Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017!

We had a really quiet New Year this year as well. Maybe cos we are both growing old and just want to waste this year away just enjoying a slower pace in life. But if you enjoy wasting time maybe it is not a waste after all right? :D
So I decided that the BF will cook this time round, cos I made a great soup the last time using the slowcooker. (Everyone needs this electrical baby. It is so easy to use, even for a novice like me!) On our way to his house, we saw this Ice-Cream Kiaping Machine. Hehe. So interesting!
For $2.50, you can have unlimited tries till you get one. I was hoping to catch 2 at one shot but I guess we both ain't very good at it. Anyway, the ice-cream was rather soggy so it is just an interesting experience. I am not sure if the students around the area catches it too, so the ice-cream probably isn't very fresh. Haha.
But I paid for it. So I can decide how I choose to squander away my wealth. Great start to a New Year! And for the first time, I accidentally destroyed the BF hairstyle LOL! I showed the hairstylist a very trendy male haircut. And the Auntie gave him an overly-short "toot toot" cut. Maybe sub-consciously I was trying to help him to save money for New Year. #Excuses
And so I was punished and given this un-savory spicy Korean soup. I really think I am the better Chef. I literally contributed nothing to the soup because I wanted to watch "Brave" on TV. Haha, even told him I will assist periodically, which basically means during advert. But he didn't seem to appreciate it :P
Not sure why the meat was a bit tough. Shall "steal culinary skills" from my parents, yea new resolution for 2017!! So 2017 is starting on a rather quiet note. It is probably going to be less purposeful since I intend to laze around and touch my toes, but still I don't see why it won't be meaningful.
Here's a cute pic to end off the year. And may you all have a fantastic 2017! <3

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