Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Food Tour Part 1

I found quite a lot of food photos in my album, so I thought why not start an informal series on food. I am not a foodie in any sense but the BF is and he goes around Singapore and other parts of the world if we are there, to try the raved food.
They were supposed to be on my Instagram. But I guess I grown lazy or is not so keen on maintaining the food content on my Instagram. Still, let's not waste those photos. It is probably interesting to hear some rants and grunts for a change. So, here's 3 to start the ball rolling.
There have been quite a lot of people writing about this Dim Sum place. It is very old school and thus the price is very reasonable. My BF actually liked the food a lot. Me, not so, I only like the brown thing in the middle and there was this dish with a fish. I basically picked items I couldn't find in Tim Ho Wan etc.
I thought that was a pretty good strategy because I found the typical Dim Sum tasted better at the chain store. The Chicken Feet in my opinion was mediocre but for the price, I think it raise the tasty level Hahaha.
I wouldn't go all the way there for it. Maybe for their porridge only, which was really silky and yummy. But if you live near there, why not? For those who intend to just make one trip there just to try it, you can try out the Rocher Beancurd House - Tao Huay and egg tart on your way and also the rolled ice-cream at The Famous Ice-Cream Rolls.
I found the ice-cream rolls overly sweet but yea for novelty sake still worth a try. Plus since you made all the way to Upper Thompson, must as well make the trip worthwhile. Haha. Tell me if you have tried other nice things there. :D
This is one Italian restaurant that served really delightful and affordable food as well. I find it to be on the homey side. Something really good for a rainy day. It did inspire me to go to the kitchen and whip out a few good dishes. But at the same time, yea it did make me wonder if I could actually make them at home myself.
For me, if I were to go to eat out, I would preferably be eating something that I can't or have no chance of making it myself to make the money worthwhile. Maybe I am on a more thrifty mode, otherwise I do see myself patronising them again and again. :)
This is really good and you have to pre-make reservations. My tray was really tiny because there was only 2 of us, so it wasn't economical to order what we could eat. We didn't know before-hand but we realise later that we could swap out seafood which we didn't like for others. I didn't really liked the lobster too much.
We took the basic soup base cos I wanted to save money. The lower layer is just some soup and very little condiments. But you can top them up with a-la-carte add-ons, which means you will eventually end up spending more. Personally, I would suggest a spicier soup base just to break the taste. Something like kimchi would be good. *Yummy*
We dined there last year, so there are probably bits and pieces of my memory that are forgotten. But one thing that struck me was the seats, which looked like dustbin. You are supposed to store your bags inside. Rather creative huh. There were also tiny dustbins on the table to throw your shells which the waiter/ waitress would clear rather promptly.
The food is not cheap. But when has seafood truly been cheap in Singapore?!? I think apart from the novelty factor, the seafood was really sumptuous. I would definitely go there again but with a bigger crowd. Cos more people means more layers = more food to try. :D

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