Sunday, February 12, 2017

Huat Ah! I still Do

This weekend was pretty happening for me cos there were so many things going on. On Friday, I went for cooking, shot some air pistols, went for the run convention (panel only) and met my varsity friends for a Yu Sheng Together.
Because I am going to do a separate post for the run convention, so I will focus more about the other activities. Cooking is pretty normal but fun as usual. Air Pistol made me realise I am a person with severe concentration deficit. With the black dots running around the eye-aiming area, I seriously thought I was going blind halfway.

Here's some video from my gathering with my friend. We literally rock the whole house down. I do have a pretty loud voice I guess *bashful*. And they are not that silent themselves. Haha. Just pretty much talking rubbish and them placing bets on my 8KM race. 
And yea, I did notice the conversation skewing more towards health and fitness. We had a friend who even offered to be our fitness coach. Haha, so many people wanna train me. Prove that I am either trainable or look very pale and unfit (which I insist neither is true). The Yu Sheng at Sushi-Teh is the best I have ever eaten this year. For the first time in my life, I actually finished it. :P

This year alone, I have been meeting a lot more friends, just that I didn't really bother posting photos or taking them. Maybe I am growing less reclusive. But I would think it is me better prioritising my time, balancing between sufficient sleep, exercise and socialising apart from work. Yea, study has been squeezed out. Ooops.
The BF was very very romantic too <3 We decided to push forward and backwards V-day. Yeah, double the celebration. Ok, I found the event but he prepared for it cos I was so busy. Had school in the morning, run in the afternoon and much deserved date in the afternoon.
For the first time after many years of dating, I got my first rose from him! (Pretending to act very excited) Personally, I don't care too much about bouquets and roses. I am more of a plant person. I think I will be a lot happier if he gave me like a potted plant which he grow himself. (So filled with love)
Maybe even doubly romantic if the rose bush was grown by him. So this picnic is organised by "I Still Do" Convention and is free for the public. There was like a free picnic mat thrown in for the early registrants. Thank goodness. That was a lifesaver, considering the BF brought the tiniest mat down, still telling me he got everything covered (-_-)
Just in case anyone is wondering where are our romantic picnic shots! Haha, that was the best I could do because there were so much bugs flying everywhere. For a good moment, I was frozen on the spot, traumatised by a gigantic dragonfly. A grasshopper rested on my thigh and I had to scream at it till it casually hopped off.
Yea people, so don't be deluded by the beautiful pictures of picnics because bugs are never in photos! Lol! There were a few moments I wanted to eat, pack up and go. But we did stay till the end. (Like a relationship, must stay on even during the bad times.) and it was very much worth it. Would really recommend couples to go for such events, it was a really interesting experience.
The lame-ass show - 'About Time' turned out to be pretty good and thoughtful, although I questioned endlessly on the scientific of the time-travels and was berated by the BF. We even caught some fireworks from Chingay and enjoyed watching random clouds floating around.
That night was the 15th (Chinese Valentine Day too!) and the moon was glowing and round. Guess sometimes you need to tide through the bad times to finally see the good times. Or you just needa change a whole new perspective and enjoy it. The last photo is my Chizza by the way. Looks gross but taste heavenly. Don't ask me why the BF never prepare the meals himself. #NewModernPicnic 
P.S. But yea, I did have a craving for fries and everything unhealthy.

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