Monday, March 20, 2017

Art Tour: Artist and Empire Exhibition

And yea so the art fart in me went to 2 museums in a single day. I split up the posts because I didn't know how much you guys could take. We never really had so much sports and arts at ForFunk but I guess I changed, and hopefully you guys are enjoying the new change. There is really so much more depth isn't it?
The photo is taken by my brother at Chijmes when he was waiting for the BF and I. Pretty gorgeous place to visit if you are a tourist and to marry if you are a bride. Hehe. The art exhbition we went for is at its neighbouring building - National Art Gallery.
You guessed it right. We went for the Artist and Empire Exhibition. Visiting the museum for all locals but you technically have to pay if you are visiting the exhibition. But because the art blogger has written (yea right), it is now free entrance for all. It is already the last week so grab this opportunity to go and snap a few OOTDs.
Speaking of OOTDs, this place is gorgeous. The view at the top is awesome too. I don't think my photos do justice to it. But if there are brides taking their wedding shots there, it must be truly one hell of beautiful. Take it from them if not from me. 
I am going to start off with something more anticipated and it is the "Victorian" pieces. I guess it is every girl's dream to dress in puffy skirts and lust at men in suits exuding power and wealth (not that we are in colonial times). I am rather in love with an era we only read in books.
On a more queer note, I thought Sir Stamford Raffles actually looked pretty hot in his younger days. The BF didn't agree with me. :( There was a sculpture of his face, when he was older, which actually looked like he balding at the sides. Not mocking our founding father, but that piece was kinda of hilarious. Spot it if you can. 
There are other pieces that are really famous not it isn't as elaborated as we would imagine it to be. Those were the pieces in my humble layman term, "eye-catching" and wants you to probe and read more into it. They were mostly about war, exploration but it usually capture an essence of humanity that draws you closer to the picture. 
My personal favourites were the "Man on the Horse" and the "Man and the Kangaroo". The "Man on the Horse" just captured exasperation so well while the Kangaroo photo is just something the mind doesn't usually conceive. And of course the statement pieces are always too huge to be missed.
Maybe my brain is craving stimulation because I did notice myself being drawn to art of a more varied medium. My only grouse was that we couldn't touch the art. Yea, I am a real touchy person. I was so curious about them, I swear really wanted to have a feel and figure out what were the medium being used and did the artist do it...etc.
I probably can't replicate it but I take pleasure in knowing how the piece is created. Like always, I am still very in love sparkly and bright coloured objects even, art. And I did note that I like mystical pieces as well. The beauty about galleries is that I always find a new part of myself. :D
Once again, I surprised myself taking interest in the more "Asian" water art. Sometimes I think it is an age thing? I seem to be slowly gravitating to things I associate with "old" and "mature". I must be changing but I hope this is because my mind have been opened by the various arts I have been exposed to. 
I have always said that I lack a "classy appreciation" of the art. But I still stand by my point made earlier and during my younger days that the presence of art is really to evoke certain emotions and bring focus to certain issues in the society. Since it is free, i think it is great if you guys would go for a stroll and enjoy the aircon. 
Who says you need to be really good at art interpretation to enjoy art. There is after all the description at the side to get the "real message" of the artist. :D
And here's a sketch I drew to end of the post in a more light-hearted note!

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