Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Funky Find: Pitu Me

This app is really too cool not to be shared. My whole family is playing with it now. If your Instagram is trendy, you would see some of the people you are following using the app too. It took quite a while before someone was kind enough to tell me which app it was. Why so selfish people!
And I guess the reason why I am so crazy about this app is because it let you have a look on how you would look like if you were in some Period Drama show. Cool right? It is definitely a way more imaginative filter. So me being really generous about the fun I am having shall give away the app name - Pitu.
If I am not wrong, this is some China app based off some Chinese online drama. Considering I even gave you the link, I doubt you will download the wrong app. :D There are like 12 characters for you to choose from, with 6 of each gender. So you can even know how you would look like if you were a man thousand years back.
Personally, I think I look really good as a guy, not too bad as a lady too. My Mum said I have nice features. <3 Haha, but I think I really do look weird in about 4 of the pictures. I like the top 2 from the guys filter as well as the ladies in green and purple. :D There are other filters available too, but I find them generic. (But my family find it otherwise)
Presenting my best 4... :D For the guys filter, I think most people would look good in that 2 filters. My favorite from the ladies were a little bit different from the masses. I thought I look best with my hair up (Pretty enough to be a Royal Concubine. Hehe.) Actually, I look good with my hair bunned up too in modern times :D
It is pretty fun really! All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself with your features in the square. You could use a pre-taken photo in your album to prank your friends (Pst, I did that on the BF and he look horrid..Ahhh!) But, I don't think the effect is as good. 
Here's the photo of me I used for you to laugh at. High flat forehead. Hahahaha. Here's some useful tips: You needa pull your fringe away unless you want a shadow on your eye which will look like a birthmark in your period photos. And try not to smile with your teeth, it is ungraceful and you will look horrid and awfully weird. Thinking of it, nobody in period drawings ever smile with their wide do they?
Notice the bumps on my forehead clearing, shall share with you this pretty awesome product on my next post. Keep a look out peeps :D Meanwhile, have fun :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pretty Little Things Part 15

Ok just before anyone forgets there is even this series, I thought I better get my fingers cracking and start writing about some of the almost forgotten cool stuff that is piling.
Let me do a brief introduction for these series for those who are new. During this series, we will share 3 shops that sells amazingly cool stuff. Sometimes there is a theme surrounding it. :D So without further ado, let's roll.
When we think about retro clothes, we always have this thoughts that it is going to be real tacky. So I thought I will share with you a little about vintage clothes. :D Personally, I find them more classy and less sleazy than the designs we have nowadays. I think is an age thing? When you mature, you just want to show less skin.
Shop Vintage has quite a decent collection of clothes. I am just highlighting a few pieces which infused the modern element to it. Can totally imagine wearing it to work and out on the streets.
If anyone of you are looking for accessories with some Indie element in it, you might want to visit Haati Chai. The designs are a little more complicated than those I would normally recommend. But nonetheless, it is still very classy and pretty.
I particularly find the animal necklaces really adorable. So do go and have a look at them. There is even a tiny gorilla. Like What?!? I know right, you don't usually find such stuff elsewhere. :D 
And finally something for the classily fancy. Although I have no idea what does a dog and boy have anything to do with women scarves, the scarves you find here are so colourful, intricate and very very pretty.
You know they say, what you wears make a person, I am sure any wearer of this scarf would feel twice more confident. :D The scarves are also pretty versatile, you could either go casual or wear them to work. 
That's all I have for this installment. And to start the brand new year, we have changed the layout. Hope it makes reading better. Cheers! Can't wait to share more stuff with you guys next time. :D

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Funky Find: Face Swap

I am not in Singapore today! Vday part 2. Yipeee. Because I am not in town, I thought I should still give you guys some snippets to read. So, I will share with you this app function, which I think have been raging for a while in other apps. I didn't really play it back then because I don't have snapchat. Hehe. And it didn't seem worth it to download another app for it.
I use this app (B612) for quite a lot of my selfies. (I really shouldn't be giving you all my tricks, now I got no selling point :( ) The resolution of my phone camera is really bad now. (P.S. need a new cam badly. Can anybody give me one please?) Haha, so this app actually makes the photos of better quality.
Previously, it had a lot of "Instagram-like" filters for your photos etc. which I really like cos it could control the lighting and give you sufficient time to give your perfect smile. It captures you at the best. Lately, it created "Snapchat-like" filters. I don't use snapchat so I don't know how similar they are.
These new filters are pretty cool, but highly limited. The good news is I don't have to download a new app and I can try them out. I think the most fun one was probably face-swap cos it makes your world really warped and stupid. 
And that fateful day, my aunty face during her younger days popped out (Hey, I didn't even know I look like her.) My 4th uncle's face came out. We were idol-struck with a Pan Ling Ling look-alike. And my goodness, it that Roy?!?
In a way, my brother and I are kinda of thankful that we didn't take our parents' features all at one shot. Looks rather awful doesn't it!!! This is really a ridiculous app that I think would entertain you guys till I am back home with my hoard of nonsensical blabber. Thoughtful hor!
Just for your viewing pleasure, check out sonny's face. I think my son is gonna be so handsome if he takes my face. Cute. And I think he is going to be well-liked by girls! So where's daughter's face! With the BF's features, she looks ... (T.T) Thank go kids don't take the whole of their parent features. So go have some fun, while I par-teh away.
Seeya soon :D

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Huat Ah! I still Do

This weekend was pretty happening for me cos there were so many things going on. On Friday, I went for cooking, shot some air pistols, went for the run convention (panel only) and met my varsity friends for a Yu Sheng Together.
Because I am going to do a separate post for the run convention, so I will focus more about the other activities. Cooking is pretty normal but fun as usual. Air Pistol made me realise I am a person with severe concentration deficit. With the black dots running around the eye-aiming area, I seriously thought I was going blind halfway.

Here's some video from my gathering with my friend. We literally rock the whole house down. I do have a pretty loud voice I guess *bashful*. And they are not that silent themselves. Haha. Just pretty much talking rubbish and them placing bets on my 8KM race. 
And yea, I did notice the conversation skewing more towards health and fitness. We had a friend who even offered to be our fitness coach. Haha, so many people wanna train me. Prove that I am either trainable or look very pale and unfit (which I insist neither is true). The Yu Sheng at Sushi-Teh is the best I have ever eaten this year. For the first time in my life, I actually finished it. :P

This year alone, I have been meeting a lot more friends, just that I didn't really bother posting photos or taking them. Maybe I am growing less reclusive. But I would think it is me better prioritising my time, balancing between sufficient sleep, exercise and socialising apart from work. Yea, study has been squeezed out. Ooops.
The BF was very very romantic too <3 We decided to push forward and backwards V-day. Yeah, double the celebration. Ok, I found the event but he prepared for it cos I was so busy. Had school in the morning, run in the afternoon and much deserved date in the afternoon.
For the first time after many years of dating, I got my first rose from him! (Pretending to act very excited) Personally, I don't care too much about bouquets and roses. I am more of a plant person. I think I will be a lot happier if he gave me like a potted plant which he grow himself. (So filled with love)
Maybe even doubly romantic if the rose bush was grown by him. So this picnic is organised by "I Still Do" Convention and is free for the public. There was like a free picnic mat thrown in for the early registrants. Thank goodness. That was a lifesaver, considering the BF brought the tiniest mat down, still telling me he got everything covered (-_-)
Just in case anyone is wondering where are our romantic picnic shots! Haha, that was the best I could do because there were so much bugs flying everywhere. For a good moment, I was frozen on the spot, traumatised by a gigantic dragonfly. A grasshopper rested on my thigh and I had to scream at it till it casually hopped off.
Yea people, so don't be deluded by the beautiful pictures of picnics because bugs are never in photos! Lol! There were a few moments I wanted to eat, pack up and go. But we did stay till the end. (Like a relationship, must stay on even during the bad times.) and it was very much worth it. Would really recommend couples to go for such events, it was a really interesting experience.
The lame-ass show - 'About Time' turned out to be pretty good and thoughtful, although I questioned endlessly on the scientific of the time-travels and was berated by the BF. We even caught some fireworks from Chingay and enjoyed watching random clouds floating around.
That night was the 15th (Chinese Valentine Day too!) and the moon was glowing and round. Guess sometimes you need to tide through the bad times to finally see the good times. Or you just needa change a whole new perspective and enjoy it. The last photo is my Chizza by the way. Looks gross but taste heavenly. Don't ask me why the BF never prepare the meals himself. #NewModernPicnic 
P.S. But yea, I did have a craving for fries and everything unhealthy.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Scentimental Good Time

If you are like me, on a budget but still want your room/stuff to smell good and look cool. Do not fret cos I am here to bring all the stink away. Let's all usher in the rainbows. *Cue Oooh and Ahhh*
Check out the collection of different scent sachets from the various brands! We have Ponifresh, Monster Scents etc. They are all from Scents Official, the official distributor in Singapore. So it cost about $5 each which is still comparable to an air freshener but way more adorable!
Here's my collection and I like all of them because they are so so cute <3 but my brother prefer Monster Scents cos it looks more scary and thus manly. LOL! Am thinking of surprising the BF by hanging one on his bunk bed. Let him sleep also must smell my fragrance and dream of me! Hahaha.
On a more serious note, I have tried a few so far and I would really recommend the flowery scents. I personally wouldn't recommend the food-smelling sachet not because it smells bad or anything. It is too true to its description and now my wardrobe of clothes smell like Swiss Chocolate! Not sure whether to laugh or cry about that. LOL! (I really wanna lick myself sometimes T.T #cannibalism)
Just to share with you some tips and tricks. The packet would advise you to tear only the top part and hang. Do not tear the whole package because the smell is pretty strong. So if you want it to last longer, the scent should whiff out bit by bit and not at one shot. Curb air diffusion to the lowest :)
Just for you only...shhh...don't tell anyone else ok. What I did was I snipped a tiny square on the top (cos it is really impossible just rip the whole top). And through the hole, I pulled out the string with my fingers. If your fingers are too tubby, you can try with a pen. I have tried the fresheners on my cupboard, wardrobe and room, it works perrrrfect. It is literally blessing every single item within its airborne radius with holy goodness. :D
For those who would like to get your own scent packets, I would suggest getting them from Scents Official. For such low-value products, there is really no point shipping from all over the world. Plus Scents Official is like a one-stop station to find a decent variety of brands there. 
Additionally, I personally feel that the owner is very prompt in answering. We liaised via Whatsapp. Here's his number - +65 9115 - 6699. Or you could always DM him via Instagram as well. Just click on any of the links. Smell good and Huat!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guerlain Me with Sephora

Guess you guys would be sick of me talking about health and fitness by now, so I am back to talk about skincare. Today, I am sharing with you this brand - Guerlain. Before they approached me, I already heard of the their products on the Météorites series through social media. 
I did a little bit of research on them to know what is so special about them. These Météorites are actually tiny pearls that deliver a luminous boost because of their multi-coloured shimmer. The champagne colour helps to reflect light; mauve to counter yellow hues and catch the light while the pink provides a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect.
One thing I didn't know was that Guerlain was also pretty known for their eye products. I was a bit torn between the Super Aqua - Eye Serum and the Météorites series because now my eyes need more help than my skin. *Oops, too much late nights during CNY!* Sigh.
In the Météorites series, I know some of the them were pretty impressive such as the Météorites Base and the Météorites - Light Revealing Pearls of Powder. But I didn't pick these 2 because there were so many reviews out there on them. I was picked the Météorites Pinceau - Powder Brush and Oyxgene Care.


Meteorites Pinceau - Powder Brush

I don't really have very strict requirements on the brushes I use as long as they are soft and doesn't cause itchiness and irritation on my face. But the Météorites Pinceau - Powder Brush really exceeded my expectation. Not only is it soft, it looks really pretty. And I definitely didn't expect to come in a velvety pouch.
The overall impression that I have of it is that it is so luxurious. And when I apply loose/ blush powder on my face, I just feel like a Queen. I know this is all in the mind, but I like to feel like a royalty. :D And yes, welcome to my brush collection!!!

Meteorites - Oxygene Care

Comparatively, I didn't like the Oyxgene Care that much. Maybe it is just my expectations, I was ready to see a new me after using it for a while. Personally, I don't usually use cream base products because I may get a break-out. I chose this product because I thought it might be those water-base product. So I panicked a little when it wasn't.
But I still tried it and am very happy that my skin condition didn't deteriorate or anything. It makes it softer and reduce the redness but I was looking forward to the brightening effect which wasn't that visible. Oh, and something I noticed that the cream had some pink tinge in it. (I think that's the skin tone corrector.) Here's me before and after. Let me know if you think maybe the problem is me. Haha.
So usually, I buy cosmetics from brick and mortar. I bought from Sephora before but not from online. And the experience was not too bad. I can now udnerstand why people rave about its variety. There was even free gift for each purchase. Like Wow!
And you can even get a free laptop sleeve which you spend S$100. The sleeve was so pretty I actually contemplated buying more skin products I don't need just to get it. Totally irrational :P If you like my review and want to get some Guerlain products or any other things from Sephora now, please feel free to use my link here.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spot me Sporting

Whee, it has been a while since I go for such an intense date. Lol. Now that I am older and have poorer stamina, I barely spend a day out of my house. Half a day is considered rather exhausting! I need my nap! *Complains*
So after lessons, we went to do our Dynamic Duo Challenge. Normally, it would be considered out of the way. But since I had to collect my race pack too, I guess it is not that inconvenient. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted a free shoe bag for my sports stuff. Even took my BF's free shoe bag so I have 2 to realise (scolded too by my Mum) that I already have 1 at home. 
It is still on tomorrow, so you guys could join it too. I was there really for the shoe bag and hopefully snag some great prizes. But the goodie bag was pretty amazing. I have now a new diffuser (which I was contemplating getting one to make fruity-tasting-zero-nutritional-value water) and skipping rope. It seems so long since I last skipped. I was a pretty good skipper in elementary school. Maybe it is time to learn some new skip tricks :D.
The challenge was really fun but too chillax for my competitive nature when it coming to winning prizes. I was so pumped up to "play it to win it". I was so onz about the whole challenge, I even made the BF wore our "Today I do Nothing" Couple Tee, which is kinda of ironical cos we did so much things today. Haha. There were other couples equally enthusiastic as well. So hey, don't judge me!
I don't usually go to the East, so the BF made me do a lot of exploration (walking). We had lunch at Nangfa Thai Kitchen which I felt rather similar to Nakhon Kitchen. The vibes, the food, everything was the same. But both serve affordable, Thai food. So if you are around the restaurants' area, do give them a try. :D
I am pretty proud of myself because for the first time I didn't over-order (Only the Tom kha gai and Phad Thai tang hoon)! And we did try dishes that were off the norm. I prefer Tom Kha Gai to the normal Tom Yum cos of the thicker condensed milk taste. But still, I had to do my Dynamic Duo Challenge with a bursting belly. 
After the challenge, we went to collect my race pack. Yes, I am joining the Road & Trail 2017. It is 8KM so I hoped I don't "漏气“ and complete the race. I haven't tried anything like this before and it does seem I am the most unfit among the pack. I guess people will be judging me but just let them judge...cos I need to start somewhere. Hopefully, after this, I will be more inspired to lead a very active lifestyle.
The race pack came with a neon pink bottle (I am off pink but neon pink still does makes my heart pump wildly) and a thread-bound notebook. The notebook is one of the finest "free notebook" quality. Am so loving it <3 Will write more about my 8KM after I am done with it so do keep a lookout if you are feeling active too.
After our really long day, the BF and I went to cook dinner! I decided to do a post for every 3 meals we make ourselves to share and maybe inspire to eat in more :D Hope you like this new series for the year. Take care and bye!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Funky Find: National Steps Challenge

It took me a while to write about this, but I feel that this is a pretty good initiative that ought to be highlighted in case there are people out there who still doesn't know about this. (How is this even possible?!?)
I am sure if you are Singaporean, you would have vaguely heard about the National Steps Challenge, an initiative by the Health Promotion Board. If you participate in it, you would first have to join a very long queue to obtain your step tracker if you don't have one. For the steps you clock, you can gain points at each tier and redeem vouchers when you reach a certain number of points. 
Initially, I didn't really have too much liking for this campaign. For someone who doesn't really like exercising, it is not that difficult to come out with a million and one reasons to hate it.
  1. The step counter looks tacky. I can't possibly wear 2 watches around (I don't even have the habit of wearing 1 watch by the way).
  2. It is the lower end version of fitbit. It doesn't trigger me to walk around. The functions are limited.
100. It is not even sensitive. It doesn't clock accurately.
But the true reason was it was very pressuring for me to clock the steps. Everyone in my family clocks 10,000 steps effortlessly. For me, I don't even get half the number without intentionally going for evening strolls. And yes, my family is competing with each other on the number of steps. :( And another reason was because the app constantly reminded me of overly-high intake of calories and how long it takes before I grow obese.
I am just a lot more self-conscious on my weight and blubber. Avoidance was a pretty good strategy initially but after a while I decided to face up to the hard truth and made a lot of changes to my lifestyle. Every day, I will walk and intentionally clock 10,000 steps around the stadium and I started to join a lot more cheap/ free sporting events.
I am starting to reduce my food intake as intake and see my voracious appetite slowly shrinking. I still snack though :( But I do appreciate the fact that it was this step counter that triggered my healthier, more active lifestyle. And I encourage all of you to join the next season or the Dynamic Duo Challenge. It is a bit out of the way but I want a shoe bag so I will be there. :P
Sorry for this downer post while everyone is still reveling in the festivities. I just really wanted to emphasize the importance of taking care of your own body because a lot of people I know are falling terminally ill.
It is just difficult to kick start the habit. But once you get use to it, you will start to enjoy back-ache free days and happily say Bye to "Flu-Days". Stay Healthy and Prosperous! :D