Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guerlain Me with Sephora

Guess you guys would be sick of me talking about health and fitness by now, so I am back to talk about skincare. Today, I am sharing with you this brand - Guerlain. Before they approached me, I already heard of the their products on the Météorites series through social media. 
I did a little bit of research on them to know what is so special about them. These Météorites are actually tiny pearls that deliver a luminous boost because of their multi-coloured shimmer. The champagne colour helps to reflect light; mauve to counter yellow hues and catch the light while the pink provides a refreshing, complexion-brightening effect.
One thing I didn't know was that Guerlain was also pretty known for their eye products. I was a bit torn between the Super Aqua - Eye Serum and the Météorites series because now my eyes need more help than my skin. *Oops, too much late nights during CNY!* Sigh.
In the Météorites series, I know some of the them were pretty impressive such as the Météorites Base and the Météorites - Light Revealing Pearls of Powder. But I didn't pick these 2 because there were so many reviews out there on them. I was picked the Météorites Pinceau - Powder Brush and Oyxgene Care.


Meteorites Pinceau - Powder Brush

I don't really have very strict requirements on the brushes I use as long as they are soft and doesn't cause itchiness and irritation on my face. But the Météorites Pinceau - Powder Brush really exceeded my expectation. Not only is it soft, it looks really pretty. And I definitely didn't expect to come in a velvety pouch.
The overall impression that I have of it is that it is so luxurious. And when I apply loose/ blush powder on my face, I just feel like a Queen. I know this is all in the mind, but I like to feel like a royalty. :D And yes, welcome to my brush collection!!!

Meteorites - Oxygene Care

Comparatively, I didn't like the Oyxgene Care that much. Maybe it is just my expectations, I was ready to see a new me after using it for a while. Personally, I don't usually use cream base products because I may get a break-out. I chose this product because I thought it might be those water-base product. So I panicked a little when it wasn't.
But I still tried it and am very happy that my skin condition didn't deteriorate or anything. It makes it softer and reduce the redness but I was looking forward to the brightening effect which wasn't that visible. Oh, and something I noticed that the cream had some pink tinge in it. (I think that's the skin tone corrector.) Here's me before and after. Let me know if you think maybe the problem is me. Haha.
So usually, I buy cosmetics from brick and mortar. I bought from Sephora before but not from online. And the experience was not too bad. I can now udnerstand why people rave about its variety. There was even free gift for each purchase. Like Wow!
And you can even get a free laptop sleeve which you spend S$100. The sleeve was so pretty I actually contemplated buying more skin products I don't need just to get it. Totally irrational :P If you like my review and want to get some Guerlain products or any other things from Sephora now, please feel free to use my link here.

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