Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pretty Little Things Part 15

Ok just before anyone forgets there is even this series, I thought I better get my fingers cracking and start writing about some of the almost forgotten cool stuff that is piling.
Let me do a brief introduction for these series for those who are new. During this series, we will share 3 shops that sells amazingly cool stuff. Sometimes there is a theme surrounding it. :D So without further ado, let's roll.
When we think about retro clothes, we always have this thoughts that it is going to be real tacky. So I thought I will share with you a little about vintage clothes. :D Personally, I find them more classy and less sleazy than the designs we have nowadays. I think is an age thing? When you mature, you just want to show less skin.
Shop Vintage has quite a decent collection of clothes. I am just highlighting a few pieces which infused the modern element to it. Can totally imagine wearing it to work and out on the streets.
If anyone of you are looking for accessories with some Indie element in it, you might want to visit Haati Chai. The designs are a little more complicated than those I would normally recommend. But nonetheless, it is still very classy and pretty.
I particularly find the animal necklaces really adorable. So do go and have a look at them. There is even a tiny gorilla. Like What?!? I know right, you don't usually find such stuff elsewhere. :D 
And finally something for the classily fancy. Although I have no idea what does a dog and boy have anything to do with women scarves, the scarves you find here are so colourful, intricate and very very pretty.
You know they say, what you wears make a person, I am sure any wearer of this scarf would feel twice more confident. :D The scarves are also pretty versatile, you could either go casual or wear them to work. 
That's all I have for this installment. And to start the brand new year, we have changed the layout. Hope it makes reading better. Cheers! Can't wait to share more stuff with you guys next time. :D

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