Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Funky Find: National Steps Challenge

It took me a while to write about this, but I feel that this is a pretty good initiative that ought to be highlighted in case there are people out there who still doesn't know about this. (How is this even possible?!?)
I am sure if you are Singaporean, you would have vaguely heard about the National Steps Challenge, an initiative by the Health Promotion Board. If you participate in it, you would first have to join a very long queue to obtain your step tracker if you don't have one. For the steps you clock, you can gain points at each tier and redeem vouchers when you reach a certain number of points. 
Initially, I didn't really have too much liking for this campaign. For someone who doesn't really like exercising, it is not that difficult to come out with a million and one reasons to hate it.
  1. The step counter looks tacky. I can't possibly wear 2 watches around (I don't even have the habit of wearing 1 watch by the way).
  2. It is the lower end version of fitbit. It doesn't trigger me to walk around. The functions are limited.
100. It is not even sensitive. It doesn't clock accurately.
But the true reason was it was very pressuring for me to clock the steps. Everyone in my family clocks 10,000 steps effortlessly. For me, I don't even get half the number without intentionally going for evening strolls. And yes, my family is competing with each other on the number of steps. :( And another reason was because the app constantly reminded me of overly-high intake of calories and how long it takes before I grow obese.
I am just a lot more self-conscious on my weight and blubber. Avoidance was a pretty good strategy initially but after a while I decided to face up to the hard truth and made a lot of changes to my lifestyle. Every day, I will walk and intentionally clock 10,000 steps around the stadium and I started to join a lot more cheap/ free sporting events.
I am starting to reduce my food intake as intake and see my voracious appetite slowly shrinking. I still snack though :( But I do appreciate the fact that it was this step counter that triggered my healthier, more active lifestyle. And I encourage all of you to join the next season or the Dynamic Duo Challenge. It is a bit out of the way but I want a shoe bag so I will be there. :P
Sorry for this downer post while everyone is still reveling in the festivities. I just really wanted to emphasize the importance of taking care of your own body because a lot of people I know are falling terminally ill.
It is just difficult to kick start the habit. But once you get use to it, you will start to enjoy back-ache free days and happily say Bye to "Flu-Days". Stay Healthy and Prosperous! :D

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