Sunday, January 15, 2017

Art Stage Singapore 2017

I was pretty lucky and received Media Invites to the Art Stage Singapore. So this is basically like a consolidated art exhibition consisting of pieces of up and coming artists across the world, but mostly Asia. I am really not into the art scene so I am really unfamiliar with all the names. I hope I didn't offend any Art Masters.
I am just there to appreciate art a little more and hopefully trigger some artistic cells in my brain. Haha. In fact, I got a headache after walking round and round the hall. The BF commented "But you are only just looking, how is it possible you overwork your right brain already?!?"
There are like bizillion pieces of art work. It was literally a maze, but a very beautiful one. Here are some pieces that caught my eye. I was looking though the photos I took that day and I realised I like either geometrical shapes or an absolute colourful mess.
I also prefer artists with recurring style/theme then diversification. I am not particular about the art medium but I personally don't find much investment value in prints. It just seems so easily replicable. This sounds like a very boring reflection, but I do feel that I seemed have gain a deeper understanding of myself, my own likes and dislikes.
I won't say I am much of a person who place a lot of value in art. However my view is slowly moving towards the fact art does have a place in the society. I don't usually take too much notice of the little details because who really has time for it right? But I guess sometimes I miss the intricate little details that form the big picture. They may not mean much but at least we should still acknowledge the fact that they have a contribution to the overall beauty of the art. 
Did sound a little bit I was going to make it an analogy of people management. I could but I won't. For a person who was rather loss in all the creativity, I was in awe even by the littlest thing. Carvings and even like new art textures just fascinated me.
To show you the magnitude of the exhibition, these are the photos of the other art pieces I took. There are basically all form of art mediums and you can even see serious art buyers. There was this guy whom like bought 2 from a gallery and even asked for more of the artist work.
And one surprising thing was that a lot of the art investors dress in the simplest attire. Haha, look like the uncle at the coffee shop but probably a lot more loaded. But, they are very meticulous about their investment. I saw one making the curators walk up and down the galleries to find the perfect lighting. Like LOL?!? But of course, considering it is a few thousand dollars at stake, it is best to be prudent.
Instagram Art
On a more light-hearted note, you will be happy to know there are lots of instagram-worthy installation. Some of you may feel that it is disrespectful to the artist, but my take is that for the value of a piece to go up, there must be demand. And for this demand to exist, there need to be at least some basic awareness of its existence.
So share them all, baby. I am sure the artists would thank us when he has more funds to work on more pieces. I didn't take many selfies, but I saw people around me doing it. I guess everyone just wanna have a piece of the art or be a piece with the art. Haha. 
Just to clarify, not all art pieces are sophisticated there. There were those that made you scratch your head and go "Please, even I can do this" "Walao, is this even considered an art deserving exhibition space!!!" "I am pretty sure a 3 year kid can do better than this." 
And oops as a budding art appreciator, I accidentally contempt the exhibition with 3 exhausted yawns. Really quite a lot of art for the day. Hehe. Even my feet was tired from all the brisk walking. We arrived pretty late so we only had less than 2 hours to finish the whole convention hall!
This also brings me to the point that beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. These are my BF favourite pieces which have quite a lot variations from mine.  Haha, the BF taste is more plain and simple. He also seems to have a thing for symbolic art.
We do share a few likes cos geometrical shapes are pretty simple in design. And so, I am trying to tell myself not to cast judging eyes on the pieces because somebody out there probably loves what I hate or dislike.
Plus art is to evoke reactions and strong emotions. And pieces like this are probably trying to bring out erections too. Maybe it is just me, I don't seem to like art which contains nudity or sexual innuendo. "I am like why bring sex into holy art, it is a taboo don't you know?!?"
For someone who prides on her open-mindedness, I am still rather unaccepting on this. Hmm.... I also found out that I didn't like eerie art. We caught sight of a sculptures of 2 new-borns which many people were gushing over because it was so realistic. You could even see its veins. But I just found it really creepy. :(
Here are some pieces that we might see in the streets of Singapore. I think we have already seen similar pieces scattering around our tiny island already. The men in poses look a little like those I saw in Buona Vista. Maybe, we are truly becoming a (Sm)Art Nation. Haha. Clap to myself for bad punny jokes.
But yea, I love the pumpkins. I mean I wouldn't mine seeing more art pieces around. Art is usually one of the symbols boasting of a country's affluence. And I do like seeing beauty everywhere. :D
This has been a very heavy and long post. Shall not overwhelm you lest you contempt me with yawns too. Just one last short story before I end. I went back to the exhibition which the man that I spoke earlier bought 2 pieces from. And so I wondered what is so special. And I targeted this unassuming rock to prove my point that the man must have been blinded.
In my heart, I was like thinking this could totally blend in my garden and no one would have any clue it is worth S$8,000. I bet my Dad would even slap me silly if I bought anything like this home. And so, I peeped into the hole and was surprised to see myself staring right back at me. The piece is named "Eyes Closed. Eyes Opened" by the way. And true to its name, I have been enlightened. New price awarded: Priceless.

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