Friday, June 9, 2017

Upcycling with Passion Woodworks

Following our previous post on upcycling, I thought I will share with you another form where you can recycle (pallets) see picture below into furnitures. Although pallets may look rather flimsy, due to their structural arrangement, whereby the wooden planks sit in a cross-section on each other.

Usually, pallets are used during transport to protect cargo as they move from one place to another. They are durable for sure. But I guess some of you must be wondering if they look as good as a deco in the house. Will it make the house look too industrial?

So here's a shoe shelf I designed for myself. Obviously, as you can see it is no longer used for its original function. It is kinda of sturdy so I am using it to store some of my stuff. This includes heavy meat bars etc. Haha. If you are planning to design something yourself, you might consider upcycling pallets.

Most people like me are not much of a DIY person, so you might want to find your carpenter. The wood craftsman behind this shelf is Passion Woodworks. You can check out their crafts. They have a lot of nice designs and you can customise your own so that it fit your function.

Here are some of their previous works which I really like. Do make sure you request your piece to be finished. Otherwise the rough parts may hurt your fingers and scratch your paraphernalia. Alternatively you can also lay paper like mine.

Personally, I ike the natural wood with its flaw and all. But if you are particular, you can always request for your furniture to be sprayed-painted. I think white looks especially nice? So do check out Passion Woodworks and their upcycling works and let me know if you would like to read more about such articles.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wild Wild Wet: Double the Wow

The June Holidays are here. And I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you guys a promotion at Wild Wild Wet. Dress identically and you can get twice the the excitement at half the price at Downtown East! Just in case, you think that twinning might be silly, my family and I did the quadruplets. And it was a real good bonding experience.

Just in case you are wondering, my family and I have never been to Wild Wild Wet. And I am very glad I brought them along instead of my friends. Because my parents were so excited about this outing. (Guess I should really plan more fun activities for my family next time.) My Dad was doing so much research work and my Mum actually packed our swimsuits and was so eager to coordinate our attires for the day. (-_-)''

Because we have been to Wild Wild Wet, I can't share with you the difference. But I do know that there is one new feature which I will be talking about later. And it is definitely a lot more fun than I expected. I always thoughtWild Wild Wet was more of a "family theme park" so I was quite surprised to find myself screaming in some of the rides. Gosh.

I didn't try anything in the Kidz Zone. Apart from those under construction, I pretty much tried out all the other rides. Hehe. My personal favourite is the Royal Flush. I think I took it 3-4 times and each time I screamed my heads off. OMFG. If you are into something more exciting, try the Torpedo or Slide Up. But Torpedo isn't for everyone, it was too frightening for screams.


And tada, presenting the new ride - The Woosh. Just in case you are wondering why are my legs so hairy, it is my bro's la! (Or you can sponsor me for leg hair removal, I wouldn't mind. Hehe!) The Woosh is 50m long, being Singapore’s Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide at Wild Wild Wet.

It is a ride that young kids can enjoy so don't expect it to be too exciting. My observation is that older kids ain't too excited about it. But kids on the other hand are crazy for it. Apart from Kidz Zone, this is another feature that they can independently have some fun in. Being an inflatable slide, it is really a safe joyride for them :D

Before I forget, here's the photo of the Seeing Double Campaign, where the member of the public were invited to join. With 111 pairs of twinning people, I am guessing we managed to set the Singapore Book of Records for the 'Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos'! Does it mean I am living down in history? Lol!

Honestly, there are so many people I can't even spot myself OMG! To up the fun, there were even stage games that day. My sporting Mum and Bro happily participated in the first game and even took my Dad's underwear up on stage much to the amusement of the audience. Hehe.

If you don't want to keep climbing up and down the rides to deposit your handphones and specs, don't bring them up the rides! I didn't know and we had to climb down. This rule pretty much applies for the more thrilling features. Want photos? Take Shiok River or Tsunami!

A special mention to Shiok River because it is really as shiok as its name. It was just so therapeutic drifting. It took me a while before I could control the currents around the float. But it was really great to leave life to maneuver on its own as you focus on the little things around you.

Just to share a little more about the Seeing Double promotions, you can also enjoy some sweet deals while are you at Downtown East. See there's so much benefit to twin! (Click on the image to see more!) Apart from that, take a photo of your twinning effort and post it on Instagram. You must be the lucky few that will be rewarded for your effort! (See image below!)

I guess I am going to end off with an overall verdict of this place: A ball of fun for the family. You can bring the young and old in the family. And this is a really affordable, nice place for secondary class outing. I still remember those days where budget for fun is real tight!) :P

P.S. Wow is punning wild if you thing it was a typo error. Haha.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Food Tour Part 3: Tanjong Pagar Theme

Maybe I am really growing fat. Cos I am writing about food again. This is because after my exams, I have more time on my hand to eat with my friends. More time means can eat more. Haha, as simple as that. Usually, I eat the same stuff. #loyaltytofood

But I tried some things that are different cos I have new friends. Kidding la. Cos after exams very stressed so easily influenced to eat other type of food and try something different. Hehehe.

100 AM Level 3

Oops, I wish I am able to give you more information, but crap I really forgot what it is called. It has a curtain over the entrance though. :D Yea, usually this is not my go-to place for my Ramen craving. But oh my, it is actually really good. More expensive than the Orchird Hotel one though, but it is a nice change.

It is a lot more savory and the portion is humongous too. But oh well, it is pricer too. It is really a good rainy day comfort food meal. And if you are a big eater, you should go for this instead!

This is like my favourite vegetarian store so don't be too shock to see me munching there. So it is only recently I found out that they moved to a more inaccessible location. Sian. And now that the environment look slightly more atas, the price also go up a bit liao. Double sian. But I think the portion did grow bigger.

My friends used to ask me like "filling meh? No meat leh!" Trust me, you won't need a second helping there. And in terms of taste wise, it is really one of the best vegetarian good I have ever tried, but yea it is a little on the more fancy side. Tell me if you like it ok cos I really want to open their franchise store. :)

I am only eating at this place because I am on my way to eat the Ramen at Orchird Tower but the BF, not me, him ok wanted to try something different and wanted to spurge. The meal isn't cheap but the food was decent and the portion is amazing.

I think the concept is interesting as well cos you can actually book your trip to Japan here as well. I think it is a waste not to serve Jap food but hey maybe they wanted a bigger target market. BTW, these photos even won a bit of a contest. So yeah to great photography!

So here's a photo by the BF of me looking all dumb after my exam. Quite a terrible angle but that's the best he can do. Trust me. And I just realised all the food places this time round is in Tanjong Pagar again! Guess I just gave you guys variety. Enjoy, and let me eat up another around of food to share :D

Monday, May 29, 2017

Just Chillin' at Birders

A little bit of Sake. A little bit of Yakitori. Just some Japan magic to end off the weekend. If you are looking for something different for your next drinking spree, you might just want to read on.

Check out Birders! (I shall not type out the Chinese name for it cos it is kinda of crude...haha) It opens till midnight so if you crave for some fulfilling supper, here is where you should go!

So some of you may not be familiar with Yakitori, in SG terms it is a bit like the Japanese Satay. Basically, it is meat on a skewers. But of course you don't restrict it to meat. Even sweet corn can be skewered too! Personally, I find Yakitori really good bear food. It is one of those rare cases where a flavorful snack complements a zesty drink!

I tried out some of the Yakitori and honestly not all suited my taste. Lol. For any of you who are more adventurous, I shall suggest the Heart and Gizzard. I think it is an acquired taste. Haha. We missed out trying the Pork Belly and Quail Eggs which I am sure it is good. T.T Let me know if you tried them.

Check out our happy face. Here are some which we tried which you might like to have a go at too:-
  1. Unami Corn 
  2. Onsen Egg
  3. Japanese Yam - This is quite different from those that we normally have.
Oh dear looking back, I realise that there are a lot more things I would like to try on the menu. But haha, my tummy ain't that big too store all the food anyway.

If you are like my parents who need rice in order to have a filling stomach, don't worry cos they have fillers. For something more traditional, try Yakitori Don. This is really value for money cos not only you get
to try the Yakitori and have rice to go with it.

But, I would really recommend you to try the Takikomi Chazuko which is something like a dashi broth. It is more interesting and broth is really yummy. My brother and I actually drank the whole broth. Oops Hahaha.

If you are looking for some drinks (more like alcohol) to quench your thirst, Birders has a good selection of Sake. Don't worry if you can't name what you want because the friendly waiters there will help you. You just have to describe what you like. Sweet? Strong after taste?

Don't worry if among your group of friends, you are not much of a drinker. There are alcoholic drinks being served as well though I think the alcoholic menu is very very impressive. One thing I really like about Birders is that you can actually have a good chat with your friends without screaming over a singing band. I would describe Birders as a pretty chillax hangout. Not too noisy and rowdy.

I have obviously save the best for last. And these 2 sharing dishes are your Die Die Must Have. If you are there, you must try the Liver Mousse. It is just so damn good. The buns are fried to such crispness, it should be sold by itself so that you can tabao home. And the mousse, I have never taste anything like that. I would even come back for it.

Wings - Duh, everybody love chicken wings. Okay, if you really want me to compare Liver Mousse beats everything. And on normal day, I don't even eat liver. You can imagine how good it is!!! Awesome goodness that you eat it yourself if you are sharing. Haha, can't imagine I am saying this.

And if some Japanese magic and liver moouse isn't enough, keep your eyes peeled. You may just be enough to be star-struck. Yes, the owner is Adam Chen from Tanglin! <3 <3 <3 I can imagine every lady reader flocking there already. Hahaha!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Join the Sisterhood with Sister Act

Feeling really lucky cos we won tickets to a Broadway Musical - Sister Act. Guess all the watching of cinemas at WE is all worth it. Check out my previous post on what you can should try at 321 mall if you missed that earlier!
This musical is based on a movie (which I never watch before), I am guessing it is way before my time? So basically, it is about a wannabe singer, Deloris Van Cartier who was put into protective custody as a nun in a convent after she witnessed a murder.
This is the first time I am attending a musical and also going to Mastercard Theatres so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But surprisingly, on a Thursday evening, the theatre was nearly full. And another unexpected surprise was that 'Wow, the seats were actually really good'. Thank you WE and Base Entertainment for your generosity. 
My Bro and I aren't really fans but the people around us were. Before the show even started, I could hear excited murmurs and chatters about how excited they were and how long they waited for this to me here. And so my expectations went up too.
Individually, I don't really think the singers voices were that good. But together their voices were like angels. For the first part of the show, I nearly fell asleep. LOL. It was a Thursday evening mind you so that was tiring. Haha. But after the interval, wow, I found myself bobbing my head and humming along.
The costumes and choreography got better to the end. It was amazing and really made me wanted to check out the movie. They even had people standing up and clapping at the end. I didn't stand cos I thought the musical was not that perfect yet. (Haha, critical). But, I think it was worth my time and Friday's exhaustion.
Musicals are definietely way more expensive than movies. But, after experiencing it once, I really think we all need to indulge for one at least once in a lifetime. For those who are keen to check out Sister Act, you may follow the link here. (No commission for referral ok, just to set the record straight!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snacking with Mr Bazaar

Are you like me? Always feeling hungry and craving for some snacks? Check out what I have for you today! Yes! Savory snacks. I thought it would be nice to introduce some new munchies to some of you readers who are studying or working hard and need something crunchy to munch upon.
From crackers, anchovies and even pretzel popcorns, here are some of the snacks you can get to try with Mr Bazaar. And they are not the common ones you can get off the shelves. How many of actually have anchovies for snacks?! By the way, they would taste great with porridge too!
Since there are 2 of each flavours, let me help you eat your calories wisely. You may consider my favourites.
1. Chao Lay Crispy Anchovy (Tom Yum) Vs. Chao Lay Anchovy (Original)- Sorry but I am a 100% Tom Yum and spice girl so I guess you know which one works for me. The Original is awesome too. In fact this is so original you got to try it!
2. Yuki Original Vs. Yuki Snowy Milk - This is like Wang Wang, with a richer prawn taste. Since young, I always like the Sugar Snow Flakes. So I guess it is Yuki Snowy Milk for me!
3. Darda Premium Popcorn Caramel & Cashew Nut Vs. Darda Premium Popcorn Caramel & Pretzels - Honestly both are so good I can't tell the difference at all. One has Pretzels and the other doesn't? The Pretzels honestly isn't that fantastic, but the popcorn are awesome. Best I ever had. 
The price is really reaonsable, cheaper than Lays Chips! Do get some yourself from Mr Bazaar's website or NTUC. If you want to do some sampling, you can try some at the coming Food Fair at Expo Hall 4 from 26th - 30th May. Their booth is H-05/1!
Hope you have a yummy good time. Trust me, they are worth every crunches you will eventually have to do. Muahahaha!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Family, Fitness, Fun! with Zoom

So a while back, I went to Zoom Park with the Smitten Team. So just a little bit more information on Zoom Park, it is the biggest indoor trampoline park in Singapore at 20,000 square feet with over 80 springy trampoline mats! 
The best thing about Zoom Park is that fun is really affordable. An hour jump is about $17 (with party packages at $38 per pax) and with additional hours the rate per hour decreases. (That's still cheaper than my yoga class!) And for every hour you are burning up to 1000 calories! Apprently,10 minutess of jumping is equivalent to 30 mins of jogging! o.O
The facilities include a trampoline dodgeball court, high performance trampoline mats, parkour walls, slam dunk courts, tumble tracks and a 17m lateral rock wall (which I failed to climb even halfway! I thought I would enjoy jumping into the foam pit but when I realised it was rather difficult to navigate through it. I decided to bounce instead.
And bouncing is a lot more fun. New heights, new perspective! By the way, Zoom Park is located near Jurong East so good for you if you live in the West. It is quite a private area so you would still need to do a bus transfer! But for those who are looking for a more cosy place, Zoom Park may be for you.
My favourite was the Dodgeball yea. I think I would have enjoyed the basketball team match too, but it was construction at that time. I guess despite my lack of stamina and hatred to sweat, playing dodgeball on a trampoline made me exercise without knowing. I had really bad aches all over my body the next day but it was all worth it! :D
For you readers who are neither kids nor adults with kids, the Zoom Night may be of interest of you too. It is basically a "clubbing experience" minus the alcohol. I guess it is alternative way to sweat it out and have fun whether with your family or friends!
When I was there, I saw so many children parties going on and I can imagine why this is like the new MacDonald's party for them. It has all their favorite food/ snacks. Yummy pizzas, eclairs, pretty fruits <3 And at the end of the day they even have a swag goodie bag and pair of sticky socks to bring home. (Maybe you can go home and be Spiderman too!
So after working out, I literally feed the calories right back into my body. Damn. On a side note, for any of you who are keen to learn some tricks to impress your friends, you can even join the Jump Acrobat programme, where you get to learn basic gymnastics skills. I guess I am too late to start on it, but you still can!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beyond Boundaries: Aniss Empire

So today, I thought I would take the opportunity to write something on fashion for the Muslimah. Maybe it is just me, but I used to be under this impression that Muslimah fashion are not for the other races. But I am pretty certain now that it is just really me lacking the courage to try out different fashion that is inspired from other religions, cultures and beliefs.
I am working with Aniss Empire to dispel that certain fashion is meant for a specific group of people. Of course, at the end of the day, I may still fail to change any of you readers' mind. But well, at least the Muslimah has something to check out for their Puasa.
Just a little bit about Aniss Empire, it is brand that has been about empowering women to create success for themselves through quality and affordable outfits. Although the fashion is geared towards the Muslimah community, they are open to the idea of cultural-neutrality and that the pretty shawls and clothes can be worn by any women regardless of faiths and religions.
The Muslimah's fashion generally in my opinion is more conservative and loose fitting. And I feel that it is the tiny intricate designs and cuttings that vary each and every piece. Their colours are also brighter. I chose to showcase a piece that is an unconventional tiffany blue for this post. 
Most Muslimah would wear this with pants or a long skirt like what I did on the right. But for ladies who wants a little bit of middle ground between modesty and still showing off some skin, you may opt for a style which I attempted on the left - matching the top (as a peplum) with a short skirt. It also makes the whole style more culturally neutral.
The fabric is silky and airy so you don't have to worry that you might end up feeling too warm and sticky in humid weather. On a side note, I also realised Muslimah fashion make very elegant maternity wear. :D 
Last but not least, a collage to flaunt the fine details and the classy U-collar. I hope that this post has opened your mind as much as mine on culturally neutral fashion. You will be surprised at how many shops targeting Muslimahs that would not want to entertain anyone who is not of their market. So kudos and thank you to Aniss Empire for this collaboration.
Moving forward, I hope that fashion can truly transcend beyond religions, faith and culture and be something where we can incorporate part and pieces of ethnic costumes etc. as our daily wears. I also encourage more companies to be like Aniss Empire and welcome collaborations using ForFunk as a platform to spread this message. Thank you and I hope this was a meaningful post for you.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger #KarmartABBCbysamplestore

Yikes, this was supposed to be a review contest video for Kartmart Asian Beauty Blogger. Haha. Because I was so nervous I think I was babbling a bit and I think I might just miss out some vital information. The sound system really isn't that good because my silly computer was growling away. Sad :( I really need videography lessons hor.
So just in case you guys didn't heard me loud enough or need more information on the products I am using. Here is a supplementary blog post as well. Cathy Doll is a brand well suited for modern young females. I really think they are talking about me when they speak about the iconic character as a trendy, chic and easy going ladies who love traveling, learning and shopping and beauty stories!!!
I guess this is what they are describing when they say - pretty in pink huh. And this is the fruit I am talking about - Pomegranate. I seriously hope I pronounced it right in the video. Like I said I have the one without the brush, there is some down-side to the brush though, it drips a little. 
But still I like it with the brush cos it is really soft and it is like massaging my face. I would really recommend this product if you are looking for a cleanser. I always feel so fresh and cherry after using it. And the smell is fruitily heavenly. 
So on the left you have the invisible Sun Protection and on the right you have the CC cream. The sun block is really good if you don't like oily and sticky products. The invisible sun Protection is very light and easy to apply. For special days, you may want to try the CC Cream which provides pretty good coverage.

Considering all the products are very affordable, I would recommend you to try it out if you have a really tight budget. Everything Thai, everything good (like me)! Hehe. 
Hair oil is especially good if you have curls. This is a little different from the normal oil we know because it is watery and not as oily. It is good for bedtime. :D But I personally think that the oily version works better if you want to maintain your curls. Watery version probably wont cause unnecessary pimple. 
This product smells amazing as well. For any of you who wants to save water (since there is a price hike), you can use this instead. Haha. I am not very sure how to describe the smell. Guess you guys need to go down to BHG to smell it yourself :D
So here's some information on Cathy aka me Lol! Kidding. This brand expresses the daring aspect of feminity. Think of a girl with burning passion, optimistic, playful and open-minded. All this can be seen from the packaging right! Haha. With such a charming personality, no wonder I, I mean she is getting all the attention.
So the brand not only has facial care, it also branches into hair care and even make-up.:D As mentioned it is a Thai brand but is Korean inspired. Hopefully, I get short-listed to join the next round so that I get a chance to go for the videography workshop and from there make better beauty videos for you readers!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Updated: Asian Television Award 2016

Hi guys, I have finally got around to uploading some of  the videos on my Youtube (will upload along the way). So I thought it was a really good time to blog about it. :P Just in case you guys didn't know, but editing videos are a lot harder than just writing a blog post. But I guess we should always try out different medium. :P

So being quite lucky, I won the tickets to Asian Television Award 2016. Honestly I was only there for JJ Lin. Like duh right. In the end, I realised Charli XCX was there too.  I have created a mash video of all my favourite songs there. Yea, even from some singers I have never heard of. Hehehe. Here's a mash up!
And  if you wondering why this is all the photos I have...that's really all I took. The rest were either in video form or the BF face is plastered right inside. LOL. Our seats weren't that great by the way. Quite far. That's the closest I will ever be in a concert T.T
Here's some song from JJ Lin by the way. I think the records weren't too bad for my standards. By the way, if we were to ever have such write-ups or if I edit my old posts, all the videos would be like posted as and when I like. LOL So you can just follow my Youtube Channel here. Really nothing fancy, just some lame videos I post as and when I am free. :)
Anyway I decided to write this post because there is barely anything on this online when I was searching it. So just wanted to tell you guys, please remember to bring your own snacks (Snacks are very expensive there and remember to have your dinner!) and come early to get good seats. Also, drink less water. This is a live show so you can only enter during intermission if you go for toilet breaks. Enjoy~~~

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Updated: Singapore's Young Zoologist

We are going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too, toooooo
We are going to the Zoo, Zooo~~~~

If you are not a local reader, you may not know that the Singapore Zoo is one of the fanciest in the World. My friend got free tickets to the zoo and I really need a break from all the books. Guess that's where I am going too! She actually had tickets to all the other nature parks, but I have been there before.

I really wanted to go to the Bird Park though but it was during an exam day. Guess I will be going myself some time after. By the way, the Bird Park is undergoing a revamp. So soon, it will be congregated with the other parks. That's why I am going before this change happen. And you should too.

Do zoom in on the pictures, cos some of the animals are camouflaging with their little ones. It was a very hot day. So most of the animals are hiding in the shade. Although I act like a National Geographic photographer (waiting and staring for the moment), I don't have their camera equipment to zoom Hahaha.

Every part of the looks awesome by the way if you are hoping the zoo can boost your Instagram photos. But yea as a collage, it does lack colours, looking kinda of green, brown. I really enjoyed the shows so do get the map and plan your time wisely there. Sadly, I didn't manage to catch most of the shows.

If you are not into live animals, there is an exhibition are extinct dinosaurs too. I was kinda of overly excited by it and got chided by the BF for being more interested in the real attractions. Oops. I was also overly happy petting farm animals too. Haha, I really got my priorities wrong didn't I?

But if you were to visit, don't make the same mistake as me. The Singapore Zoo though not very huge contain a lot of animals. You can definitely finish the whole park (if you don't have kids) within a day and just in time for River Safari and the Night Safari. The price of the food in the Singapore Zoo is considered expensive even for a Local, so we went out for a late lunch after we were done.

Here's a video tour of the Singapore Zoo. Sorry but due to time constraints, the editing is grossly terrible. And the song is not very appropriate for the zoo. But it is nice to bop too. Do love our animals too. I manage to catch some footage of their feeding time. Yea! Lucky!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Upcycle your Guitar

Feeling crafty or a music lover, you are going to love the new addition in my room. It is an *insert drumroll please* an upcycled guitar. If you have a spare guitar at home and don't really know what to do with it, I guess you really should read on.
But first let me share a little on upcycling. Upcycling is pretty much like recycling but adding more value to it. (Psst. This is my definition, not from an dictionary.) It takes a little innovation and creativity and viola, you may have something new!
So here's the finished product. You may wonder how it look like before we added on the little trinkets. Don't worry, I will show you the pictures later. So I added some lights and ornaments and the pop art guitar looks as one with my room. Find the pop art familiar. I ever had a post with a similar pop art. (Read post here.) Sad post though.
And if you think the guitar before, guess what it has been on TV before with Chen Ning. Whee~~~ So here's some information on how you get your very on Upcycled Guitar Shelf. This is a piece from Hey Izzy.
There are some pre-made designs or you may customise your own. If you are feeling adventuorous, you may even make your own guitar shelf at Hey Izzy's workshop . Apart from guitar shelves, there are also Ukelele shelves and even prints you can find on Hey Izzy. I know I have written about other forms of crafts. Pretty glad I am finally sharing on carpenter-ship. (Quite a dying art) :(  Hopefully this post will revive some interest in it.
Finally, here's what you all have been waiting. The shelf is made up of 2 pieces. And it arrived in a guitar case. The head of the guitar doesn't belong to the guitar but it makes a pretty interesting ornament. And I fixed the shelf myself! That's how easy it is. I hope you enjoyed the post. And do look out for more posts on dorm deco. And you may want to try out the upcycling workshop yourself. It sure sounds like fun!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something for (Pad)Eve

Today I am going to talk about feminine care for the lady parts. As this is unrelated to the male readers and some of you may feel grossed out by it, guys feel free to skip it. :D
I thought I will start off talking about pads first. For me, my brand is Kotex. This doesn't mean I don't use other brands, just that Kotex is my dominant brand. Lol! But for Kotex, there is this series (which is more expensive as well) that I really like. And that is the super thin and with flowery types. Apart from that series, all other Kotex pads are rather comparable and at times can be inferior from the other brands.
So, there is this new, local brand out in the market so I thought I would give it a try. Padeve is a herbal sanitary pad. Honestly, I have never used any scented pads to date because I always using artificial chemical in that area is just not safe. But if it herbs, I am still ok with it.
When I first opened the pack, I could smell the herbs immediately. The good thing having a scented pad is that it can mask the irony, blood smell on heavy flow days. So you don't smell too nasty. And the pad absorbs pretty well too. You don't have to worry about feeling squeamish.
I was contemplating whether to show you gals the inside of the pads cos it might really look unclassy. But I figured out, hey this is something we would like to see. And none of the influencers/ bloggers are showing. So, let me be different and do the "nasty".
I added the flowers and hey it looks cute already. These are the morning pads. The pink one being the liner at 18cm and the yellow ultra dry one at 24cm. Despite being local, the packaging is nice and very decent (Surprisingly better than some of the pads I buy in Malaysia.)
These are the night pads. The purple one is the ultra night at 29cm and the blue one is the all night 33 cm. For me, my flow can be insanely heavy at night. No pad can contain it. And it is still the case for Padeve. But I would still recommend you ladies Padeve if you are looking for a thin pad or have a musty smell every time you have a period.
Their price is actually comparable and maybe even cheaper than some of the established brand. If you are Singaporean as well, I think we might want to show some love to this start-up. My only grouse would be it has to be sold at the pharmacies la! (Cos that's where I usually grab mine!) For any of you who want to try it out for yourself, click the link here!
I thought I should also take the opportunity to share with you some of the products I have been using. I ever tried out the samples of Lactacyd feminine wash and it was pretty refreshing so I bought 3 whole bottles during their sales. Guess what! It didn't seem to work that well at first. Got some discharge. Buy the blue bottle Lactacyd one. It is better! :D
The wipes however is super duper good. It was the free gift of the bottles and now I am hooked on it. It is good when you are feeling eeky and itchy. I tried out other brands before and I think theirs is the best because the freshness is very apparent and lasting too! Okay, I shall not get carried away and end my post here. Let me know if you want me to share more LOL!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Little Things Part 16

It is 1 month ahead, but I know everyone doesn't mind when it comes early. :P It is Pretty Little Things again! There are a lot of shops that I really want to share with you guys. But yea, I just either forget or overlook them. 
So this time round, there is something, something different and something old. Sounds some tantalizing and mysterious MUHAHAHA! (at least that's what I hope :P )
I have never really shared anything on hats, snapbacks or even caps. So yea, this time round we have something to accessorise our head. So I came across Cap Town which has a really affordable selection of caps for both males and females. 
I guess I was a little bias cos they had cute avengers and batman snapbacks that's why I am putting them in. But if you click on the link, you will know why they deserve to be in Pretty Little Things. Legit earn their spot. 
Pokemon isn't as raging as before. But still it is unirresistanble. If you are more into the beauty scene, you would already long be aware about Tony Moly's Pokemon skincare range. At Sparkling Mask, apart from these cuties, the shop holds other masks that are sold really cheaply. 
For my readers only, there will be a 10% discount if you quote “ForFunk” when purchasing any items that are not under promotion from the shop. Say "Yeah!" to good deals. I really should have told you guys earlier hor!
I actually never shopped from this place before. I just find that they have really nice designer dresses. Yea, by the few pictures above, it is kinda of obvious what is my style already! Haha. This is a Chinese website so I hope it is credible.
Let me know if anyone of you has actually bought from it before and how is the quality etc. I can't really find much blog reviews on it either. *Fingers Crossed* So that's all I have for now. With so many new segments now, I hope the diversification is also engaging you readers on a higher level. :D