Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY Chicken Year Videos

Happy New Year everyone! This year was really odd because my friends that are normally really noisy was weirdly quiet. But my "new friends" and my Dad in particular made a lot of effort to spam my phone and made sure I nearly went out of storage.
I received a lot of videos, so I shortlisted a few that was really cute to share. It seems that this year I like CNY songs. Trust me they are quite interesting :D

This is the most normal among them all, but it is cute. And my mum insisted that these will help my nieces and nephews learn the CNY songs to sing to us. Come on lah, she is so small, she can't even talk yet let alone sing. *Face Palm*

This is in Hokkien for Ah Ma and Ah Gong to enjoy. Hopefully your grandparents like it too. :) I thought it was quite interesting and still very nice. 

This video is really cute. For babies and kids that can only speak English, I think this can help them to enjoy and understand CNY songs. :D I love this one most among the song videos. My Mum quickly forwarded it to her baby grand-niece.  

The video I sent around was this. Geeky :P But it reflects my belief that a lot of things will be automated in the future. I still can't believe that this robot writes better calligraphy than me. Sigh.

Hope all of you get lots of ang paos or at least a good rest. :) Huat ah!

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