate set to a few of you. (Wheee~!~) But I will only be doing the giveaway next month after I am done with all the masks so that the review will be complete. And also partially because there are so many giveaways going on.

From the looks of it, we may have 1 a month. :D If you can't wait for the giveaway, you may want to get them from Florray. That's where all my masks came from by the way. Apart from T.P.O., they hold other brands such as Bourjois, Pupa and Lapothicell! And it comes with free shipping for purchases above S$60!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Starting Christmas at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road

Christmas seems to be coming a little slower this year. Apart from me spending a lot more money (which is kinda of normal), there is barely any festive mood. So it was really cool, when we got to see the light-up of the Christmas Tree (made of up Recycled Bottles, cool right!) at the lobby of ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road.

It was so magical. And with the singing of some Christmas carols along with the their staff, you know what, I am pretty sure someone has sprinkled the the festive mood all over me! Hohoho.

There's no better way to stay merry with food and drinks. Usually, I am quite a herbivore, attacking the fruits and salad section. But during Christmas, the carving section excites me tremendously. And let me tell you a little secret, the meat I had at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road is the best I had to date.

The side salad beside the Roasted Turkey was so good too! The portions were very generous such that you could try out with different sauces. I didn't have a second serving because I wanted to try everything there (which I didn't) cos the selection was quite plentiful!

And if you are hoping to get to taste our local delights, you are at the right place cos the Chilli Crab and buns were absolutely delish. I would have drank down the gravy as soup if it wasn't for the calories. *Sheepish Face*

I was pretty glad I positioned myself near the laksa booth too cos there was always a long queue. The laksa is a little bit different from the usual cos it doesn't have bean spouts. It was replaced with cucumber which gave it a more refreshing taste. It was unusual but interesting!

Saving the best section for the last - the desserts. I guess apart from the carving section, the Christmas desserts especially the logcakes are always highlights to look out for. Most of the time, I don't usually like everything on the Dessert Table. But this was quite an exception for me! I pretty much love everything.

The chocolate cakes were thick and flavorful. The other Christmas White Chocolate and
Lemon Curd Log Cake had a taste of zest which gave our palettes some variety. I had a slice of each and was happy to see there was nothing overly surfeiting. It was a good mix of sweetness. I will be reviewing their log cake separately so stay tune for that! :D

Overall, the Christmas menu at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road is surprisingly satisfying. At first glance, it isn't the most fanciful layout, but food-wise there was nothing sub-par. Makes me wonder why their Christmas menu isn't raved in town. It is really one of the best I have had and their price is really affordable too! (It is less than S$50 if you are not having on the eve or the actual day itself! And there is even up to an additional 15% card discount!)

Ending the post wishing you readers an early Merry Christmas. :D I will try to bring the mood up by doing more giveaways the following year. What do you think? HOHOHO, guess the Christmas spirit is always infectious.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Free Drinks at Mr. Coconut

Remember in my last post, I claimed that coconuts were the next hype that were taking over the world. I am pretty sure that my prophecy is coming true cos check this out, they are now bubble tea alternatives. And I am sure liking them as thirst quenchers because they are a lot healthier.

So some fast facts about Mr. Coconut, it is made up of all-natural coconut water. The young coconuts are imported freshly from Thailand, thus the juice are guaranteed to be sweet and the flesh soft. You have the options to up the sugar level for some of the drinks. But why do it when coconuts come with natural sweetness :D

And just in case you think they can't be insta-worthy, check out the Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut! I love the colour swirls. Pretty. Just in case you are wondering, what is my favourite drink at Mr. Coconut, it is the Coconut Oreo Shake. (I never knew the 2 of them were such great combination!)

To be fair, I have quite a number of favourites, and it also depends on whether I want something thicker (with the coconut flesh blended) i.e. shakes or just a simple coconut juice. Psss, you can even add on the bubble tea toppings i.e. pearls, aloe vera (about 50 cents each) to make your drink even more satisfying.

Since I have started with the juices, let me go into the few I have tried. (I prefer shakes by the way!)

Coconut Starfruit Juice (Top left): We definitely do not Starfruit Bubble Tea in town. It is a combination of 2 refreshing fruits together without one overpowering the other.

Bubble Honeydew Coconut (Top right): It was great when I tried it, until I had the rest. I guess for me it is something impressive by itself but less so with the rest.

Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut (Bottom): This is undoubtedly my favourite among the drinks/ juices simply because it is pretty and you can taste 2 distinct flavours if you don't swirl it. I highly recommend this cos it comes with complimentary a fun experience. :P

As mentioned earlier, I actually prefer the shakes (wriggles in joy just thinking about it). So here's a fast overview from left to right:-

Coconut Shake: This is the crowd's favourite. And I think I can understand why. I like it cos you can taste every part of the coconut. Great for coconut lovers.

Coconut Avacado Shake: For you guys who want something that is creamier and thicker, go for this option instead.

Coconut Mango Shake: I like this the least. Cos I thought the mango taste was too mild. The owners explained that this was to have a balance so that the consumers can still taste the Coconuts. Guess that makes sense.

Price wise they are around the S$4 - S$5 range. Currently Mr. Coconut has 3 outlets, I can't wait for them to sprout all over Singapore. As an introduction to the newest coconut drinks, Mr Coconut will be giving out free drinks from the new menu on 9 December 2017, Saturday, at all three of its outlets in Singapore located at Far East Plaza, North Point, and V Hotel Lavender, from 12-2pm, 3-5pm and 6-8pm respectively.

Here's their address. Don't miss it!
1) Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #01-14C S(228213)
2) V Hotel Lavender 70 Jellicoe Road #01-15 S(208767)
3) Northpoint City 930 Yishun Avenue 2,#B1-42 S(769098)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fan of Fancy Handfans

You may have seen on my Instagram story this gorgeous fan, which consist a fusion of the East and the West (中西合拼). Since it generated quite a little buzz on Instagram among my friends, I thought I should do a full post here to share with you a little more about this beauty.

Don't be too surprised but this fan is totally handmade. In fact all the fans at Fancy Handfans! "Stay Cool, Look Hot!" this is a super dupe apt quote for people living on a sunny island.

The weather in Singapore has been pretty uncooperative lately. So instead of being caught with beads of perspiration around my forehead, I now put a fan in my bag to keep myself cool. It is a lot better than an electronic fan because (i) it is more eco-friendly, (ii) thanks to its chic design, it really looks more like a fashion accessory upping my style of the day and (iii) it provides me some exercise. Hehe.

If you are from the same part of the world as me, fans are pretty common and part of our culture. But sometimes are always very tradition and may not blend in with our modern outlook. Which is partially why I wanted to share with you guys on Fancy Handfans!

We all know what you wear can either make or break a look. But now I know that a good well-designed can give the look the "oopmh". At Fancy Handfans, there are many designs available for each occasion. Psst, even Christina Aguilera wore one of their fans to The Voice USA!

I, myself had a difficult time picking the designs. From quirky, goth, retro, striking, you name it, they pretty much have it all. These are some of the designs that caught my eye. Go click on the link and you can check out the others!

Before anyone condemn this collage as narcissistic selfies, these are actually me imitating some of the flirtatious fan signs. Just so you know, you can actually use your fans to tell your suitors your availability and your level of passion towards them. Hehe.

Here's where I got my inspiration from, try them out yourself! If you going to take photos like me, tag Fancy Handfans when posting them on Instagram. I only tried 4, but there are a whole list of language! Let me know if you can guess what I am doing :D

And just to make it more interesting, if you can successfully guess my actions, I will be giving away a fan to a lucky reader who got 4 signs right! I did try to choose a fan which was more classy and mainstream so that it will appeal to most of you :D

Have fun! Will try to close the giveaway before 2018 so that you can keep cool in the hot 2018! :D By the way, I will be using my fan for a photoshoot soon, so do keep a lookout for it!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Homemade Luxury Spa with Tanamera

Apart from X'mas lunch photos, I realised I lost even more photos. One of them was my self-made spa T.T. (Hence, the photos that doesn't look like my photography!) Fortunately, I didn't lost the whole series but just a portion of it. And good news I have changed my phone so there won't be such hiccups moving forward :D

I was really excited to share this find with you because it is just too good to stay under-rated. Presenting to you, Tanamera, a Malaysian Brand. After my exams, I pampered myself using some DIY self-spa remedy from Tanamera. And I am very satisfied with the results!

This product is supposed to help to reduce cellulite and flabby skin. Personally, I don't really see much of the slimming effect. But this product worked really good as a scrub, my skin was deeply moisturised and silky smooth like a baby!

And I really enjoyed the fragrance of it (Generally, all the products from Tanamera had this therapeutic herb like smell that reminds you of a spa salon). And the best thing is that this smell actually lingers after you bathe. It is super luxurious for the price!

I will be reviewing 3 products from Tanamera and guess what the soap was my favourite. Firstly, it is really affordable. (We all know how long a soap can last!) Plus, it had this rough bits that acted as a good scrub. The product also foamed very well and I love the scent. (It smelt so good that I caught my Mum using it! Could totally smell it!)

Not only that, it act as a pretty good toilet freshener because its scent can fill the entire bathroom! The only grouse I have with soaps is that they sometime let me feel it is quite unhygienic cos they can be quite hard to store. What I did to overcome this was to put it in a spare container! :D Try it too, if you have the same problems as me!

Compared to the scrubs I am used to, I feel that the rice powder was a lot finer and in greater concentration. I could feel work being done as I am scrubbing my face. The fine texture gave me the impression it was less damagig to my skin and could even scrub within the pores. Each sachet has quite a generous portion so I actually use it 3 times before emptying it fully. Hehe! For better effects, use it with a face mask after!

As you can see, all their products are priced very affordably for their quality. Why didn't I know of this earlier! T.T I could have saved myself a bomb and enjoyed a pampering spa in the comfort of my home. And I could have shared with you guys earlier.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email or let me know whether I should do a Couple Spa Products Review next! Hehe! I wish you a spa-ly good time. After exams are soo good, what am I going to do when school starts!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bags for all: Bromin Emporter

I just found a really nice bag and thought I should really rave about it. Actually, the whole point of the review isn't really this bag. But since I am using this bag, I thought I would talk about it first. Hahaha~!

My favourite in the ladies collection was the Mis Zapatos collection because the designs were so cute. The other bags in the collection were also very atheistically pleasing but I felt they were a lot more common. It is not  every day you see heels/shoes on your bags right! Haha

For me, I picked something more in line with my personality. So I went for something that was more subdued and plain. I actually like heels a lot more than flats. But the heels fabric at the back of the bag was a lot more loud. (Eeeks) And I wanted a 3D ribbon so I eventually settled on this.

I realise after using it for a while that the bucket design/ size was perfect for a day out. It was just nice to throw an umbrella, bottle, cosmetic pouch and wallet etc. And you could fit A4 size stuff in it if you have a file or something. The only bad part was there is no zipper and no separator, if you wanted to split your stuff up.

And this is me using the bag. You have option of slinging it or holding it like a normal handbag. I personally prefer holding it. Also you can either show the cuter side - with the 3D ribbons and all or flaunt the plain white side if you want to go for a more serious look. Both look chic!

Apart from bags for females, we also have bags for the males and even the little ones. Since school is starting soon, I decided to do a review on the kid's ergonomic school bag - Bromin as well. It it is so well-made, I can't help but wonder why isn't there an ergonomic version for the adults as well. My books are also very heavy leh!

As you can see, the design is "little adult" 小大人. The bag is very spacious (expandable) but surprisingly light woa. The bag is a very vibrant blue but in photos it doesn't turn out very bright. (There is also a pink version by the way for the girls!) As you can notice, the bag has a few ergonomic designs.

  • Back Support with Plush Cushions - This is really important for the bag cos it helps to support their spine and the cushion helps to soften the impact. 
  • G Hook - I guess it is supposed to make it easier for the younger kids, but when the bags get too full, it is actually quite difficult to fasten it.
  • Side Net Pockets - Very useful for putting a bottle and brolly for the older kids. 
  • Reflective Stripes - Good to have but the little ones are using the bag for school so probably won' use much of it at night.
  • Suction Pads at the bottom - Not sure what their function is. Elevate the bag from the dirty ground?
  • Lifetime warranty - BEST DEAL EVER!

If you want to buy them in stores, the Bromin lightweight ergo backpacks are available at Tom & Stefanie outlets in Singapore! You can go to Eastpoint Mall Simei, Westmall Bukit Batok or One KM Mall to purchase the bags. The promotional prices are same as online until end of 2017: If you get them this year, you get enjoy the launch price - Bromin Tech (SRP S$88; current launch price of S$68) and Bromin Lite (SRP S$108; current launch price of S$88). 

If your kids happen to be like those around us, they may want to pick gai gai bag over school bags. Guess cos it is cuter and also because it reminds them less of school. If they haven't start schooling, you may check out the Momentum Kids, it is freaking cute.

Of course, it probably can't put a lot of books, but it can definitely fit in the things you want the kid to carry himself. Wahahaha. :P Happy shopping for back to school stuff, I will probably do a post on stationary as well. (P.S. my Mum just told me she like this store, got bags for Papa, Mama and Baby :P)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Delightful Desserts with Cake Avenue

Hi guys, if you are wondering how come the photos look really different for this post, it is because I lost all the photos I took on the event itself (T.T) I hope you guys have been following my instagram cos I did at least posted them up there.

But fortunately, I do remember the taste of each and everything. You may have heard of Cake Avenue for their designer cakes, but not be familiar with their dessert menu and their savory Christmas set. (includes free delivery)

I thought I should start off with the Christmas set first since X'mas is coming and you guys may be sourcing for vendors to buy your x'mas party goodies!

Set A (4-6pax) - $72.00
Braised Lamb Shank (2x 450g)
Assorted Canapés 16pc (Salmon, Tuna and Egg Mayo)
Roasted Vegetables
+ Complimentary Nacho chips and sauces (early bird freebie for bookings before 9 Dec)

Set B (4-6pax) - $67.00
Chicken Lasagna
Assorted Canapés 16pc (Smoked Salmon, Tuna and Egg
Roasted Vegetables
+ Complimentary Nacho chips and sauces (early bird freebie for bookings before 9 Dec)

The main difference between the 2 sets are the Chicken Lasagna (Ala-Carte Price: S$32) and Braised Lamb Shank(Ala-Carte Price: S$38). In fact, for my own party, I would have topped up with a separate Chicken Lasagna so that my guests can try both. But my mum made a pretty good point that Chicken Lasagna was more universal. :)

For an additional $100, you could add on a Reindeer cake (Ala-Carte Price: S$112.50), which is absolutely Instagram worthy! If you are on a tighter budged, you might want to get the Chocolate Fudge Yule Log ($45 for 1 Kg). My Mum absolutely loved its thick chocolate. If your guests is into tiny bite sampling, you can get them as Entremets at $5.90 each. Trust me, like everything tiny, they look incredibly adorable.

If your guests have a sweet tooth, there are additional desserts they may get. I think that the cakes are more impressive. But I would make special shout-outs to the jelly-cups and Macarons.

  • Jelly Cups (9pcs)- $45.00
  • Mini Brownies (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Mini Fruit Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Mini Chocolate Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Macarons (12pcs)- $24.00

If you missed their Christmas set, fret not cos they have a series of creations on their dessert menu that mimics main entries like burgers, fries, soup etc. Because they look so real, it actually got my brain a little confused. My tongue was expecting savoury but the food were sweet. Hahaha.

I tried everything on the dessert menu apart from the drinks. (Yes, I am probably diabetic cos of you guys T.T) They are very, very instagram worthy, cos they are realistically cute. If you come with a group of friend, you probably can give everything a try. Otherwise, you may follow my recommendations. :D

If you only have space for 2, try the Diner Sliders and Fries (S$15.90). I love it cos the beef patty is actually chocolate. One thing I note about Cake Avenue, their chocolate is super thick and yummy. For me, I like it without the sauce. But it is kinda of fun to squeeze them on.

The Nachos Dulces (S$12.90) are highly irresistible. I never knew they tasted so good with Chocolate. In fact, I think it might be even better than Cheese. It comes with ice-cream on top. But, I preferred it with a drizzle of chocolate a lot. mmm...yum...good orgasm. :P

If you prefer something warmer and pops in your mouth, I would suggest the Lava Pops (S$8.90). It is an interesting sweet potato taste (not sweet potato by the way), with cheesy vanilla filling. You would need to eat it when it is hot to enjoy its full flavour. The Great Con Dog (S$8.90) is a good dessert if you like custard and want some ice-cream to go along.

Just in case, you think I love everything on the menu, I actually don't. I had very high expectations on the Alphabet Soup (S$8.90). But it just didn't work for me. It was just too sweet. With a bit of modification, it may become a "hot favourite" (no pun intended.)

So I missed out the drinks totally, and it was sad cos I love unicorns T.T Guess that's a reason for me to go there again. Hahaha. The drinks are all at S$7.90 each. Pretty affordable huh. For a specialty cake shop, their savoury food was actually very good. I also noticed on the menu, they had normal mains such as salad, pasta etc.

I haven't try them yet, but do tell me if it is really good. Cake Avenue is a lot more convenient who live in the west. But fret not, cos they do provide deleiery service if you live in the east and need some party snacks and pastry! :D

Cake Avenue is located at
33 Lor Kilat #01-01/02
Kilat Centre Singapore 598132
(65) 6877 9008