Saturday, February 18, 2017

Funky Find: Face Swap

I am not in Singapore today! Vday part 2. Yipeee. Because I am not in town, I thought I should still give you guys some snippets to read. So, I will share with you this app function, which I think have been raging for a while in other apps. I didn't really play it back then because I don't have snapchat. Hehe. And it didn't seem worth it to download another app for it.
I use this app (B612) for quite a lot of my selfies. (I really shouldn't be giving you all my tricks, now I got no selling point :( ) The resolution of my phone camera is really bad now. (P.S. need a new cam badly. Can anybody give me one please?) Haha, so this app actually makes the photos of better quality.
Previously, it had a lot of "Instagram-like" filters for your photos etc. which I really like cos it could control the lighting and give you sufficient time to give your perfect smile. It captures you at the best. Lately, it created "Snapchat-like" filters. I don't use snapchat so I don't know how similar they are.
These new filters are pretty cool, but highly limited. The good news is I don't have to download a new app and I can try them out. I think the most fun one was probably face-swap cos it makes your world really warped and stupid. 
And that fateful day, my aunty face during her younger days popped out (Hey, I didn't even know I look like her.) My 4th uncle's face came out. We were idol-struck with a Pan Ling Ling look-alike. And my goodness, it that Roy?!?
In a way, my brother and I are kinda of thankful that we didn't take our parents' features all at one shot. Looks rather awful doesn't it!!! This is really a ridiculous app that I think would entertain you guys till I am back home with my hoard of nonsensical blabber. Thoughtful hor!
Just for your viewing pleasure, check out sonny's face. I think my son is gonna be so handsome if he takes my face. Cute. And I think he is going to be well-liked by girls! So where's daughter's face! With the BF's features, she looks ... (T.T) Thank go kids don't take the whole of their parent features. So go have some fun, while I par-teh away.
Seeya soon :D

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