Friday, February 10, 2017

A Scentimental Good Time

If you are like me, on a budget but still want your room/stuff to smell good and look cool. Do not fret cos I am here to bring all the stink away. Let's all usher in the rainbows. *Cue Oooh and Ahhh*
Check out the collection of different scent sachets from the various brands! We have Ponifresh, Monster Scents etc. They are all from Scents Official, the official distributor in Singapore. So it cost about $5 each which is still comparable to an air freshener but way more adorable!
Here's my collection and I like all of them because they are so so cute <3 but my brother prefer Monster Scents cos it looks more scary and thus manly. LOL! Am thinking of surprising the BF by hanging one on his bunk bed. Let him sleep also must smell my fragrance and dream of me! Hahaha.
On a more serious note, I have tried a few so far and I would really recommend the flowery scents. I personally wouldn't recommend the food-smelling sachet not because it smells bad or anything. It is too true to its description and now my wardrobe of clothes smell like Swiss Chocolate! Not sure whether to laugh or cry about that. LOL! (I really wanna lick myself sometimes T.T #cannibalism)
Just to share with you some tips and tricks. The packet would advise you to tear only the top part and hang. Do not tear the whole package because the smell is pretty strong. So if you want it to last longer, the scent should whiff out bit by bit and not at one shot. Curb air diffusion to the lowest :)
Just for you only...shhh...don't tell anyone else ok. What I did was I snipped a tiny square on the top (cos it is really impossible just rip the whole top). And through the hole, I pulled out the string with my fingers. If your fingers are too tubby, you can try with a pen. I have tried the fresheners on my cupboard, wardrobe and room, it works perrrrfect. It is literally blessing every single item within its airborne radius with holy goodness. :D
For those who would like to get your own scent packets, I would suggest getting them from Scents Official. For such low-value products, there is really no point shipping from all over the world. Plus Scents Official is like a one-stop station to find a decent variety of brands there. 
Additionally, I personally feel that the owner is very prompt in answering. We liaised via Whatsapp. Here's his number - +65 9115 - 6699. Or you could always DM him via Instagram as well. Just click on any of the links. Smell good and Huat!!!!

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