Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sloth Squad: Save time with V Bot

Hello little one, who are you? You are such a blessing. You are helping me to clean up after myself. 
They don't call me a sloth for nothing. So for busy adults and lazy students out there, you might want to read on. Yes, I am sure by now the technology is not unheard of - the robot vacuum cleaner. But you know how expensive it can be.
So today, I thought I will share with you an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner - VBot. VBot is not from China but a product of Taiwan (For people who are bias against Chinese goods). The only drawback I felt was that if you can't read Chinese, you may face a little bit of problems fixing the parts.
My mandarin is also on the rusting side (I can't read traditional Mandarin too) but the pictures provided in the handbook does work pretty well. The fixing process was pretty effortless. I won't call it 100% intuitive, still I won't consider the task to be "Mission Impossible". The only trouble I had was whether to remove the plastic around the battery. FYI, you are not supposed to remove it!
The family, particularly my brother was very curious about this new friend. So here's a video of us testing it. We decided to experiment it in my brother's room because it is smaller and has less obstacles. My notes are still scattered around my room so it is probably not a good testing ground. (P.S Botty - that's out VBot name by the way, was tangled in some wires while cleaning up. So take note, you still have to clear your scattered papers around the floor. It is not that automated!)

Even though this isn't the latest technology, it is not very noisy. In fact it is like a little pet, it was kinda of cute watching it bump its way around the house. It doesn't really collide into the walls and furniture with a a great force so no worries about any damage to the house. 
Another feature I liked about it was how light it was. I don't have much arm muscles so I am glad Botty is easy to carry around (It can be even shared among your fellow dormers). My only grouse is that when the battery is flat, it can't automatically go home to the charging point. But apart from this, V-Bot brings about GREAT convenience. (Yes, I found it necessary to emphasize the greatness of it.) Compared to traditional cleaning methods, there is really nothing stopping you from growing fond of (and reliant on) it.

My Mum claimed that my Brother's room was the cleanest only with some flaking skin. (Is he a python or something? Why is he shedding skin?!?) But look how much dirt Botty ate up! I guess we can conclude that even though VBot is cheap, it still does what it is supposed to do :D
Unless you are a high flying executive, VBot is quite a viable option for people who are looking for some cost savings and cash-strapped students. :D Can you imagine how much precious time you can be saving. Though I doubt those saved time will be used on revision, I bet we could spend it rolling in bed :P And it is even light enough for you to bring on exchange :P

Here's a promotional video I found online to let you know the functions of Vbot better. The cheapest Vbot that I found is at AMK Online Store. There is this advert near my house that keeps claiming they are the cheapest at $168 (without warranty). Hello, AMK Online Store sells it only at $129 with ready stock and lots of colour selection. 
I do have my worries that what you pay is what you get, but those worries were pretty much unfounded. Now that it is during Spring Cleaning, I am kinda secretly relieved we have Vbot cos it makes tidying a lot easier. Mum is nagging at me less. And on a daily basis, it dutifully keeps the house spick and span. Vbot: Sloth Squad Approved!

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